20 Beautiful Cats and Firemen Videos

Cats are special creatures that make us smile and laugh with their zany antics. They are playful, curious and at times get themselves into real trouble. There is something heartwarming about seeing a fireman rescue a kitty in distress. When you say the words cat and fireman together, it conjures images in the mind of a fireman bringing a kitten safely down from a tall tree. We’ve found 20 beautiful cats and fireman videos to share with you. Although they’re not all about daring rescues from tree tops, we think that you’ll enjoy them.

“GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten”

This lucky little tabby kitten was caught in a house fire. He was unconscious from smoke inhalation when fireman Cory Kalanick found him inside of the home that was filled with smoke. The kitten was quickly brought outside and revived. It’s a touching Go Pro video as two fireman come upon the kitten who looks like he is dead in the house. They are noticeably moved by the little guy’s plight. One of the firemen gently scoops the kitten from the floor, takes him outside and applies clean water to stimulate a response. He then puts an oxygen mask over the kitten’s face while massaging him in an attempt to get him to breathe. It’s heartwarming to see the kitty respond to the rescue attempts by opening his eyes. When he’s out of the woods, the fireman is holding and petting him in this moving video. It’s obvious that he’s a real cat lover, but who couldn’t love this beautiful little tabby?

“Police and fire department saving a kitten that was stuck in a storm drain”

Somehow a kitten managed to get stuck in a city storm drain. You can hear him meowing loudly from the street above. The kind and caring policemen and firemen are not about to leave him there. This is another daring effort to save the life of a kitten in distress. It takes a lot of effort to move the large heavy grate back, but the team of brave men slide it backwards and a police officer descends into the manhole to rescue the kitten. He’s so afraid that he runs backwards into the pipes of the drainage system, but they don’t give up on him. It takes a lot of coaxing and the use of some special equipment to retrieve the terrified kitten from the storm drain system, but the heroes accomplish the task. The tiny little tabby cat is frightened, but the brave rescuers hold him and cuddle, giving him reassurance that everything is going to be alright.

“House Fire – Helmet Cam View with Kitten Rescued”

When firemen arrive on the scene, we see that there is thick black smoke rolling out of this house. It is so intense that it’s hard to imagine that anyone or anything could still be alive inside. The fireman asks if everyone is out and the occupant confirms this. He then asks if there are any pets inside. When he finds out that there are, he enters the burning structure in a search and rescue mission. This is a dramatic video that shows a room in the house totally engulfed in flames. The brave firemen put on their oxygen masks and take a water hose inside to search for the missing pet. When they came upon the kitten in the burning house it was so frightened that it ran from them. The patient firemen continued on coaxing the kitty until they were able to get their hands on him and bring him out of the house into the fresh air and safety.

“Firefighters Save Kitten in LA Sewer LAPD Gives it a Home”

A Police officer heard a kitten mewing loudly from beneath a manhole. He investigated then with the assistance o”the local fire department crew, removed the cover to get to the frightened kitty. Firemen removed the cover with a crowbar and looked inside. At first all they saw was garbage littered in the area beneath them and no kitten. The poor little feline was so frightened that he ran through the duct work and hid from his rescuers. A fireman had to crawl into the area with a bright light in the pre-dawn hours of the morning. After some intensive searching, we can hear the faint cries of the kitten and then he makes his appearance, crying loudly for help. Finally, the firefighter is able to grab the kitten by the scruff of the neck. He’s upset and a little combative so they place him in the back of a police car to calm down. The tiny little tabby is so cute that he finds a new home immediately.

“Firefighters Rescue Cats”

This amazing video compilation is a must see. It consists of multiple still shots of firemen with the cats and kittens that they have just rescued. In some pictures, they are comforting the frightened kitties and in others, it shows them handing beloved pets back to their owners who are grateful for the rescues. If you only choose one beautiful cat video to watch, this is the one we recommend. It shows us how often our firemen are called in to rescue cats who are in distress. As cat lovers and kitty owners, we owe them a debt of gratitude for the multiple feline lives that they save.

