20 Incredible Cats and Policemen Videos

Cats are among the most fascinating animals on the face of the earth. These amazing creatures are known for being street-smart and wiley, but as we’re about to discover, this isn’t always the case. While most videos that feature policemen with animals feature the K-9 dogs that they come to depend on, we’ve turned our focus to policemen and cats. Some of the clips are funny and some are filled with action and adventure. You never know what you’re going to see when a cat is the star of the show. We think that you’ll enjoy these heartwarming and touching videos that feature 20 of the most incredible cats and policemen situations.

“Raw Video: Policeman Vs. Kitty”

The black kitty in this video is all about the police officer that is trying to write a ticket to a driver. This is a hilariously funny video that shows just how patient the police officer is. The cat climbs him as if he were a tree and seems intent on getting the cop’s full attention. The officer goes about his task, taking a few seconds to reposition the cat that is walking over his shoulders and making his way up to the officer’s face. It looks as though the kitty is trying to talk the officer out of writing a speeding ticket, but he’s not having any luck. The affectionate feline is one of the friendliest cat’s we’ve seen, and apparently, it doesn’t know a stranger. This video was caught on the dashcam of the patrol car in the state of Texas.

“Cat steals marijuana and brings it to police”

Tigger is one of the most amazing cats in the world. This guy is running his own second hand store and it’s stocked with things that he found lying around the house, the yard and the neighborhood. This amazing cat made the news with his cleptomaniacal tendencies. He is the beloved pet of an Oregon police officer who shared this information about his crazy cat who even started collecting toy horses. The most interesting thing that the cat brought home was a bag of marijuana. The officer has no idea where the cat came up with the pot, but the honest kitty promptly turned it in to the police instead of giving it a try himself.

“BPD officer cuddles rescued cat, sees instant fame”

Jon Boyer is a police office in Baltimore, Maryland. The young cop has a big heart and a soft spot for animals. He and his fellow officers have rescued multiple dogs and cats. While most of them are placed in animal shelters and await adoption, there are a few that he just couldn’t bear to part with. This is a heartwarming news report with an interview with the officer that shows him with the kitties that he adopted into his own family. He rescued a kitten that he named Lily in a dramatic rescue that went viral and brought the pair an immense amount of fame. In addition to Lily, he also adopted Harley, along with another lucky feline. This video is a must-see for all cat lovers.

“Cop And Cat Rescue (Actual Footage)”

This is a story that became a bit confused. It was previously reported by the media that a police officer became stuck high in a tree when he was attempting to rescue a cat. The story that was circulated indicated that the cat was brought out of the tree first, and then the police officer was rescued by the fire department. What really happened was that it was a joint effort. The Police officer rescued the feline with the help of the police department and when the drama was over, the kitty was reunited with its owners.

“Cop Rescues Cat On Busy Bridge After Being Tossed Out Car Window”

Bridgette is the lucky black and white kitty who narrowly escaped a terrible fate. It was her good fortune that officer Richie Ridolfi was patrolling along with roadway when Bridgette’s owner threw her from a moving vehicle onto the bridge. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could do such a cruel and heartless thing to a helpless animal, but the officer witnessed the entire event. When he saw what had happened, Ridolfi pulled to the side of the road and scaled the center barrier on the bridge. The kitty would certainly have been run over by the line of traffic that was coming towards her. It took the officer a few moments to reach her, but he finally reached the frightened cat and carried her to safety. Ridolfi named the kitty Bridgette because of the circumstances of their first meeting. Police have not yet been able to track down the owner of the cat or of the person who threw her out the window of the car.

“Call Him Officer Cat Whisperer: Cop Helps Rescue Kitten – Newsy”

A Hamilton, Ohio police officer has a real heart for cats. This is an adorable video that shows a cute orange kitty that became trapped in a sewer drain. When the officer saw that plight of the cat, he couldn’t just turn his back. He coaxed the kitty to safety and earned himself the title of “cat whisperer.” The cat’s name is Newsy and it is at home with its new adopted pet dad who is a hero among cat lovers everywhere.

