20 Kitten Parodies that are Worth Watching

We love kittens when they are being themselves. But we happen to know several kittens, and cats who are exercising their acting chops by taking on roles in films, television, and music videos.  After all don’t you agree that some of your favorite movie and television scenes are better portrayed by cats.  At the least they’re funnier and sometimes even more entertaining.  Here’s some of our favorite adorable felines in some of their finest parody performance moments.

Jedi Kittens Strike Back

As the Rebel Alliance continues its battle with the Imperial fleet, the strike teams must continue their vigilant fights with the Imperial space craft. Head to head combat is common, and all warriors must perfect their flying and fighting skills. These Jedi Kittens do The Force proud with their own action-packed Star Wars battle. They spared no expense creating their own X-Wing and TIE Fighter. Their uniforms are perfectly tailored for their exciting fights; powerful light sabers blazing! They’ve taken on their own role in the epic battle between the Rebels and the Imperial soldiers. Their own episode ends with a surprise, though.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a dramatic fantasy about nine families and their ongoing battle to control Westeros and Essos, the fictional continents of the Seven Kingdoms. The dynastic families are embroiled in a web of conflicts and alliances surrounding the struggles to claim the Iron Throne or gain independence from it. The realm is ultimately threatened by the legendary fierce creatures who inhabit the extreme north, but are seeking to overcome the realm, as winter returns. Just watch how Game of Meows cleverly merges kitties’ world of everyday objects and prowls with Game of Thrones iconic images, haunting theme song, and complex opening scene graphic designs. We love the attention to detail, and a moment to reflect on all our favorite things about Game of Thrones while we’re waiting for the next season to air in 2019.

Savage Kingdom

In the world of Savage Kingdom, only the most powerful survive. Roaming over more than 2,000 miles of savanna, ruthless predators must dominate their powerful prey to live. These are animal clans which have competed for territory and supremacy for centuries. They must prevail over their long-standing enemies to keep the best hunting grounds to themselves, and it is a constant battle. Those who win ensure their clan’s existence, but those who lose are exiled from rich hunting grounds or simply die. Charles Dance, the English actor famous for roles such as Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones, is the famed narrator for the series. Enter Savage Cuties, with special cameo narration by Charles Dance, and the murderous army of rivals, innocents striving for their share in the kingdom, and plenty of kitty drama.

Assassin’s Kittens!

Assassin’s Creed is an entire franchise comprised of a series of books, a video game and a film. The main story is about the struggle between the peace and free will proponents the Assassins and their fight against the Templars who seek to control humanity to gain peace. Assassin’s Creed draws from both historical events and historical fiction and people. These Assassin Kittens embark on a quest which takes them along routes previously unknown, through thick glades and over precarious bridges. Their athletic prowess sustains on them on their dangerous journey. They join the fight for peace and free will and take their rightful place in the Assassin’s Creed universe as formidable forces; using their incredible skills for all that is right and true!


Bane, the prisoner forced to be the test subject for the Venom drug, survived and learned that the mysterious drug gave him tremendous strength. He also became dependent on Venom and began taking it every twelve hours to avoid terrible side effects. The Venom is distributed throughout Bane’s body via a unique tube system. Bane ultimately became one of Batman’s worst enemies. Bane’s ruthlessness gives him the strength to rule Gotham’s underworld. Peanut has become BaneCat, and he’s turned into one aggressive cat. We love his evil voice, hissing breaths, refusal to do anything catlike, and his shameless avoidance of authority. There’s also that creepy evil voice and all the horrid things he says. This is one cat we can truly hate. There’s just something about his fat, furry stomach and terrifying mask that does it. But fans of BaneCat can enjoy an entire series of his YouTube clips. He’s got plenty of vicious adventures to share.


My Heart Will Go On from Titanic

For everyone who absolutely loved Titanic, the iconic moments live in memory. They are so powerful they either bring tears, or deep understanding of deep romantic love. But there are those who confess that they’ve had enough of it all, don’t want to experience the drowning drama ever again. For all who appreciate the need for comic relief, this kitty parody may just do the trick. It’s got all the iconic moments we loved (or hated) and we get to enjoy them with quirky twists on the story and plotline. It’s genius! Kitties tell the stories with frankness, wit, and sarcasm. Perfect

Ariana Grande – Problem

When Ariana Grande’s “My Everything” album was released, it captured fans with its retro style. Grande told Billboard that the song was about the kind of terrified feeling one can have to go back to a relationship that’s gone bad, even though it’s the one thing desired more than anything else. It features Iggy Azalea in a verse of rap, saxophone loops and an up tempo. Big Sean, one of Grande’s former loves, provided the vocals whispered in the chorus. Gorgeous Kitty Kitty presents his own cover of “Problem”, and he exercises his cat prerogative to “only love when he wants to”. He cleverly introduces his video self with the now, nearly-iconic target shadow superimposed over his luxurious furry self. Kitty Kitty knows that Grande’s target means something important, so he decided he’d have one too.

