The 20 Cutest Maine Coon Cat Videos of All-Time

Maine Coon cats are the official cat of Maine, and the long-haired cat breed native to America, and most likely the oldest breed, too. Their history is unclear, but it’s most commonly thought that they are descendants of short-haired cats existing in America already and long-haired cats brought home by New England sailors.

There is also a close resemblance between Norwegian Forest cats and Maine Coon cats, which prompts some speculation that Maine Coons are descendants of cats brought by Vikings.

They were first respected as mousers, and competitions were created to reward the best ones. They were originally considered to be working cats, and their shaggy coats and tufted paws suited them for the cold winters typical of New England. Though they worked for generations on farms and in homes, they are now pedigreed, and one of the most popular breeds.

Their coats have three lengths which help to keep them warm, their tails are long and full to protect them and add warmth, and their paws help them to walk across snow. The tufts on their ears also help to keep them warmer. They are not only beautiful, but they are intelligent and tend to be kind. For this reason, they have earned the nickname of Gentle Giants.

Here are our picks for 20 of the cutest Maine Coon videos of all-time.

1. The largest cat in New York City.

Samson weighs 28 pounds and is four feet long. He eats six cans of cat food every day to maintain his huge size. Samson’s owner, Jonathan, inherited him from his brother, and the two have become best friends.

Grooming Samson costs a lot to groom. Sessions average about $120. When Samson goes out on the town, he rides in a baby stroller, which surprises everyone. He also has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, and has become a celebrity in his own right.

Jonathan views him as a son, and Samson takes the place of a child, as Jonathan has none. Samson also brings Jonathan many dates, as woman are often interested in Samson and then enjoy meeting Jonathan, too.

Samson is a mix of white, light and dark brown, with light green eyes. He follows Jonathan like a dog, and has been known to grown at the front door. Samson also needs an extra-large litter box and tons of litter. One look at Samson’s adorable chubby face and black-edged tufted ears evokes love at first sight. He’s a splendidly friendly Maine Coon.

2. The orange juice glass

It’s impossible to know exactly how it happened. There’s no explanation posted. But this Maine Coon has somehow managed to fall asleep in a peculiar position. He seems perfectly content, too. He’s snoring up a storm.

His eyes are closed, and with the close-up camera position, it’s possible to appreciate his splendid coat of fur. He has the most beautiful striping on his face, neck, and head. His eyes are a lovely medium shade of green; once he opens them.

His pure white paws are placed firmly on the placemat under the orange juice glass. Perhaps he’s always a character, taking his space wherever he pleases. Perhaps he’s a stubborn feline, demanding to share everything his humans have.

How did he get there? It’s a curiosity. But, this is one video which causes surprise, giggles, smiles and lots of good thoughts for this kitty.

3. Twinkle Twinkle Max

Max was an adorable, and obviously quite intelligent cat. He had light brown fur, almost ginger, in fact. He also had distinctive dark brown stripes on his forelegs, back and head. White rear paws and white mittens for front paws matched the fluffy white fur on his stomach.

He had green eyes, and he was styling for his performance wearing a sparkly green bow tie. How dapper! Not only was Max cute, but he was also musically gifted. To match his twinkly bow tie, he sang a twinkly song. Musicians may note that Max’s voice was almost always perfectly in tune for this duet.

Max made his performing debut on Animal Planet as part of the Cutest Cat episode. Max certainly deserved such recognition, as this video encore proves. But sadly, Max died not long afterward. He left his human companion grieving for him, and he will certainly be missed.

Max had a loyal nature and was bonded to his human. His performance has been enjoyed by 1,354,302 viewers to date, and will most likely be seen by many more.

4. The wasp

Here are five Maine Coons and one gray striped tabby cat sitting on a side table together. They are massive next to the large tabby, even though it’s obviously quite chunky. What are twelve cat eyes staring at together?

Their cute heads are moving together at the same time; much like humans watching a tennis match. All, together now! All heads to the left, all heads to the right, and then let’s all jump off the furniture at the same time!