“Police Cat NYPD Officer Rescued Kitten Adopted by Another Police Officer”

Pazzy is one of the luckiest kittens in New York. When the kitten was looking for a safe place to hide, she chose the wrong place. She climbed into the engine of a minivan and was too frightened to come out. Officer John Passarella of the NYPD is the hero who rescued the kitten from a terrible fate. In this heartwarming video we see the officer cuddling the rescued kitten and it’s obvious that he is a genuine cat lover. While the officer himself couldn’t keep the kitten, he made sure that she had a loving and wonderful home with a fellow officer and his son. The cat’s new family named her Pazzy, which is a nickname for he officer who rescued her and saw to it that she was placed in a good home.

“Cat saves policeman”

We threw this video in because it’s a hilarious comedy that is intended to make you laugh. There really isn’t a police officer that is in danger, but the officer who owns the cat certainly made him believe he was in danger. This kitty does everything that he can to get inside of the house where his owner was. The little black and white kitten doesn’t like to be separated from his pet dad and we see him wildly pawing against the glass to see if it will give way. This little guy would make a great boxer because he certainly has all of the right moves.

“Thames Valley Police announces brand new cat unit #PoliceCats”

This is one of the funniest and cutest police and cat videos on the internet. The Thames Valley Police are certainly kitty lovers. They announce the launch of their new “Police Cat Unit.” We see this law abiding kitties at their very best in guarding the home and going giving the K-9 units a run for their money. This video shows some of the cutest cats on patrol and one is even sporting a badge. This is another must-see video that will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

“Fort Collins Police Debut New Feline Unit”

Earlier, we saw the funny video that was filmed in the UK about their special feline police unit, well, the Americans are not about to be outdone. The Fort Collins Police Department has their own announcement to make. Officer Buttersworth and his one year old Himalayan are featured in the announcement. It’s a convincing act and the officer explains what an excellent tracker the cat is and that this is a special breed that has been bred for the temperament that would make it an asset to the police force. In case you haven’t already figured it out, this was the way that the Fort Collins PD chose to celebrate April Fool’s Day. It’s hilarious as he introudces hte new “claw enforcement agency.”

“Cat Cop Chase”

This video is a comedy that shows a police officer who has a feline partner. The two ride around in the police vehicle looking for drivers committing traffic infractions. The task for the day is to write tickets. The cat is fully decked out in his uniform and is even sporting a badge to make it official. In this video, all of the drivers just happen to be felines. This is one of the most side splitting cat videos we’ve seen on the internet. These crazy cats are breaking the law and it’s hilarious to watch the high speed chase scene. If you only watch one video out of the group, we recommend that you make it this one because it’s not only cute and adorable, but it’s truly funny and it will leave you with a big smile on your face that will last all day.


“Police rescue a kitten in the middle of the road : A Cat that got stuck in busy Highway”

This amazing video that shows a cat being saved by the Civil Defece of Abu Dhabi has gone viral. A kitten became trapped in the capital on a busy street. If somebody wouldn’t have intervened quickly, it is doubtful that the feline would have survived. The Civil Defence in Abu Dhabi is the equivalent of our city or county police force in the United States. They take animal welfare seriously and blocked the road to help prevent an accident. This is a heartwarming video that shows us that cat lovers are found all over the world.

This is a testament to how brave and heroic that police officers can be. This video has made the rounsd in social media and has generated thousands of views. The men who saved the kitten brought busy traffic to a complete and total standstill. This was a kind gesture that has been appreciated by people from around the world.

“Animal rescue: Two cops save kitten from drain pipe using half-eaten burrito – TomoNews”

Two Fresno, California police officers discovered a young kitten that was trapped inside of a storm drain. This area is very dangerous and can quickly fill with water when it rains. The names of the officers are Corona and Jiminez and these two kind hearted cops could not bear the thought of leaving this tiny kitten in such a dangerous place. They first tried to reach it, but the kitten was too far away. Their next strategy included making kitty noises and using a light to lure it out, but nothing that they tried was working. There was no amount of coaxing that was going to convince the frightened kitten to come to them so the two resorted to a more sure fire method of cat luring.