Cats 300

Epic drama unfolds in this heroic story of Spartan cats preparing for the glory of battle. They are fierce, they are fearless. Litters of puppies don’t frighten them. They stand and fight for their rights to kitty kibble, laser lights, goldfish in bowls, and whatever they want on any tabletop or counter. The chipmunk hoards run from them. Spartan cats can navigate over baby fences. They can attack with claw-filled paws at a moment’s notice. They can attack the unwitting at any moment. Spartan cats are ready. They’ve taken their cue from their Spartan brothers, who stood 300 strong against an army of more than 300,000 Persian warriors under the lead of Xerxes, the God-King. The original Spartans fought valiantly until they were overcome by a barrage of enemy arrows. Spartan cats are willing to fight until they are overcome with hunger…or the need to nap.

Pretty Little Liars – Kitty Litter Liars

Short and sweet, this elegant little trailer tells it all. Four kitty friends reunite when the mysterious “A” threatens to tell the world their most treasured secrets. They’d been friends before. In truth, they were quite a clique. But, they fell apart when Alison, their leader, disappears. The drama and mystery of their story involves the telling of lies, and plenty of unpredictable darkness. After all, that’s when kitties are at their best. Though their eyesight isn’t perfect at night, it’s far better than most humans. While Pretty Little Liars kept their targets in line with manipulation and charm, Pretty Litter Liars keep their humans feeding them and changing their litter boxes. It’s all pretty much the same. Note the elegant intertitle used in the opening credits- they never changed over the course of the series. Such pretty lettering for so much unbelievably tangled relationships. But, then again, Kitty Litter Liars must put their best paws forward.

Iron Cat

Michael the cat is determined that he will fly. The birds have picked on him enough. He’s following the lead of Iron Man, the superhero who built his own suit of powerful armor to escape his captors and free himself. Iron Man uses his technologically advanced suit to fight for and secure national defense. But he was also a vulnerable man who depends upon sophisticated computer technologies to create ever changing armor to sustain and protect himself. Iron Cat Michael has emerged from kitty frustration to battle the birds and the world with his creative new equipment. Will he conquer the birds? Will he conquer his equipment? Keep watch for the next episode of Iron Cat.

The Purge

In the dystopian environment of The Purge, an annual twelve-hour period of sanctioned crime and unavailable medical, fire, and police emergency services, people everywhere have installed elaborate security systems to keep themselves safe from purge night crimes. In the future, cats have become the best friends of people, they behave at home, and they don’t get in the way while their humans work. But in the dystopian future, cats go completely crazy during The Purrrge. Some cats hide in fear. But others become drunk on catnip, fight uncontrollably, throw their kitty kibble everywhere, and participate in destruction born of sharp claws and lots of teeth. There are no veterinarians available, and all cat toys are free range for any cat who can grab and keep them. Surviving the night is the goal of any sane cat. Taking free range advantage of The Purrrge is the goal of every crazy cat.


Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots

All cats really want is tasty food, clear water, and a clean litter box. Even more, they hope to have some lovely catnip, some great toys, a friendly lick from a fellow cat or their mom. Furryface, and Furryface cares what people think. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a great bath from Mom cat? Wouldn’t it be nice to have catnip all the time, and be licked to sleep. Wouldn’t it be great to play with a lazer or a nice mouse toy? Furryface thinks so. He’s struggling with having to grow up, and he’s taken his lead from Twenty One Pilots, the rap rock musical duo. In particular, Furryface thinks “Stressed Out” is one cool song, so he’s taken it on as his personal anthem, so he’s created his own cover of the song. It’s from the album called “Blurryface” and he thinks it has a nice ring to it, too.

Catrix Matrix Cat

It’s the future, and Ninja Cat has taken on The Catrix. He’s exploring his super moves, jumping diagonally off walls, executing awesome flips in the air, and taking on some of his nastiest enemies. Ninja Cat shows off his amazing skills in bullet time. His moves appear in slow motion even though the camera records the scene around him at normal speed. Ninja Cat is part of cyberpunk, and he admires and executes the martial arts well. He hasn’t taken on the art of computer hacker yet, but he understands something of the superhuman abilities he has which allows him to navigate The Catrix. He’s able to bend its scientific laws, and his own body, quite spectacularly. He doesn’t really understand the green Catrix code, but he sure looks handsome in his designer sunglasses.

