Revolutionary Treatment is Used to Save Cat’s Life

Just like with humans, animals need treatments and medical developments to take place that can save their lives too. And that is exactly what has happened for one lucky little cat.

The veterinarians at MSPCS-Angell in Boston have used their medical knowledge and special techniques to create a speedy healing process for Oreo, a black and white (tuxedo) colored cat that was struck by a car and left it in poor condition. These techniques and this innovative form of treatment has saved her life.

The director of the Noble Family Animal Care and Adoption Center at Nevins Farm, has said that they take a number of cats, 20-25 a year, that are hit by cars, however, Oreo had some of the worst injuries stemming from her accident, of any that they have seen.

Oreo’s left leg was so severely mangled that it had to be amputated, so she did lose one leg, and the right hind leg had most of the skin and fur torn away from it, along with multiple fractures. The veterinarians had to decide how to treat the massive area of skin missing and they decided to try an unusual method of treatment. Oreo was fitted with a high-tech plastic wrapping on the leg that was medically designed to pull moisture away from the leg wounds at the same time as it maintained a negative pressure which draws blood and white blood cells to the wounds in order to speed up the healing process in the wounded area.

Once the wounds heal, Oreo will receive skin grafts to help encourage new fur to grow. When she is completely healed, Oreo will be put up for adoption to the right owners who will give the loveable cat the best home.

New technology and medical innovation is helping humans and furbabies, alike, and Oreo just happens to be one of the lucky ones who is living in a time when these types of treatments are available.


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