They’re looking at a wasp somewhere in the room. They are a Maine Coon chorus line, with cute, very large faces all in a row. The tabby holds his own in the chorus line, but he’s quite obviously in the category of “Which one of these is not like the other?” Almost too cute for words.

5. Mojo, the singer

Mojo is always communicating with the world. His owners adopted him from a shelter, and he’s never stopped meowing, chirping and purring since then. He’s a striped ginger kitten with Maine Coon ears large enough to overshadow his still tiny head.

He as a fluffy white chest and tummy, and huge white mitten paws. Mojo’s cute eyes are orange, too, and always peeking into everything. He’s said to be a great mischief maker, with plenty of energy and attitude. His owners thin he’s simply adorable and goofy, and that’s spot on.

6. Puma and Minka climb the cat tree

Puma and Minka are still young enough to delight in climbing their cat tree, and not only do they climb it quite quickly, they do it very well. It’s an attack of sorts…quite obviously satisfying and loads of fun, too.

They are grey and dark brown-black and fuzzy all over. Their ears are just starting to show that special tuft of hair and distinctive Maine Coon huge triangular size. The pair have the cutest eyes ever. Watching them scrambling up the sisal and fur cat tree is good for a ton of smiles.

7. Meet Stewie the record breaker

Meet Stewie, the Guinness World Record holder. In 2010, he was listed as The Worlds’ Longest Domestic Cat. Stewie looks much like a gray and white striped tabby, except for his exceptional length.

His name is taken from the show Family Guy. His family first got him when he was a kitten, and they had no idea how large he would grow. The easiest way to describe Stewie is to mention that he is as long as his owner’s body….and that’s a big handful.

8. The water fountain

Maine coons love to play in the water. Here’s Mymble taking a turn. Wow, but don’t those huge ears get in the way? Mymble is working out his water fountain technique. It would be so good to have a nice drink…..let’s see… maybe sticking the head in the fountain is the thing to do.

Nope. That’s not working. Maybe staring at the water is the thing to do. Nope. Sticking a paw inside isn’t the right answer either. Call in reinforcements? Well, that second big cat who arrived is just staring, too. Anybody want to come and give a helping hand?

9. A walk in the park

Tequila the 15-month-old Maine Coon enjoys a good walk in the park on his leash. He usually follows along like a dog, as many Maine Coons do. However, he is just as able to drag on the leash to head off in directions he shouldn’t be going.

He’s got the most beautiful coat of fur in light and dark brown, and pure white mittens for paws. Those bobcat-like Maine Coon ears are his crowning glory. He’s as big as a dog, too, and those paws are huge.

He’s certainly curious, and it’s fun to see where he wants to take his owner. Tequila is one great example of the Maine Coon tendency to enjoy walking on a leash like a dog, and generally when dog-owners see this, they often mention that the cat is bigger than their dog. 

10. You need a bath

These two grey and white striped Maine coons are sharing an arm chair. But one decides that the other must have a bath…right now. Cat number one leans over and licks cat number two.

One strong paw reaches out to take hold of the situation….and cat number one leans in on cat number two. One big pink tongue bathes one reluctant face. Eyes are closed in resignation. Cat number two starts to stretch out, displaying some hefty paws. Here…under my neck…get that part… Nope. I’m done. No…you’re not. Really? Fight!!

11. Playing fetch

Bertie has a dark black face and paws. His eyes peek out from his fur with a serious stare. He’s sort of demonic, in a way. But, Bertie has just caught his toy and brought it back. He’s obviously one smart guy.

He keeps the colorful ball firmly gripped in his mouth until he decides to drop it. His tail wags. He’s a successful hunter! He has no idea how absurd he looks. With his serious face and dark good looks, he’s all business. But that silly ball under those serious eyes…. well….

12. Brand new kittens

They’re all orange and white striped, and all precious. How many are there? Seven? Eight? More? Their mother patiently allows the entire litter to nurse, and what a pile up! Plenty of tiny squeaks as they compete for their own turns mingle with contented purrs.

This mother is one great cat. She’s completely attentive to them, and gently licks tiny faces. Gentle paws keep each baby kitten in line as they discover each other. Their little eyes are just starting to open, so Mother cat bathes them and keeps them well. This is kitten bliss!

