The 50 Cutest Kitten Pictures of All-Time


Big eyes, pouty expressions and the most cuddly looking faces to exist all wrapped up into one package can only mean one thing; kittens. These kittens are, by far, some of the most gorgeous, adorable and cutest kittens to walk the earth. And while we are certain there are other adorable cats in existence, we have a difficult time imaging that any of them even come close to exhibiting the kind of adorable sweetness as these 50 gorgeous kittens. If you don’t believe us, feel free to spend the rest of the day ogling the sweetness for yourself. We dare you.

Photo by Getty Images


Don’t Look Further

It’s almost as if this sweet kitten is imploring you not to look any further because he knows what is certain to happen if you do; you will fall in love with the rest of these adorable kittens and never be able to stop yourself from wasting your time. This little kitten is so sweet with his sad eyes and his adorable face that you just want to take him home. I know I want to.

Photo by Instagram


Don’t be Mad

I’m cute, and I know it. But that is no reason to get mad at me. I cannot help all this adorableness, but someone could have helped this awful read stuff they’ve got me sitting in. We could have toned it down with the props. They’re not making this photo cute; I am.

Photo by Imgur 


We can be Friends

This kitten finds it difficult to believe that anyone would ever want to do something like eat a fish. They look like entirely too much fun, and these two already have such a nice bond. He could sit here and stare at the fish all day long. Of course, the fish is a bit terrified. He’s been around long enough to know it’s probably not a good thing when a cat is staring with this much intent.

Photo by Irene Zeleskou


Sweet and Tiny

This kitten has to be the sweetest, tiniest thing we’ve ever seen. Or else it’s completely huge and the hands holding it are among the largest in the world. We doubt it, though. This is a kitten that hasn’t been around very long, and it’s still sweet and innocent. What we mean by that is that he hasn’t attempted to climb the kitchen counters just yet.

Photo by Getty Images


Hello There

An orange ball of fluff, you say? Look at this adorable kitten and try and tell yourself that this is not absolutely the sweetest thing you’ve seen in months. She is so tiny and cute you just want to pick her up and fluff her up, cuddle her and be as gentle as possible so as not to break her. She’s so small and delicate, after all.

Photo by Flickr


Attack Cat or Cutie? 

This kitten is on a roll and he’s going to intimidate anyone who just happens to get in his way. All right, if we are being honest, not one person in the world finds this adorable little face intimidating. But we do all find it adorable and sweet, and that’s certainly something worth mentioning. What a sweet little kitten with a big personality.

Photo by Kath Davis


My Legs Don’t Work 

This adorable kitten seems to be having a bit of an issue making her back legs work. Perhaps they’re just not ready to support her just yet, and she’s certainly annoyed by that. Perhaps she’s just confused. They did work yesterday, so why aren’t they getting her where she wants to go today? This kitten is so cute we just want to grab her and run for it.

Photo by Getty Images


A Kitten or a Newborn Baby? 

Have you ever seen those photos of newborn babies that have become so popular these days? The ones where the photographer unceremoniously shoves the little baby and it’s pliable bones inside things like baskets and blankets that are entirely too small and then takes artsy and creative shots of said baby? It looks like someone wanted to recreate the same images with their kitten, and this little one got the short end of the stick.

Photo by Instagram


Is this Scary Enough? 

Doesn’t this one look a little bit like the abominable snowman? Minus the fact that he’s not even remotely close to the same size and never will be, he kind of has the wild white fur that looks like snow going on, and with that sweet little expression and what looks like a grand attempt at being a bit scary, we have to admit this one is pretty darn adorable.

Photo by Getty Images


It’s Tiring being Cute

No one mentioned to this adorable kitten that it’s a lot of hard work being adorable and sweet and cute. But it is, and he’s suffering the consequences of his decision to be so cute. A little nap never hurt, right? We all need one, we all could use one and we all certainly deserve a chance to rest after a long day of looking like this.

Photo by Imgur



This kitten is certainly attached to his best friend. Literally, attached. They sleep together. They probably play together and they very likely make it a huge habit to spend as much time together as possible. These kittens certainly are darlings, and we love that there are two of them cuddling together. It is what we like to call twice as nice.

Photo by Getty Images


Is it Nerves? 

The expression on the face of this adorable kitten seems to be a bit nervous. We wonder what could possibly have something this sweet and adorable feeling so nervous, and we expect that it might or might not be the fact that he’s in front of the camera. He might not have been ready for a life of modeling. But that life chose this adorable kitten.

Photo by Instagram


Pretty in Pink 

If ever there was a more adorable kitten, we have yet to find it. This little darling is so pretty in her pink blanket that we assume she has someone who loves her and wants her very much. This is the kind of adorable kitten that makes people who don’t even like cats or animals in particular head straight for the nearest adoption center to try and find one of their own.

