30 Cats, Including Kittens, Rescued From Feces-Filled Home

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On 24th June, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa reported that it was requested by the local law authorities to help remove thirty cats, including kittens, from the abandoned home in Pocahontas County. These animals were left by their owner in a hot, dirty house without any food or water available to them. The home’s stairs, floors, and even some countertops were covered in the cat’s urine, feces, and other trash. The Animal Rescue League reported that an inch-thick layer of cat feces was found in one closet. The home also has no electricity, and the room temperatures range between 80 and 90 degrees. The local law enforcement claimed they were immediately hit with a strong urine smell when they first entered the house. Representatives with the nonprofit organization said that many of the cats and kittens rescued from the filthy home were in poor health and suffered from fleas, skin, and ear infections. It was also reported that two mother cats rescued were nursing litters of kittens, and they probably would not have survived much longer in the unhygienic home conditions and without food or water. Here, we will discuss how 30 cats, including kittens, were rescued from a feces-filled home.

A Sad Situation

According to Live5news, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa claimed that most of the cats and kittens rescued were living in terrible conditions and most of them appeared thin and suffering from various illnesses. The ARL said they had to drive two hours from their animal shelter in Des Moines to the abandoned house in Pocahontas County, Iowa, where the cats were found. As soon as the rescue team arrived at the property, they were immediately hit with a foul smell of cat urine and found the temperatures in the home very unbearable. Once the cats saw the rescue team, some of them ran away to other areas in the house, while others hid in the closet area. The ARL rescue team found the abandoned cats and kitten in a poorly lit room with no water or food available to them. Given the house’s lack of electricity and light, the rescue team was forced to use flashlights to rescue the cats and kittens. Although it took them several hours, the team rescued the cats and kittens one after the other until they were safely secured in carriers. Once all the animals were rescued, they were driven by the team to Iowa’s Des Moines animal shelter. Here, they were medically assessed and given the needed medical treatments. Today, it has been reported that the cats and kittens are responding well to the medications and will be ready for adoption soon.

Rescuing the Cats

Upon responding to the local law authority’s call for help, the Animal Rescue League team worked for a couple of hours in the house’s miserable condition to ensure all the cats and kittens were rescued. The team was also able to rescue some of the cats hiding in the house as they were scared of the presence of the ARL team. Once all the cats and kittens were rescued, they were taken to the ARL vet center in Des Moines, where they performed a medical evaluation. During the examination, it was reported that most cats and kittens were thin and suffered from skin infections, flea attacks, ear mites, and ear infections. The ARL medical team also reported that two of the cats had litters of kittens that were only a few years old and probably would not have lived long if they were left in the house’s dismal conditions.

As the rescued cats remain under the medical care of the Animal Rescue League’s Miracle Medical Center, an investigation by the local authorities into this horrifying case is underway. According to Kptv, the Pocahontas County Sheriff’s Office also released an official statement concerning this case and have claimed that thorough investigations are ongoing to ensure that the homeowner of the thirty rescued cats is apprehended. Earlier this week, it was reported that a 51-year-old woman was arrested by the local law enforcers after 30 cats and kittens were rescued from the miserable conditions in her home that was completely unsafe for the health of the cats. The 52-year-old woman, who happens to be known as Jennifer Sproston, was charged with 34 counts of Animal Neglect.

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Final Words

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa where the town’s news headline after their heroic act of saving thirty cats and kittens in an abandoned home left in miserable conditions. In collaboration with the Iowa local authorities, they rescued the cats one after the other. Although the ARL rescue team had a hard time luring the animals from their hiding places, they secured all of them and took them to their animal shelter. It has been reported that the cats are recovering well and are adjusting well to their new surroundings. The Animal Rescue League animal shelter also accepts donations to help care for the rescued cats and kittens.

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