Save Money While Spoiling Your Cat


Treating your cat to special treats and toys is one thing, but living outside of your means with it is just not a great way to spoil your cat.  We all want the best for our animals, but sometimes you need to pull back the reins.  Your cat won’t know the difference between the cheap brand of catnip from the expensive brand of catnip.  If they do, then they might need therapy!  This doesn’t mean that spoiling your cat has to stop just because you need to start saving money.  Spoiling your cat can work even if you have low income.  There are ways around it that will still keep your bank account floating on the money it needs to.

Start off by spending money on the off-brand food and treats rather than the expensive name brand food and treats.  If your cat likes Fancy Feast tuna with cheese, they are going to like the grocery store’s brand as well.  If your cat shows signs of not eating the off-brand at first, just leave it in their bowl.  Your cat will eventually become hungry and eat the whole bowl of food.  If you are scared that they are not going to eat, there is really no need to worry.  Your cat got into the habit of having Fancy Feast and they will find a way out.  This will save you over $30.00 in cat food and you will still be able to spoil your cat with food and treats.  That could possibly be the money that goes into your gas tank!

Cats love to scratch things.  This is why we buy them a scratching post.  Also, it gives them something to jump on and off of instead of you coming home and finding them clinging to your curtains.  These scratching posts become more expensive the more elaborate they are. (This is the way everything seems to work)  Right now, you need to budget yourself when you are trying to spoil your cat with nice items.  A smaller, simple scratching post will be just fine for your cat.  All you need is one that has a “landing pad” and a post for them to scratch.  The whole Barbie Dream House Cat Version is going to have to be put on hold until you are able to save up some more money.  Why spend over $300.00 on a huge scratching post/cat house that takes up your whole living room when you can find one for under $50.00 that fits in a corner of any room in your house?  Save and spoil, people.  It is definitely possible.

Another way to save at least $30.00 and still spoil your cat is to groom them at home.  Try giving your cat a bath at home for the next three months and see how much you save.  There is no need to take your cat to the groomers just for them to get a bath.  You can do this all by yourself!  One way to keep your cats clean is to try and brush them daily.  This can minimize dirt particles that might be trapped in your cats fur.  You will be saving money in no time if you try to stick to these three little saving tips.  Maybe you will be able to think of ways you can save money and still spoil your cat on your own!

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