Photo by Blogspot


Buy Me

While we’re certain that this kitten wasn’t picked up at the nearest department store, we do know that we’d be okay with it crawling out of our shopping bags with those sweet, imploring eyesWhat an absolute darling this kitten actually is, and what a sweet photograph. The photographer did an amazing job capturing the love and depth of this kitten’s expression, and we all love it.

Photo by Flickr


An Unlikely Pair

When you see something this sweet, don’t you just melt? Cats and dogs are not supposed to be friends, but how could a dog deny this adorable little kitten this kind of friendship? She can’t; that’s why she’s perfectly fine with this little sweetheart cuddling up to her and making her feel at home and safe. And we bet this kitten thinks this dog might be her mommy.

Photo by Getty Images


What’s Up

What’s up is that this kitten is really, really cute. What is is about a little grey kitten with a bit of white and an expression like that with those blue eyes? It’s not like it’s an exotic breed you don’t see all the time, or even all that fluffy. It’s just adorable, and there is no denying the fact that there is something obviously special about this kitten.

Photo by Flickr


Stop Staring

Sometimes you’re just so cute that people to stare at you all the time. We bet this mean little kitten gets a lot of that, and it might just explain that expression. He looks like he’s going to grow into something quite large, maybe a lion, and then eat you. I bet that’s what he’s wishing he could do if you want to judge by the expression on his otherwise adorable little pout.

Photo by Getty Images


Exploring the Great Outdoors

We bet this kitten is not allowed outside too often, perhaps just for this photo shoot. This little one is too cute to leave outdoors where something bigger and more fierce might decided to sniff out what’s going on. But we can admit that we do think that this little one is about as cute as they come. This is the kind of kitten kids envision beneath the Christmas tree when Santa comes to visit.

Photo by Getty Images


Well, Hello

This little one is just relaxing while someone is taking photos. What a sweet little cat, and what a beautiful white coat. There is something so lovely about a cat with a white coat that makes you feel it’s a bit special. Perhaps it’s because you just don’t see that many white cats with almost solid coats. They’re usually colored with a myriad of other shades, making this little one just a bit special in comparison to other kittens.

Photo by PicCats


A Lot of Love 

You can see where this little one gets her good looks; from her mother. But, then again, that’s not all that surprising. All good-looking offspring get their good looks from their mother (and I don’t say that only because I have four beautiful children – they all look like daddy). This kitten is clearly comfortable with her mother and she’s clearly happy to be where she is. Let’s not split these two up, okay?

Photo by Getty Images


A Darling Surprise

Earlier I said that there is nothing quite as lovely as a orange and white cat, and this just further proves my point. This cat is clearly surprised about something, and we hope it’s cat nip. Don’t you think it would be just adorable to see a kitten like this all crazed over some cat nip? I think it would really just make this kitten’s day. As well as my own day, if we are being completely honest.

Photo by Getty Images


A “Cup”le of Cuties

What’s more adorable than a lovely kitten in a bowl? What about four lovely kittens in one bowl? My cup runneth over, seriously. All right, that’s enough with the cup jokes. I’m good to go from this point forward, I promise. But you cannot deny the fact that this might be one of the most adorable things you’ve ever seen in your life. I know I can’t. And while it might not be the wisest or most practical centerpiece for a table or bar, it is one I’d adore having in my own house.

Photo by Omervcuran


Just Love Me 

How on earth can anyone even try to suggest that this kitten is not just absolutely beautiful? Those eyes, that expression, that perfect pout; it’s the entire package. This kitten might be the perfect example of what adorable looks like, and it’s certainly the type of kitten we all have in our minds when we imagine having one of our own. We’ll take her with happiness, thanks.

Photo by Getty Images



If this kitten isn’t just picture perfect, nothing in life is. This little darling is so cute we could just eat her right up. The lighting is perfect, the kitten’s face is perfect. The setting is perfect. This is the work of a truly talented photographer, but then again, it can’t be that difficult to work with a subject this naturally beautiful. Heidi Klum, who?

Photo by Instagram 


Sleeping Beauty 

This adorable kitten is taking a well deserved nap, and it could not be any more adorable in the process. This little darling appears to be some sort of calico cat, and it’s one of the most adorable ones we’ve ever seen. Sleeping so happily in its comfortable position, the people who own this little doll shouldn’t get used to this type of calm behavior. I can just tell this cat has a great personality and will be quite vibrant.

Photo by Getty Images


Milk and Cookies

Who needs cookies when you have milk and a kitten this adorable? How sweet that this little darling has to work so hard to get the milk out of the bowl and into her mouth. We adore that she’s smaller than the bowl from which she is drinking her milk, but we are also a little bit worried about this one.  Maybe you don’t know this, but many cats are actually lactose intolerant and should not have milk products to drink.