“Midwest City Firefighters Rescue Dog and Cat From Structure Fire”

This is a compilation video that shows how much these firefighters really care about the lives of the animals who are victims of house fires. The video kicks off with a group of firemen who have just pulled a juvenile cat out from under a bed in a smoke filled house. The cat is barely able to breathe and is near death from smoke inhilation. The fireman is gently holding the cat while his buddy rubs the cat’s sides to stimulate a breathing response. They use life-saving measures that are successful in saving the kitty’s life in this touching video. It goes on to show several more examples of how firefighters save the lives of both cats and dogs.


“Amazing And Emotional Video – Most Inspiring Dogs And Cats Rescue Compilation”

This is one of the most emotional compilation videos that show firemen and rescue workers risking their own lives to save multiple cats and dogs from life threatening situations. One of our favorite clips in this video is the kitten that got stuck in a household pipe. A saw was used to cut through the plastic pipe so the kitten could be retrieved. This video is loaded with some amazing rescues that will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye.


The Fire crew was called to a 2 alarm house fire in Paterson, New Jersey. All of the human occupants were out of the building, but there was a cat that was still in the burning structure, trapped on the third floor. This video shows how the brave and daring firemen risk their lives to reach the helpless kitty and bring him out of the blaze and into safety. This was a difficult rescue because of the location of the fire. Ladders were used to access the floor. When firefighters first came on the scene they had to first find the frightened cat which took a while. They entered through a window, wearing oxygen tanks. The large gray cat was thankful to breathe the fresh air.

“Cats rescued from apartment fire by firefighters & brought back to life”

This touching video shows multiple cats who were caught in an apartment fire in Tulsa, Oklahoma. the brave firefighters from several area stations were there to assist. We see them bringing the lifeless cats out one by one and setting up rescue stations to begin emergency rescue measures. It’s amazing that these wonderful rescuers are able to bring each cat back to life and give them a second chance. Firefighters not only save the lives of humans, but in addition, multiple animal lives. The firefighters in this clip work on the cats until animal aid arrived on the scene to take the recently revived kitties in for more treatment to speed their recoveries.

“Fire in a dwelling, cat rescue, Highand Park Mi, helmet cam”

When a fire breaks out in Highland Park, Michigan, fire fighters are quick to gain entry to the home to locate a missing cat. Thanks to the helmet cam we can see the entire rescue that begins with a search of the home and ends with a grateful cat that has just been given a second shot at having a long life.

“Fireman Hurt Saving Cat”

This is the moving video that shows what happened when firemen were called to a 3 story apartment fire on the North side of Chicago. 8 people were injured in the blaze, but these brave rescuers got everyone out. One brave firefighter went back into the flames to save a cat that was trapped and facing certain death. This hero accomplished his mission and saved the cat, but he was injured in the process.

“Firefighter and the Kitten”

You absolutely must watch this video. A fireman narrates his experience as we see live footage of the beautiful kitten that he and his crew rescued from a house fire. When the kitten was first brought out, his body was lifeless, but as he began to breathe fresh air, he started to move around. The lovely Siamese kitten was given oxygen back at the ambulance and started to make his recovery. The fireman discussed what would happen to the cat upon his survival. They would first try to reunite the kitten with his family and if they were not able to keep him after the catastrophe, the fire department would consider keeping him as a mascot.

“Firefighter Geno Saves Emi Loo Kitty From Fire!”

This is another amazing rescue video. A fireman has just pulled a cat from a burning house and the cat is complaining loudly. The owner is standing nearby but the fireman wants to give the kitty a fast examination to make sure that he is doing okay. As the owner sits with the cat in her arms, the fireman administers oxygen through a mask as a precautionary measure to make sure that he is able to breathe well enough on his own. This is a touching scene that shows how much firemen really do care about the animals that they help rescue from these tragic scenes.

“Kittens Saved from an East Texas Fire”

This video is a news report with live action video that shows how a group of volunteer firefighters banded together to put our a house fire. When the fire was completely contained, their jobs were not over. They retrieved a tiny orange tabby striped kitten from the home who had been overcome by smoke inhalation. The brave volunteers were not about to allow this just weeks old kitten to become a casualty. They gave him the fast medical attention that he needed to make a full recovery. You must watch this touching video that shows the dedication that these volunteers have to every member of their community. This extends not only to the people who reside in the town, but also to the kitties that are in need of their help. It’s a very moving video.

