20 of the Most Adorable Cat Fail Videos

Cats are some of the most nimble and sure-footed animals on the planet, but sometimes, even they have off-days. These curious and adventurous creatures love to play and to explore. Every once in a while, the shenanigans that they pull backfire on them and they become the participants of an epic fail. We’ve put together 20 of the funniest cat fail videos that show these beloved pets at their most hilarious. We hope that you enjoy watching these entertaining clips that show the daring feats attempted by over-confident felines who fell a little short of their goals.


1. “Hilarious Cat Fails (April 2017)”

This amazing compilation video is a must see. If you only plan on watching one video this has to be the one that you choose because it brings some of the most interesting collection of epic feline failures that we’ve seen so far. You’ll find cats who thought they could make it but came up a little short, epic miscalculations and cats who find themselves in the most ridiculous positions that even they are embarrassed about their choices. Have you ever wanted to tell your cat, “I told you so?” These goofy kitties have got to be some of the finest examples for great plans gone awry. None of the cats shown in this video were harmed, but most of them felt pretty foolish about the poor choices that were made, and their owners were quick enough to capture their misadventures on video.


2. “TRY NOT TO LAUGH OR GRIN – Funny Cat Fails Compilation 2016”

This hilarious video clips starts out with a playful cat who enjoys taunting his buddy from the inside of a cupboard. Talk about a slap in the face! The second cat clip in this sequence will have you rolling on the floor as the next curious feline is caught in the act of pulling things out of a drawer. The expression on his face is priceless as his owner asks him what he thinks he’s doing. The look of guilt is just too much. This savvy cat knows how to play innocent though. The collection moves on with a kitty that can’t seem to catch the bouncing balls on the screen of his electronic toy, but he certainly tries. This is followed by how much simple entertainment making hand shadows can be when you have a cat that thinks they are real creatures and tries to pounce on the wall that they show up on. This is another must see for any cat lover who wants a good laugh. You won’t be able to get through this one without laughing.

3. “Best Funny Cats Fails Compilation | Funny Cat Videos 2014”

We all know that cats are excellent jumpers. They can reach places that we never imagined possible. Well, this is true for some of them, but others, fail miserably in their attempts to get from point A to point B. This compilation features some of the more acrobatic cats that are still working on their jumping skills. As the video rolls on, keep an eye out for the curl that we find watching his favorite television show. As the cat is completely absorbed in the show, his owner gets an amazing video of a climactic part of a scene where the music leads up to something big. The cat turns around with a look of suspense that fits in perfectly with the background music. Although all of the clips in this compilation are side splitters, this one is worth repeating over and over again.


4. “Funny Cat Fails Compilation || by FailArmy 2016”

We couldn’t pass on this compilation either. It kicks off with cats and the arts. The first kitty has had enough of his owner’s singing and piano playing and jumps on the keyboard as if to let her know that it’s time to give it a rest. This is followed by a few epic jump-fails and a cat that interrupts his pet mom in the middle of her dance routine. They’re some of the more successful fails and it is as though these felines knew that their jumps would result in a less than soft landing, but it was worth the risk just to end the performances that they obviously found to be distasteful. The collection moves forward to include the infamous cat at the fish tank scenario which never ends well. We see a few more failed jumps and a hilarious kitty that sticks his nose on a sticky note and has fun getting it off.

5. “CATS will make you LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF – Funny CAT compilation”

This funny compilation starts with the classic cat stuck in a tissue box and moves forward with a hilarious mix of pouncing felines that make their owners scream and run in terror and two cats trying to balance on the sides of a cardboard box. It’s side splitting when they both fall into the box at the same time. This is a great clip of a double epic fail that is too funny to miss. One owner can’t even manage to take a nice relaxing bubble bath without her kitty investigating the bubbles and joining her in a soak. He doesn’t hang around long though. One health conscious cat even takes a stroll of a treadmill and wonders why he can’t seem to make any headway. It doesn’t matter that he’s promptly swept off the back because he keeps jumping on board for one more run.


6. “1 HOUR of Funny Cat & Cute Kittens Fail Videos – Funny Kitty Cat Video April 2015”

Have you ever seen a bear cub run off by a ticked off kitty? This assortment of hilarious cat fail clips starts with a curious bear cub that finds himself in the kingdom of the king kitty and he’s not fond of intruders. Although the cub is a lot bigger than the defender of the realm, the no-nonsense cat is not in the mood to be trifled with, and a few good swipes on the nose are enough to send the cub packing. Next, three cats and three food dishes offer the perfect backdrop for a game of musical meals as they move back and forth from one dish to the other. They can’t seem to decide which one is the best, so they keep moving around to sample a few bites from each. These are followed by a few clips that serve as proof that not all cats hate the water. One black kitten plays happily in his bath water and is having the time of his life. Next, two felines are intrigued with the stream of water coming out of the faucet and don’t mind getting wet in order to have a good time.