Photo by Omervcuran


Brand New Beauty 

There is nothing in life more precious than a mother with her new baby, and the same is true of kittens and their mommas. This momma obviously gave birth quite recently, and one of her babies is taking advantage of having mom all to herself so she can cuddle up for a nap and some rest after that hard journey into the world. We can’t say we’ve ever seen anything sweeter.

Photo by Instagram


Happiness in the Palm of Your Hand

This is what happiness looks like. It looks like a sweet kitten in the palm of your hand, just looking to be loved and have a grand adventure. This is very likely just the start of that grand adventure, as cats can be around for more than a decade – usually closer to two. This kitten looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch grow up. I wish he were mine.

Photo by Getty Images


So Cute I Could Squeeze You 

Sometimes you just find something so sweet and adorable all you want to do is squeeze it, and nothing is truer than this picture. I tell my kids all the time that they’re so cute I could squeeze them (I don’t…not too hard, anyway) and this cat gets to get into that category with the little people I helped to create. What a darling little kitten. I imagine this one was love at first sight.

Photo by Imgur


Happy Halloween 

How could Halloween be anything but happy with this darling little face in plain sight? I need to find my husband and tell him that this is a must have for our Halloween decor this year. I’m sure he will not agree since he swore to me we’d never have another pet in this house again, but he’s easily convinced and he cannot say no to our kids. He can’t really say no to me, either, but I like to let him think he can for masculinity reasons and to make him think he’s got a say. Kidding. He has a small say.

Photo by Flickr


A Basket Full of Love

Well hello there gorgeous! We’d happily take this sweet kitty in our basket any day. It seems so much more fun that the laundry that’s in some of our baskets and the loud and obnoxious baby toys that are in the rest of our baskets. I’m just saying, a kitten would make a nice addition to something like this in my house. But my kids would lose their minds over the cuteness that is this little one.

Photo by Flickr


Sweet Baby 

What makes me feel so strongly about this adorable kitten is its size. It reminds me of the fact that one of our twins was born so small she almost fit into the palm of our hands. I’m reminded how grateful and blessed we are that she’s happy, healthy and on track for her development a little over a year later, but this photo does bring strong memories and feelings to the surface. What a little darling.

Photo by Getty Images


A Sweet Surprise

What a darling this little one happens to be. So happy and so surprised about something. While we don’t know what it is that has this cutie making his sweet face, we can only assume it’s something fun and fabulous for the excitement that this kitten is showing. Oh, who are we kidding? We don’t even care about the excitement on this little one’s face; we just want to bring it home with us.

Photo by Getty Images


We’ll Take Two, Please

Whatever this kitten is having, we’ll have it, too. What a darling little kitten all shoved into a tin pail with yarn all around. Do you think that this kitten understands the excitement of being a cat in a ball of yarn on the floor? I think that it does, and it’s probably because this sweetie is a cat and it’s just instinct to know that a ball of yarn and a cat are two of the best things to happen in the world. We get it, and we like it.

Photo by Reddit


Bottle Me Up 

This is the cutest cat on the block, we are certain of that. It’s drinking from a bottle. It fits right into the hand of a human being, and it’s adorable. What could be better than this kitten right here? Oh, I know; nothing. We love this photo and we love the love and care that’s being demonstrated by the person in the photo, facelessness aside. Our heart breaks, however, since we know a kitten being bottle fed probably doesn’t have a mother to feed it. What a sad shame.

Photo by Lady Tori Photography


Am I Siamese?

This kitten doesn’t know what it is just yet, but we’d have to say it’s got to have a little bit of Siamese in it. If it’s not completely, it’s got some in its heritage. Just look at that lovely coat, those dark feet and tail and that light body. It’s one of the prettiest color combinations we’ve seen all the time, and it’s something that we think we could have at home. No, I know I could have this at home.

Photo by Getty Images


When the Kitten is Smaller than Fingers

When a kitten is smaller than the fingers that are petting it, you know it’s a small kitten. You have to wonder whether it’s completely healthy or if it was born early and in need of medical intervention. Either way, however, we are certain that this little one needs some serious love and care. It’s so sweet and just adorable, and we bet it never loses its adorable looks even when it’s old and obnoxiously jumping on counters and tables.

Photo by Flickr


A Kitten in a Pocket

When you reach into the jeans you last wore 9 months ago when it was cold and find money that you had in there, life feels good. But I imagine it feels a lot better when you reach in there and find a kitten this adorable. Of course, I’m only kidding. You cannot place a kitten into a pocket and expect it to live. So let’s not try that at home. But you can just look and see how cute this one is just for fun, right?