One of the officers was eating a burrito at the time that the kitten was discovered. He got the idea of using the food to lure the kitten into a spot where they could reach it and pull it from the drain. It worked like a charm. It seems that this kitten has a fondness for Tex-Mex cusine. This heartwarming rescue video is recommended for anyone who could use that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you see a cute kitty get saved by a cop or two. It’s a precious scene to behold. The kitten was taken to the Animal Control department, but officer Corona has other plans for the kitty. He’s hoping that he will be able to adopt it and he’s planning to appropriately name it Burrito.


“Working Police Cats”

This amazing video about working police cats isn’t a comedy as some of the others. Rather, it shows how much the Los Angeles Police Department depends on these felines to keep their station safer, more sanitary and free from an invading army of rodents. The cats featured in this video are rendering a very valuable service for the inhabitants of the station who are overrun by rats and mice. This is a legitmate story of cats who are employed by the local PD to do a job that they are more highly qualified and have greater skills for.

“Cop rescues stranded kitten in an act of kindness”

This is an act of kindness that we found very moving. A police officer saw a frightened cat on the shoulder of a busy road. He pulled over to catch the kitty and take it to a safer location, but the frightened little guy crawled under a hole in one of the cement barriers. The officer took a long bar to nudge the cat out of the hole. The video was captured by the dashcam in his patrol car. We can hear how gently he talks to. His voice is kind and caring as he offers reassurance and works hard to coax the cat out. He eventually gets his heavily gloved hand around the tiny kitten and takes him to the squad car and safety. We can tell by the heavy duty glove that this isn’t the hero’s first cat rescue.

“Police and fire department saving a kitten that was stuck in a storm drain”

A very small kitten became stuck in a storm drain. This video shows the brave police officer and fire department personnel who joined forces to get him out. The touching video shows the policeman holding the kitten gently after the rescue. It’s a beautiful thing to see the city take an interest in animal welfare. They took the time out of their day to not only rescue the tiny feline, but also to check the storm drain to make sure that there weren’t any other kittens inside. These heroes respond to emergencies for both humans and animals and we owe them a debt of thanks. We hear the policeman and fireman discussing where the kitten will be taken. The Humane Society is mentioned but one of the men is quick to say that he’s taking the kitten home to his wife.

“Kitten Given New Home by Mustached Cop”

This video is about a tiny kitty that was found underneath a dumpster in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It was raining and the officer didn’t have the heart to leave this little one alone and hungry in the cold and wet. He rescued the kitten that he and his family adopted, then named “Squirt.” The officer posts a follow up video to show how well Squirt is doing. He’s a cat fan for certain because even though he already owned other cats, he brought this new family member into his home where the lucky feline will have lots of love and care.

“Phoenix rescues five kittens from dumpster”

Officer Heather Krimm of the Phoenix, Arizona Police Department is the proud owner of two cats. She discovered that a litter of five kittens was abandoned in the bottom of a garbage dumpster. The tiny felines were too young to be away from the mother and it was obvious that they were near death from starvation when she found them. She rescued the kittens which had to be bottle fed, and put them up at her house until a suitable home could be found for them. It’s unclear whether they were dumped by a human or if the mother was injured or killed after giving birth. This adorable video is sad, but it has a happy ending for the babies that were nursed back to health.

“Pet cat helps police talk suicidal owner off a building ledge”

This video will touch your heart. It shows us the power of love and how the bonds between a cat and his owner can transcend any terrible thing that the world can dish out. A man was pulled over by police and outran them. They soon found him atop a building on the third story up, threatening to jump. He was in a bad spot in his life. His cat was riding in the vehicle with him. When negotiators from the police force were unsuccessful in talking the man down, the officers got an idea and used the cat to persuade him. The thought of leaving his beloved pet was more than the man could bear and it was this love that prevented him from jumping off the building. In essence, the cat in this video saved his owners’ life.

“Why Police Hired a Cat Named Ed To Patrol This Area Instead of a K9 Officer”

This is an Australian cat who has found his calling at the local police station. You absolutely must see Ed in action. He’s a member of the mounted police force in Austalia. You’ll find him patrolling the stables in search of the pesky rodents that have been giving the officers a rough time. Although he has his own uniform and he’s paid to be on guard, we do catch him taking an occasional nap.

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