13. Dinner time

This gang is having a treat. They are just 4 weeks old and having some special mixture of goat milk and baby mouse for dinner. There are seven of them, lined up in a row. Each one has his own plate.

But, for some reason kitten number one decides to tell his story to the camera. He’s meowing so very loudly with that tiny pink mouth of his. It’s wide open! There’s no denying his Maine coon heritage. His pointed ears are rimmed with dark orange fur, and that characteristic tuft of longer hairs is pointed straight up as he insists on having his say. How can such a tiny head have such big ears?

14. Cat versus laser pointer

There’s nothing quite so fun as watching a cat with a laser pointer. Watch this inquisitive cat plan the best way to catch it! Those dark furry ears with the tiny bit of white hairs on top are completely alert. Chubby paws are poised to grab it and go. There it is! There it goes! Gotta jump more quickly next time! Let’s see. If I just sit here for a while maybe it will come to me. Wow! Where will that darn light land next?

15. OCD?

Perhaps there is an answer to solve the mystery of this Maine coon’s eating habits. The cat has a shaggy coat mixed with light grey, brown and a touch of white. He also has the cutest white mitten paws, which he uses to fish out his dry food, a few pellets at a time, from a bowl to a dish.

Then, he carefully eats them, and then fishes for two or three more. His routine repeats itself. His owner is baffled, and has asked viewers to help him understand why.

One suggested that the cat doesn’t like his whiskers to touch the sides of the bowl, and recommends the owner buy a standard cat food bowl rather than a human style bowl. Doesn’t the cat deserve the best china? Is the cat OCD?

16. Drinking water

Buddha and Elmo are two huge puffs of fur, with giant paws to match. They both have soft grey and white fur and adorable, wide flat faces. They’re outside when they discover a nice bright green watering can filled with water.

Of course, it must be for them…let’s see…first one, then the other, dips a paw inside. Why…there’s water on that paw! Hmm…. It’s pretty tasty, too! Immediately, one giant paw after another becomes a feline sponge, dipping up water for a lick. Cute and smart, too!

17. Shiva and the snow

Shiva is just 10 months old, and she’s never been in the snow. She’s the cutest thing, tiptoeing around slowly and carefully at first, and then ever more active. It’s irresistible out there!

She discovers that snow is really great to push… and it tastes pretty nice, too! Ah! Look at all those exciting holes my paws just made! In moments, she has taken her brown and white self as far as she can go to the end of the deck. She’s perfectly adorable!

18. Dreaming of cookies

How adorable is sleeping Micmac! He’s apparently in an action sequence all his own. His chubby self eventually wakes up and to his chirping delight, he gets a nice cat treat! Of course, he leads the way to his favorite treat place in the kitchen.

He’s made such a commotion that his friend, a black and white tuxedo cat gets treats too. But, see the look on his face when he realizes that the flow of treats has stopped! Pure disdain describes it perfectly, though he was purring loudly just a moment before.

19. Titus and the bush

Titus is having an argument with his owner. He doesn’t want to go inside. Not at all. This fluffy, dove grey cat hisses to express his displeasure. He’s enjoying his favorite bush outside, but it’s time to go.

Unfortunately, pushing and cajoling is not working. He plants his wide body down on the grass, and spreads his huge tail out wide. But, no dice. He’s forced to leave his spot, for now…

20. Sean Coonery talking

Sean Coonery is a gorgeous grey and white striped cat. He’s quite expressive. He’s seemingly answering all of his owner’s promotional monologue; but truly on his own time. Sean Coonery is long, with a fluffy tail. But his vivid green, almond shaped eyes tell the whole story. Sean Coonery’s eyes are intelligent, and his chirps confirm it. Though his owner, IrixGuy, translates for him, the truth is that Sean Coonery blissfully answered “No” to part of his interview. In quite elegant fashion, Sean Coonery ended the interview when he returned to lounging on his bed. He simply stretched out his fluffy self, perked up his cute tufted ears, and was done. How clever!

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