20 Adorable Pictures of Cats Sleeping on Other Animals

cat sleeping

The thing about cats is that they are ‘supposed’ to do a lot of things. They are supposed to hate other animals. They are supposed to keep their distance and only come forward when they are hungry. But the thing about cats is that they don’t care about the rules. They do what they want, and you can’t really change that no matter how hard you try. That’s why we love these cats. They aren’t worried about things like ‘rules’ and ‘expectations,’ as much as they are worried about a comfortable nap. And that’s just what they are doing; napping comfortable. On top of other animals and creatures, and they are enjoying every sleepy second of it.


Yes, this will do just fine. You lie there and I’ll just lie here on top of you in this very comfortable position. I don’t care what anyone told you, you do not have a bony head and you don’t snore.

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Honestly, I’m almost positive I’ve never seen anything look less comfortable than the position in which this cat has made himself at home. Really? This doesn’t look all that good.

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What are friends for if you cannot lie down on top of them and take a little nap? Who cares if the other is heavy and the friend on the bottom doesn’t even have the ability to breathe? It’s all relative.

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Sometimes a little team work is what it takes to get a good nap in place. I don’t know how this dog feels about having cats on his head and his rear end, but he doesn’t seem too affected by it.

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Is it just me or does it almost look as if this cat is just as big as this dog, or very close to it? Either way, these two look perfectly happy to sit down together and take a nice nap, and that’s really all that matters in the first place.

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If he can curl up this small, so can I. Does anyone else wonder if this little dog curled up this small because he thought maybe it would deter the cat from wanting to find a comfortable position on top of him? I kind of feel that way…

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My favorite of the bunch. This cat is wondering what made you think it would be all right to take a photo and interrupt nap time. This dog is wondering if you will save his life.

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The dog doesn’t seem to love it, but the cat looks enough like a wild beast to keep him from complaining too much. He’s not sure how big the cat will get as it grows up. Wise choice, dog.

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The only thing more adorable than this kitten sleeping on this dog is nothing. That’s right. There is nothing more adorable than what you see here, and that’s just the honest to goodness truth of the matter.

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These two look as if they are really good friends. They even share a bit of the same coloring, which makes them seem even more adorable than ever, and we love that about these two. Get some rest, kitten and puppy; you need it.

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Sometimes we like to change things up a big and this is one of those times. This cat doesn’t seem to have an interest in sleeping on the dog, but the dog feels differently, and it’s cute.

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Aren’t these two the sweetest? They’re clearly very different, yet so much the same. Siblings would be my guess, and they obviously have a bond that cannot be denied by anyone else. That’s what we love to see with baby animals.

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Anyone want to venture a guess as to the identity of the animal on the bottom? I cannot seem to figure out what this is, other than maybe a guinea pig or something of that nature. Regardless, though, it’s definitely cute.

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We love animals that look alike but don’t even belong to the same species. This reminds me of those older couples that begin to resemble one another the longer they are married and happily together.

Photo by reddit


This cat seems to have a tail that looks more like the dog than the cat, and we love, love, love it! What a fun photo and what a sweet animal. They get along quite well, as it seems in this photo and it’s beyond sweet.

Photo by reddit


Here we go again changing things up a bit. It’s not all that often you see a cat with a bird without the cat trying to turn the bird into a snack, but it seems that these two have some sort of mutual agreement. We love it, and we assume the cat and bird are too young to realize they are supposed to be mortal enemies.

Photo by imgur 


What’s cuter than a sleeping kitten? A pile of sleeping kittens is the correct answer. These two are about as sweet and wonderful as you might expect, and that’s all we have to say about this situation.

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Oh, hey. We are so cute it’s not even funny. We look alike. We’re a cat and a dog, but someone might want to check and see about our parents considering just how much we do actually look alike.

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It looks like this duo has a mutual type of respect. You can sleep on me if I can sleep on you, or whatnot. I think that I love these two a bit more than I should considering they are not actually mine.

Photo by Instagram


When you have this much dog, it only makes sense to put this many kittens on top of it. It’s just a natural occurrence, really.

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