7. “Funny Cats Jump Fail – Part 1”

This compilation is one of the most complete and hilarious collection of failed cat jumps that we’ve seen. The cats in this video are amazing athletes and we can tell that they are confident, but are they too confident perhaps? Enjoy this side splitting compilation of cats who thought they could make it but miscalculated important details like distance from point A to point B, air speed, velocity and plausibility o the jumps they were attempting. These hilarious felines were just having an off-day because we can tell by looking at them that they are all expert jumpers.


8. “EPIC CAT FAILS ★ Try Not to Laugh! (HD) [Epic Laughs]”

We have a good collection of epic cat fails here that includes daring jump attempts, three cats playing a game of trash the living room and what happens when a kitten encounters the family lizard on the living room floor. These crazy cats are born entertainers and they don’t even know it. Don’t miss out on this collection of epic cat fails that delivers the most hilarious entertainment from our feline performers who may not be at their personal best when it comes to judgment and co-ordination. Each cat in this collection becomes a member of the walk of shame, but we love them anyway. Hey, anyone can have an off-day right?


9. “*Try Not To Laugh* Funny Cat Fails Compilation 2017 | Funny Videos 2017 by Life Awesome”

The opening act in this hilarious compilation is a cat that scales the screen of a sliding glass door. Once he reaches the top, he realizes that there are no more mountains to climb. He skillfully backs his way down the window and moves on to the next life challenge. The clip is immediately followed by a tabby giving her pet dog an ear cleaning with her teeth. The patient dog has obviously given up and just lets her do what she’s going to do without complaint. This is followed by a cat that doesn’t take kindly to the family dogs who try to play with her. She gives Blackie a few bats to the head before leaving in disgust. This is followed by the hilarious black cat that is pushing his owner’s buttons. He sits on the counter top beside a water bottle. With full knowledge that the container will fall, he uses his paw to start moving it closer and closer to the edge with a tantalizing and calculating resolve. His owner tries to talk him out of it, but the playful and belligerent cat is bent on being a stinker and keeps inching the bottle towards the edge until it falls. there are also box and paper bag fails include in this funny video that you just have to watch.


10. “Funny Cats – Cat Fail Compilation 2015 – Funny Moments”

We open this collection with an orange cat that is so done with bath time that he’s splitting the tub scene with a real attitude. How dare you get my hair wet? Then we have the cat who jumps on an old-fashioned record turntable to take a spin and try his hand at being a DJ. There are a few failed jumps along the way but one of the funniest clips in this collection is the curl that is fighting the overwhelming urge to fall asleep. He’s not giving up, but the sandman wins and his head falls hard against the mercifully soft bed that he’s perched upon. These are just the headliners for the first half of this hilarious epic cat fail compilation. Immediately following is the must-see cat who figures out how to open a latch and swing a door open. The only fail associated with this brave endeavor is the fact that once he reaches the lock, he’s stuck swinging halfway up the door and there’s no easy way down.


11. “Funniest Cat Fails of September 2017 || Funny Fail Compilation”

We know that this collection is going to be funny when it opens with a cat owner surprising his three cats with a cat head costume that looks like a team mascot. His kitties are having no part of it and when they catch a glimpse of the world’s largest cat in their living room, the three, split up in a hurry going in different directions. We know that they figure the monster cat can’t get all three of them and their best bet is to split up. We also see a cat boxing match, a pouncer that looks like a flying squirrel and some of the funniest epic feline fails on the internet today. Be sure to check out the cat that is standing guard over the computer keyboard. He won’t let his owner get her hand near the board without a nip that lets her know it’s not computer time yet.


12. “Funny Cats 2017 Epic Cat Fails [Epic Laughs]”

We begin this hilarious production with a cat that assumes the stance of a sugar glider as he attempts to scale a tall building with a single bound. Don’t worry though, he’s one of those kitties that always manages to land on his feet. One cat is having a good time hitching a ride on his pet mom’s shoulders. He’s successful the first time around but on the second try, he misses the mark and has his first epic fail. In disgrace, he gives up to go and re-think his strategic plan before trying again. This collection is filled with climbers who find themselves in the most precarious predicaments and although they’re not very high off the ground and don’t get hurt physically, their pride suffers from the failed attempts.

