20 Places That Cats Would Rather Sleep Than Your Lap


Sure, your lap is comfortable and soft and wonderful. But that does not mean anything when it comes to your cat. And sure, you probably got a cat because you wanted it to come sit in your lap, purr softly and love on you when you are in the mood, but that does not mean anything when it comes to your cat. Cats are notoriously independent, and they don’t need you to do anything but refill that food and water dish every day. They don’t even need you to sleep on; they have dozens of other locations around the house that are far more comfortable than your lap will ever be in their minds. Read on to find out where your cat would rather sleep than your lap; it’s going to make you feel a little bit let down. Your cat might not love you as much as it loves to nap anywhere but your lap, and these pictures prove that your cat does not find you nearly as appealing as you find him.

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whatever this is

Wherever this Is

We aren’t even sure what this kind of sleeping position is supposed to be, only that it does not look even remotely comfortable. On second thought, it doesn’t even look like a real position. It kind of looks like the cat fell from somewhere high and dangerous and landed like this with his body all mangled. That’s how uncomfortable this particular position looks. And how bad does this make you feel that your cat would rather lie down for a nap like this than on your lap?

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in the blinds

In the Blinds Checking out the View  

Sometimes being a nosy neighbor is quite tiring. Seeing what’s going on across the street, next door and while the husband is away is just a little too tempting for cats sometimes, and they end up stuck in the window gathering all the gossip for hours. And that’s tiring. When nothing is going on, it’s easy to fall asleep. Don’t hire this cat as a private eye, though; he won’t be able to provide accurate stake-out results after his nap.

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on each other

On One Another

We can’t tell if these adorable cats were in the middle of a game of attack when they all closed their eyes for just a second and fell asleep or if they really just wanted to spend their nap like this. It’s all relevant, but it’s certainly cute. These cats would rather nap on top of one another than they would on top of you, which should tell you that you just are not all that comfortable at the end of the day, right?

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in the grill

In the Grill

Let this be a lesson to all grill owners; please open the lid and check for living creatures, toys or cats before firing it up for a great dinner. While I’m sure that there are plenty of people who will crack a, “Tastes just like chicken,” joke at this one (does it really?), there are also those of us that are happy to point out that this is an animal covered in fur, and that will not be easy to remove from the grill. Just saying; check so you don’t spend the next few hours cleaning.

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between the chairs

Between the Chairs

Now that does not look comfortable at all, and we are not just talking about those uncomfortable looking chairs, either. The entire situation here looks a bit like it could be made better by, you know, moving elsewhere to nap. But if your cat would rather nap here than on you, well, it’s time for you to find something about you that the cat likes a bit more.

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in a corner

In the Corner

Perhaps this is just a distant memory, but this cat reminds me of someone I used to know. Okay, someone I still know. This cat reminds me of pretty much everyone I ever encountered in college; passed out in a corner somewhere in which they’d landed after a night of too much beer pong. The lesson here? Don’t let your cat play too much beer pong and maybe it won’t pass out in the middle of an arbitrary corner in the middle of the house.

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in the sink

In the Bathroom Sink

If I was a betting woman, and I’m not (though I did win $200 once in Vegas on a quarter slot machine), I’d be willing to say that this is a chameleon cat. It’s not looking to sit in the bathroom sink for nap time. This cat is looking to sit in the bathroom sink because it matches its fur and the cat feels safe here. My guess is that it is hiding from a couple of kids with baby doll strollers and a desire to play mommy to the cat’s newborn baby.

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in a box

In a Box

We say it all the time; stop spending money on toys and games and things for kids and cats. They’re happy with an empty box. This cat is so happy it passed out inside the box from sheer excitement and happiness. And that is something we can honestly say we totally agree with. Who doesn’t want to be the cat that fell asleep in the middle of the box? What an awesome place to get to take a cool nap.

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on security bars

In a Safe Place

If we are being honest here, we feel that maybe this neighborhood is not the safest on the block. In fact, we feel that maybe it’s not the safest anywhere with these bars on the windows. But the cat has found that they make a great nap time location, and that makes us wonder whether or not the cat feels safer than it should, or if it knows that the bars outside are safer than the kids inside? It could go either way here.