Photo by Getty Images


Some Bunny Loves You

What’s not to love about a kitten cuddling with a bunny? And do we know if the bunny could  be a parent? There is a bit of resemblance there, if we didn’t know any better. What a couple of cuties, and how sweet that the kitten is that much smaller than the bunny? It really goes to show what the size difference between these two is really like. So sweet and so adorable; we just cannot stand it.

Photo by Getty Images


Suspicious Kitty 

If they kitten doesn’t look suspicious, I don’t even know what to say about this expression. It screams suspicion to me, and it’s just about the most adorable thing we’ve seen all week. What a beautiful orange cat, though I admittedly don’t know the breed. It’s likely a mixture, but it’s positively beautiful and will likely grow up with a lovely coat that remains beautiful when cared for.

Photo by Getty Images


Oh My Cute Kitty 

If there is anything more adorable than this particular kitten, it’s this kitten all wrapped up inside its own little hoodie and scarf, and what a darling kitten it is. This darling kitten is so sweet that we can’t help but want to wrap it up and bring it home. And what a fun cat, too, for letting someone dress it up and call it a day. Few cats enjoy clothing, and this one must be really special for allowing this to happen.

Photo by Instagram 


It Wasn’t Me 

If this cat could speak, he would say to you, “Listen, I’ve been sitting here grooming and enjoying some privacy and now you’re accusing me of eating all the dog’s food. I didn’t do it. Now if you will excuse me, I’m trying to make myself presentable before that cat from down the street wanders into the yard again. She’s a real cutie and I don’t want her to see me looking like a mess. Thanks,” and then he’d dismiss us with a flick of the paw. We kind of love that.

Photo by


I Know I’m Cute

And I will use that to my advantage for the rest of my life. This is what they call a Scottish Fold, as you can see by the way this kitten’s ears are folded completely forward. This little darling is going to remain very kitten-like and adorable for the rest of its life, which means only troubled things for its owner. It’s incredibly difficult to stay  mad at a face like this, which means this kitty is going to get away with murder forever.

Photo by Flickr


Queen of the Castle

If you look closely, you will notice that there are actually two kittens in this photo. But it’s plain to see which one rules the house, and it’s the one on top. The one on the bottom doesn’t look like it cares much about anything other than naps and being lazy. The one on top, however, is protecting her friend and making sure that everyone looking knows she rules this household and if you have a problem with that, that’s your problem. She hasn’t the time to bother with your issues.

Photo by Photography Studio


Play with Me, Please

If you don’t want to play with this adorable kitten after it invites you like this, you’re not the kind of person I once thought you were. Tell me with complete honesty that you would not stop exactly what it is you are doing and play with this kitten. I could not walk by this little one without stopping and getting lost in the moment. It’s just my flaw, I suppose.

Photo by Getty Images


Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

Unless, of course, you are this cute. Then you can cry over whatever you want because everyone is just going to talk about how adorable you look doing it. This kitten needs some more milk in that little bowl and someone needs to get it right now. There is no accounting for the fact that this kind of cute only happens every once in a while, and we all want to take this little one home with us. Right?

Photo by Reddit


Am I a Mouse? 

This darling kitten is so small and so new that it almost looks more like a mouse than a kitten. But it’s certainly the cutest mouse we’ve ever laid eyes on. And the only one we would ever touch, to be honest. With its short coat, beautiful white coloring and those adorable ears, what is not to love about this little dear? It’s so small it fits right into the palm of the hand holding it. There is something so supremely amazing about an animal this small.

Photo by Zelkova Ragdolls


There are no Words

Really, I haven’t any words to even describe how cute this kitten is. I’m trying to come up with something to say, but all I can do is stare and wonder where I can find something this adorable to call my own. I mean, it’s probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. How big is this kitten? From where I’m sitting, it looks like you might be able to fit this entire kitten plus two or three of its siblings in one hand all at the same time without worrying one will fall.

Photo by Instagram

those eyes

Those Eyes

If you are practicing your ability to tell people no so that you can live a happier and more fulfilling life, good luck with that one. It’s not going to happen with this kitten present. There will be no uttered “No” and no discipline when it comes to this kitten. One look at that little face and you’ll take back everything you said about this kitten not being able to do whatever it was that it wanted to do in the first place. That’s how cute this one is.

Photo by Getty Images


I Do What I Want

Well, when you are this stinking cute, you can probably do what you want without worrying about anything else. While we aren’t sure how someone managed to get a cat in the car without it panicking and going nuts, we still think this is adorable. And we assume that this is kitty’s first drive. Once they get home from whatever vet appointment they’re going to, this cat will never get back in the car unless it’s to run over its owners.

Photo by Imgur

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