20 Amazingly Funny Examples of Cat Logic


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Cat logic; why do things your way when I can do them my own way? Cats are intelligent creatures, but we don’t think that they’re always thinkers. My own cat once thought it would be a good idea to attack a pitbull to the point that the dog became tired of the attack and actually tried to eat the cat. Logical to the cat, perhaps. Logical to anyone else, not so much. Cats do what they want, and they don’t care what you think. And we will never, no matter how hard we try, understand what is going on in their minds. And that’s why we have some clever questionable examples of cat logic right here for you to see.

What do you mean this doesn’t look even remotely comfortable? 


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Because sleeping in either of the soft, plush beds would be foolish. 


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These beds are so comfortable I can’t decide which I love more. 


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There is nothing quite like curling up in your favorite chair. Unless you have two favorite chairs and cannot choose. 


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This is going to end well. We just know it. 


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That much larger, much softer bed next to the small, hard basket really doesn’t seem appealing at all. 


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I do what I want. 


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Don’t even question my decisions. 


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Some people eat at the table, and some cats eat on top of one another. Whatever floats your boat. 


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No reason to think this is not a comfortable and very happily scented location. 


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It even has a place I can rest my chin. 


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Getting comfortable isn’t easy, you know. 


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I do not need to diet. 


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It’s so warm here. 


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There is no bed quite as comfortable as the one at home. 


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Cats and kids; spend hundreds of dollars on toys and play places for them and all they want is the empty box. 


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You can’t see me. 


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It’s like my own little hot tub. But if you turn on the water, I will kill you. 


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I can lay eggs, too. 


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I own him. 


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