20 Cats So Tiny You’ll Think These Pictures are Fake


There are kittens and then there are kittens that are so tiny you don’t even believe they are real. Perhaps it’s the small size and the tiny features that make kittens so appealing, but it’s almost a given that there is no other animal in the world as adorable as a tiny kitten. Perhaps kittens are the reason that so many more Americans own cats than dogs (even though no one believes this until they see the statistics for themselves). They’re sweet, small and they have these little eyes that stare up at you like you are the end all and be all of their world. Kittens have not quite adopted the look of disdain and judgment that bigger cats have mastered, and that makes them sweet, too. Prepare yourself before you go through this gallery of the sweetest and tiniest kittens around.

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OK this is 100% a photoshop. However, they’re still cute so we figured we’d let them join the cute kitten party.

Photo by Worth1000.com


Now this is one cute, and very small kitten. Even though we can tell that the characters by the kitten are microscopic, this kitten is clearly very sweet and very little. And he is going to make your heart melt.

Photo by Canitbesaturdaynow.com


Oh my goodness, this is one tiny and very sweet kitten. Look how little she is in the hands of her people in the middle of a bath, which she probably does not love. I mean, cats are not known for their love of water, really.

Photo by Getty Images


Look at the cat and then look at the bottle in the forefront of the photo. Since things in the front of a photo are usually much larger than objects in the background, it really does show just how tiny this kitten really is.

Photo by Facebook


I dare anyone to name anything that is not related directly to their own children or birth stories that is as cute as this tiny, adorable little kitten. I honestly do not think that there is anything this sweet in the world.

Photo by Instagram


Sitting on a windowsill like this is sure to draw plenty of attention to the home in which this tiny kitten resides. What a sweet darling, all tiny and new. I’d take this cat home and love it forever.

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This kitten is about the same size as a bottle, and that is not saying much. What a sweet and very tiny little one this is, and from the look on his face it seems he knows he’s super cute.

Photo by imgur


We love the face on this little kitten. There is nothing as sweet as this little one, and we cannot think of anyone who would even contest that in the least.

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There are cats, and there are happy cats. This is a happy cat. Of course, if we looked in the mirror and saw this little darling staring right back, we’d probably all be quite happy, don’t you think?

Photo by Instagram 


At first glance, this kitten doesn’t seem all that small in comparison to other kittens. However, take a few moments to compare this kitten to the bowl that it is standing next to and really think about how small it really is.

Photo by Getty Images


Sweet mother of kittens, this is adorable. It’s photos like this that remind us just why so many people love kittens. They are so small, so sweet and so lovely. This one is no exception to that rule at all.

Photo by Instagram 


What’s better than one tiny kitten all cute and sleeping? Only two kittens all cute and sleeping, of course. These little darlings are just as sweet as can be, and we are completely in love with them.

Photo by Imgur 


This little kitten is in what can only be a wash cloth since it’s clearly too small to be inside of anything larger, like a hand or dish towel. What a sweet little darling this kitten really is. We are just smitten with this tiny kitten.

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When we look at this photo, all we see is a kitten that clearly is just learning to walk for the first time. Just look at those splayed legs and that tiny little expression. Tell me there is nothing cuter in your day and I will believe you.

Photo by imgur


What’s cuter than a tiny kitten in a bucket? Clearly, nothing is cuter than this particular tiny kitten in this large bucket. Though this kitten is so small we would not be surprised if this is also a very tiny bucket.

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You know that a kitten is really small and adorable when it’s sitting in a coffee mug. But you really know that nothing is cuter than a tiny kitten in a coffee cup except for two tiny kittens in coffee cups.

Photo by imgur


Oh goodness; someone made the decision to have their kitten professionally photographed. There might be some that find this silly, but I am not one of those people.

Photo by Instagram 


There is something so special about a kitten with this color pattern than I love so much, and these two are just the epitome of adorable. They are so small lying down for a nap right next to one another that it is almost difficult to believe that they are even real.

Photo by imgur 


Not only is this silver bowl an absolutely adorable piece of decor, it’s also got the cutest kitten around hanging out inside. What a darling little kitten with a sweet little personality in there. We want to make sure this kitten knows it’s as cute as it is.

Photo by Getty Images


That face; is there anything more adorable? We love kittens, especially when they look as sweet as this one looks.

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