“Cat in Tree Rescued – CTV Edmonton”

This is a heartwarming video that shows the classic fireman rescue of a kitten stuck in a tree. It happened in Edmonton near city hall. A kitten had climbed high into a tree and couldn’t get down. A group of concerned onlookers gathered to coax the kitty down. Firefighters were called to assist. They used a ladder to reach the frightened kitten and bring him down to safety. This little guy was vocal about his dilemma as he called to the group below for help. We can hear him telling everyone about his frightening experience once he’s brought to safety. The rescuers made plans to find a home for the lucky kitty.


“Portsmouth Firefighters Save Cat”

This is a touching video that shows how Portsmouth firefighters Tim Dame and Mark Herrolz rescue a cat named Tiki Bear from a house fire. The owner of the cat talks with an interviewer as the scene unfolds. He’s had the cat since he was a kitten and he’s grateful for the rescue. Not all cats who are plucked from house fires survive. Firefighters gave the cat oxygen to help revive him, then placed him in a police cruiser so the officer can transport him to an animal hospital for further medical treatment. This amazing video shows how much the professionals in the rescue field care about the health and well-being of all of the residents that they serve. They give the cat care that is as good as humans who are in distress receive. We truly are a nation that is dedicated to the well-being of our animals.

“Cat Rescue – Israeli Firefighters”

It is nice to see that America isn’t the only country that is dedicated to the welfare of their beloved pets. This is a special and beautiful video that shows a compilation of clips of Israeli firefighters rescuing cats from various predicaments. These gentle souls treat the rescued cats with kindness as they offer the various types of lifesaving services and assistance that are needed. It’s touching to see humanity at its best and this video is one that you simply have to see.

“Firefighters Revive Cat After House Fire”

This amazing video begins with a group of firefighters gathered around a full grown calico cat. The kitty is lying motionless on the pavement while a firefighter administers oxygen. We’re not sure how it’s going to turn out in the beginning as it looks like she may have been too far gone, but miracles do happen and we watch one unfold. What makes this video so special is the concern and determination in the voices of the firemen who are trying to save the cat’s life. We can tell that they are animal lovers and none of them are about to give up on this kitty who was the victim of smoke inhilation from a house fire. The concerned owner gets down there with his beloved pet and strokes her coat. Everyone feels relief as she starts to fight back. Soon we hear her meowing and complaining. This is one of the most emotionally moving videos that we’ve seen. As it turns out, the cat is brought back from the edge of death and her thankful owner is allowed to take over when the immediate danger has passed.

“Polk firefighter saves kitten thrown from moving vehicle”

This is one of the most beautiful stories about a kitten being rescued that we’ve heard. It was so amazing that it even made the evening news. A Polk firefighter was driving along when he saw a kitten that had been thrown out of a moving vehicle. It’s hard for most of us to imagine how anyone could be so cruel and heartless, but there are disturbed people who do such things. This big hearted guy wasn’t about to let it go. The six week old kitten only weighed one pound at the time that he was thrown from the car. The kitten sustained cuts on her head and body from road rash in the incident. The fireman pulled the kitten from a mud puddle and talked to her to bring her comfort. He took her back to the fire station with him and cleaned her up, treated her wounds and gave her a warm box to rest in with soft bedding, food and water. He named her trouble. He has several pets and couldn’t keep her, but he took her to the ASPCA where she will spend a month receiving medical treatment and then she will be available for adoption. The news station spread her story and we’re certain that she is now living with a loving adopted family.


“Firefighters save a cat in Poland”

We wanted to include just one more beautiful cat and fireman video from across the world. This rescue took place in the country of Poland. When Polish firefighters found this cat, it had no pulse and it was unconscious from inhaling carbon monoxide fumes. While there are many people who would have just assumed that the cat was dead and left it at that, these big hearted guys weren’t going to give up on him without a fight. The cat was moved to a grassy area where cardiopulmonary resuscitation was performed on him. He was also given oxygen so he could breathe. Amazingly, the heart began to beat and the cat began to breathe on his own. This is a very touching video that shows us that there are brave firefighters around the world who are dedicated to saving lives whether they be human or animal. It’s good to know that there are people across the globe who care about the well-being of animals. The world is full of brave firefighters who share a brotherhood when it comes to the preservation of life.

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