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boot cat

In a Boot

Aside from the fact that we are finally happy someone found a good use for a pair of Uggs, we can’t help but wonder if this cat is going to need a bath when it comes out of these shoes. Ladies; this is why we cannot wear Uggs in the middle of the summer, in Florida, anywhere in the world, unless it’s snowing, cold, and rainy and we’re changing into appropriate shoes when we get to our final destination. I’m just saying; we should do this.

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in a sandal

In a Sandal (without Socks, thank goodness)

There are too many people who wear sandals like these. We won’t get into the fact that fashion is not something that you get in these shoes. Instead, we will skip straight to the point; these are not shoes you wear with socks, even though too many people try to wear these shoes with socks. Please, stop. The only fuzzy thing that works with these particular shoes is this kitten. If you are not this kitten, you should not wear these shoes. Ever.

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on a rack

A Laundry Rack

It looks like the cat is officially out of the bag (all right, who is putting cats in bags, really?). The laundry bag, that is. Now it’s on top of the laundry drying rack looking to take a nice, long nap without interruption. And if it can leave behind a bit of its fur so that your clothes retain just a bit of the cat so you think about him during the workday, that’s just an added bonus for this feisty feline. Cats are so into what they’re doing and they know just how to annoy you, don’t they?

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under a towel

Like a Corpse Under a Towel

We like that someone tried to cover up this sweet cat as it napped in the middle of the floor. It’s sweet, but we think they could have sprung for a slightly larger towel so that the cat might actually get some warmth from it. Does it make you just a little bitter that your cat would rather lie down like this for a nap than in your lap, curled up and comfortable? It might make a little bitter.

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on the dog

On the Dog

Cats are not big fans of dogs in general, though some that are raised together do love one another. But this cat has found an actual good use for her dog; nap pillow. If you’re going to bring a dog into a house with a cat, you should know that the cat will find a way to make this dog his own. This cat has done just that. He obviously wanted a bed in which he could sleep. Instead, he got a cat. He fixed that problem, though, didn’t he?

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under the dog

Under the Dog Works, Too

Sometimes it feels safer to just lie beneath the dog and take a quick nap. This cat is not worried that the dog will smush her. She’s just trying to stay safe from the kids long enough to rest, and they’re not nearly as manhandling with the dog as they are to the cat. So on that note, your cat would rather sleep under a dog than on your lap. What does that tell you about the way your cat feels about you? There’s a chance it is not a good feeling, isn’t there?

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cuddling with another cat

Cuddled with his Friends

We love a cat that loves to cuddle with his friends. It’s the best place to take a nap, cuddled with someone you love. Unfortunately for you, though, your cat loves his friends far more than he loves you. It’s not unexpected for a cat to feel this way, but that doesn’t mean it makes you feel good at all that it does feel that way. I mean, you could be someone who has a cat that loves him a bit more, but you’re not.

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on the computer

On the Computer

Do you work a lot? My best guess is that you work a lot, and your lap is cramped up underneath your desk, so your cat did the next best thing. He lay down on top of your computer so that you see him there and understand he’s not happy with your decisions. And also just a bit so that he’s just a little in your way, making it impossible for you to bother with your work while he’s hiding just enough of it to make it impossible.

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doing a little light reading

Doing Some Light Reading

A bookworm is my favorite, but a cat that loves a good book is my second favorite. The only time this becomes an issue is when you need a new book and you can’t get it without waking the cat. It might make you feel just a bit sad, but that’s just how life goes. You have to admit though, that this is a cat having some good dreams on top of all of these amazing stories, right?

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back of a chair

The Back of a Chair

That’s not at all comfortable, is it? I mean, this cat is going to fall down any second now, and it doesn’t even seem to care in the least that this is happening to him or her. I mean, this cat does not care that it is one second away from being on the floor, awake, and no longer even remotely comfortable. But that’s okay with the cat.

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on both beds

On Two Beds at Once

Sometimes you cannot decide whether or not you want to sleep on two beds, or just one. But that means you get to choose. And sometimes you have to choose two. Or maybe you just don’t want anyone else in the beds with you, so you’re doing it out of spite. Either way, we have to say that this cat is either really mean to other animals in the house, or really just a bit indecisive. It could honestly go either way.

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