13. “Try to Watch This Without Laughing – Hilarious CAT Fails”

We dare you to try not to laugh as you watch these hilarious kitties doing what cats do best. That is being characters. This compilation kicks off with a long haired calico that is one of the most amazing jumpers we’ve ever seen. She catches some serious air and lands on the nice soft bed feeling satisfied. It’s a good thing that they started this video out on a positive note because it goes downhill for the rest of her colleagues in the feline entertainment business. We watch a cat contemplating how he will jump onto a skinny window frame and accurately predict that he’ll slide off onto the carpet below. We’re tricked into thinking that the next cat is going to go after a spider on the floor, but instead, he pounces on his owner who is entering the room at the time he decides to spring into action. This is yet another hilarious cat fail video collection that is sprinkled with an occasional success that makes us root for our feline champions.


14. “So Funny & Crazy Cats Fails Compilation, Try Not to Laugh Cats Videos, Animals TV”

The lead actor in this new comedic drama makes a failed attempt to jump on the bed while in the next room a couple of cool cats are trying to figure out how to use the toilet like their humans do. They can’t quite understand how to avoid falling into that big round bowl of water. One of the funniest clips we’ve seen is in the middle of this collection and it features a brave kitty that is going to take on a set of windshield wipers. At first, he’s intimidated by the long-armed monsters but he’s not giving up. He stealthily stalks his prey and returns for yet another battle with the strange but powerful arms that seem to come from out of nowhere.


15. “Cats scared of Cucumbers Compilation – Cats Vs Cucumbers – Funny Cats”

What is it about cucumbers that makes cats split the scene? This amazingly funny compilation pulls together a plethora of cat reactions when they come face to face with this common garden vegetable. Are all cats afraid of cucumbers? Does it resemble a snake or what is the deal here? We know that it’s not a coincidence because without fail, every cat who comes across a cucumber wastes no time in running as fast as they can. One brave Siamese decides that he’s not going to be intimidated. As the long green lifeless veggie lies on the floor, he carefully inches towards it and gives it a good bat, but this is enough for him and he’s not going to hang around to find out what happens next. Maybe they’re afraid that the vegetable will try to eat them.

16. “Cats are so funny you will die laughing – Funny cat compilation”

Have you ever watched a cat trying to get a paper towel from a firmly mounted wall holder? The first kitty in our video collection isn’t giving up but we think he’s moving the roll in the wrong direction in this hilarious clip. The next kitty sees his reflection in a mirror and can’t figure out why the cat on the other side is mocking his every move. Next, we have the hilarious clip of the cat who has just finished his bath and is still trying to tread water. He’s a grumpy looking guy that isn’t impressed with the whole soap and water thing. One of the funniest clips in this entire video is the tabby who uses his paw to tip a girl’s plate towards him in hopes that he can snag a snack or convince her to share her dinner with him.


17. “FUNNY NEW VIDEOS Funny Cats Funny Cat Videos – Kitten Fails 2014 HD”

Life is all about learning and these cute and adorable kittens quickly figure out that they can climb up their owner’s jeans to reach the table top. It’s hilarious to watch four of them use him as a convenient ladder to get to the top. The next clip is one of the most adorable scenes we’ve ever witnessed. Two cats are sitting on a table top. One has his back turned to the other and his buddy gently tries to get his attention by tapping him lightly on the shoulder with his paw. When this doesn’t work he keeps trying. We also see why cats can’t play ping pong.


18. “Funny Cat Fails 2017 (Part 2) || Best Fails Compilation By FailADD”

Our first cat fail is a kitten who finds out why it isn’t the best idea to climb the Christmas tree, but the next clip is the one that everyone in the world needs to see. Scruffy is getting smart with the family cat. In an amazing display of bravery and self-confidence, the cat stands on its back legs and dishes out a dose of butt-kicking the likes of which we’ve never seen. It’s not a violent episode, but it looks like the cat is in a boxing match as he balls up his little paws and delivers a series of light blows directly to the face of the pup who seems to be unconcerned about the rapid succession of hits that the cat is scoring.


19. “We Don’t Deserve Cats | Funny Cat Fails”

This unique compilation shows a variety of different jump fails and miscalculations that end with hilarious results. The star of the show is the tabby that gets inside of a rubber tire to chase the dot from a laser pointer. If you have a fat cat that needs to get some exercise, here’s how you motivate him to take action.

20. “Try to stay SERIOUS -The most popular CAT videos”

We seriously don’t think you’re going to be able to keep a straight face when you see some of the epic cat fails in this video collection. We have a group of felines who make the silliest errors in judgment that you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing. Make sure that you catch the tabby taking a nap in the bathroom sink. When he wakes up, he decides that he’s going to play with the faucet handles. When he manages to turn one on, he seems more amused by the steady stream of water than afraid. He doesn’t seem to mind taking a bath right after his nap, and he can do it all by himself.

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