10 Videos Featuring Cats Who Love to Swim


There’s this long standing rumor that cats do not like to be near water unless they are drinking it, but that is not true in the least. Sure, there are some cats that don’t have much love for the water, but it’s not because they are cats. It’s all because of their own individual personalities that have them not loving to spend time in the water. The cats we have found for you are going to make you smile as they defy the rumors and the stories that surround them. They’re not afraid of the water. They love the water.

These cats, in fact, relish the time they get to spend in the water, and that is completely awesome. These cats love to be in the water, whether it’s swimming, playing or just taking a nice, warm shower. At the end of a long day of playing and having fun, wouldn’t you want to spend some time in the warm water, too?

This cat swims better than half the people that I know, and that’s saying a lot being that I’m a lifelong Floridian only 5 miles from the ocean and everyone here has a swimming pool. This cat seriously loves the pool, and it shows with her exceptional swimming skills. Just look at her go, and see how she never even gets her hair wet on the top of head. That’s a true master of the art of swimming right there.


This cat is totally cool with the water so long as it is in his own terms. He might not love the idea of swimming, but that does not mean that he does not love the concept of taking a nice shower while the water spills freely on top of his head. It’s kind of just like swimming, but without the actual part where you have to learn to keep yourself afloat and alive and stuff in the water. This cat appreciates that sentiment quite a bit.

It might take a few moments for either of these two to get started with the whole swimming concept, but they’re doing it, and they’re doing it well. These cats love to swim and it shows. What a fun concept knowing that anytime your cat needs a bath, you can give him one without any complaint. That’s something someone needs to teach my own cat.


I’m just going to give everyone a quick moment to comprehend what they just saw. Yes, this is the world’s most adorable cat just swimming along in a tiny tub that looks like it might even be a baby bath tub. I cannot get over how cute this little one is, and neither can anyone else who watches this video. This kitten is the cutest!

This cat loves to take a nice, relaxing shower in the kitchen sink, and who can blame him? What a darling little cat with a darling little personality. I just love and adore this one. And how can I get the people in my family to want to give me a shower every day instead of me having to do all the work when i get in on my own? I’d love someone to do it for me, you know.

When it comes down to it, it seems that the fear cats have of the water is pretty unfounded. I mean, just look at all the fun this cat is having in the water. She’s agile and fast and it’s smooth sailing for her – pun absolutely intended. This cat doesn’t seem to mind getting wet once she realizes that swimming is fun and that it’s nice to spend some quality time in a nice, warm bath.

Turns out this particular cat is a Turkish Van, and they have repellent coats. What this means is that no matter how much time this particular kitty spends swimming and playing and having a good time, he’s never going to be fully wet. He’ll get out of the water pretty dry and comfortable, and that makes life all the more fun. I can’t say that this cat doesn’t completely have my heart with his love of the water. Way to go kitty cat.

This cat not only enjoys to be in the water swimming like a boss, he also likes to dive. I cannot say that I’ve ever seen a diving cat at any point in my life, but this one is kind of fun. This cat likes to spend time in the water exploring and being in the middle of nature, and it’s quite interesting. Who doesn’t love to see something new, like a cat that can dive when I’ve never even gathered the courage to do that.


It’s not fun to be laughed at, and this cat would probably tell you the same thing if it new what was happening in the middle of the newscast. This fat cat has to lose some weight, and swimming is a great form of exercise for cats that need to do that. This cat is spending some time in the water to lose weight, get healthy and live a longer and more productive life. But it seems that the man reporting on this cannot stop laughing at this poor kitty, which makes me more than just a little bit sad.

This kitten, Diego, gets to take home the prize for the most amazing little kitten ever. Not only is this cat being happily walked on a leash, it’s also taking a swim in the local ocean. This cat might actually think he’s a dog, but it gets even better. Check out that amazing fur coat this cat has going on. It looks like a wild animal much more than a house cat, and we have to say that we are completely in love with everything about this video.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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