Psy-Oppan Gangnam Style-Preppy Kitty Style

Preppy Kitty is stepping out Gangnam style. He’s been obsessed with it since South Korean Psy made the song popular in 2012. After all, it’s the first video on YouTube which was viewed more than two billion times, and it’s even passed the 3 billion view mark. Preppy Kitty adores the high kind of lifestyle that takes place in Seoul’s Gangnam District. He also likes the area because of its wealth and extraordinarily expensive real estate. So, he’s decided to make his own cover of his favorite song and personality. Preppy Kitty is certainly hip and often trendy. Truth is, Preppy Kitty knows that Psy’s song is poking fun at people who are pretending to be what they aren’t. Preppy Kitty thought he would show his support for Psy, K-pop, and the Korean Wave by enjoying the music genre.

The Purrminator

This lonely cat warrior travels back in time. He arrives in his litter box. His goal is to avenge the unequal distribution of cat food. The Purrminator can’t get back to his own time, so he struggles to live life as a normal cat in the past. He settles for eating instead, but he’s just as unfriendly as he was when he first arrived. His new family gives him plenty of help adjusting, but he’s kind of stuck in his ways. His new human friends give him a really hot new ride, though.


The fictional superhuman mutants fight to create a world where normal human beings and mutants will co-exist in harmony. Their leader, Charles Xavier-the Professor X, is a telepath whose ability to read minds and control them is at war with Magneto, their powerful mutant archenemy. His ability to manipulate and general magnetic fields puts his viewpoints in direct opposition to those of Professor X. Observe these unusual mutant kitties as they manipulate energy and thought to get what they want at all cost.

The Notebook

Who doesn’t love a romance? Better yet, who doesn’t love a romance within a romance? When Noah falls in love with Allie, their summer love affair is poignant, but abruptly ended with an unexpected argument. The two are unable to reconcile, and Noah’s entry into World War II seems to make it final. Noah writes letters to Allie daily, but she never gets them because her mother intercepts them. Allie decides to become engaged to someone else. Noah returns home from the war, and restores an abandoned home, which he plans to restore so that Allie will return to him. Allie and Noah renew their relationship by making love to each other. Allie’s mother tells her that the letters Noah wrote were kept from her. Allie goes back to be with Noah. Years later, Noah reads her notebook to help her remember their relationship and love. When Noah has a heart attack, Allie must go to the dementia ward where he is hospitalized. One night, Noah visits Allie’s room, and she remembers who he is. He tells her that their love will help them to do anything together. They fall asleep, and a nurse finds that they have died together in their sleep, together in Allie’s bed. The epic love story between cats brings together two adorable striped tabbies in a precious parody. Gotta love Noah’s letter-writing shorthand! Can’t believe that Allie cat would ever love the cat with the weird ears. Too cute!

Jurassic Cat World

Jurassic World theme park promised guest the experience of a lifetime. Seeing real dinosaurs was an attraction nobody could resist, but nobody expected that a savage dinosaur with modified genes would take over the park. The high intelligent, savage main draw to the park escaped and massive fear and mayhem erupted. Dinosaur began unrelenting prey on its own kind. Witness the ad for Jurassic Cat World and realize that relationships based on respect have found a new norm. Furry, scary uncontained cats are killing for sport. Not only that, but they are also highly intelligent and capable of communicating with each other. Humans are in for the chase of their lives, and they are the ones being chased. Jurassic Cat World doesn’t have enough guns, enough eyes on target, or enough cat treats to keep Jurassic cats happy.

Katy Perry “Roar” – Kitty Purry “Meow”

When Katy Perry’s single “Roar” reached the Number 1 spot on the Hot 100 chart for US Billboard, it stayed there for two weeks. It was her eighth on the chart, and it also held the record for most spins in a single week on radio stations across North America. A total of nine countries followed, and Perrys’ Roar became one her greatest hits. She wanted to empower herself after her marriage to Russell Brand ended, and she was sick of keeping her feelings inside. She viewed the song’s lyrics as her affirmation of courage, and she used big cats as her theme for her music video. Kitty Purry- Meow takes on the same theme, but in an oh, so adorable way. Kitty Purry is telling the dog she’s not going to get swallowed up by him (a reference to Perry’s relationship with Brand?). Kitty Purry also includes the fabulous glittering tiger graphic which sparkles into place at just the right moment-just like Perry’s did in her own video.

Star Wars – Not the Toiz You’re Looking For

Without a doubt, this parody of Star Wars has some of the cutest kitty elements ever. The Storm Trooper cat is perfect, with his crazy furry paws and black pipe-cleaner whiskers. His pink kitten ears are the icing on the cake… not to mention his black sunglasses visor. There’s a clever golden nod to our favorite AI C-3PO, and the perfect play on the Jedi’s power of mind control, too. A final distraction with a laser completes the jest and leaves us in stitches. Just take a look at the complex background scene, the focus on the sand (assorted kitty litter?) and muted colors of the planet and its structures and vehicles. This is classic cinematography at its best. This parody has had over 1,340,000 views and its not surprising. A salute to the focused genius of The Pet Collective for this spot-on clip!

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