Groom Loves His Cat So Much, He Makes Him His Best Man

Cat Best Man

A wedding is such an important and special occasion, that most couples want all their friends and family to attend the event. They want all the people who are the most important to them to witness their love and the commitment they are making to each other. The bride and groom usually choose the people who are most important to them to take on the key roles for the big day, such as the maid of honor and the best man. In most cases, this is either their best friend or a sibling. However, one groom decided to buck the trend by making a rather unusual choice for his best man. Instead of asking one of his friends or a family member to take on the responsibility of being his best man, he decided to give this honor to his cat. People tells the story of Aaron Benitez, the man who chose his cat as his groom. Benitez and his cat, Prince Michael, have been inseparable ever since Aaron adopted the cat.

The pair are so close that they even have a YouTube channel together. Aaron’s Animals currently has more than 2,000 subscribers who enjoy watching the bond between the two of them. The channel features dozens of videos that show Aaron and Prince Michael hanging out and having fun together. Benitez has talked about his close relationship with his cat, describing him as truly being his best friend as he is such a loyal cat. He also described Prince Michael’s personality as being friendly and easy-going. According to Benitez, Prince Michael is there whenever he is feeling down to cheer him up, and when he is having a good day, Prince Michael acts as his wingman.

As the pair are so close, Benitez wants Prince Michael by his side for all his special moments. Therefore, it made sense to choose his feline pal as a groom when he decided to get married. It was important for Benitez to have the support of his best friend. Most people focus on factors such as the size, location, and atmosphere when looking for a wedding venue, but these were not Benitez’ priorities. He was more interested in finding a venue that was cat-friendly. In fact, he described this as his main priority.

It wasn’t just the venue for the wedding that was chosen based on Prince Michael’s needs. The caterer was chosen because he was willing to cook Prince Michael’s favorite salmon dish and the DJ that was booked had to promise not to play dog-related songs at the wedding celebrations. Some people may wonder how a cat could possibly fulfill the role of best man, but Benitez says that Prince Michael took his responsibilities very seriously and played an important role in the day. Benitez explained that Prince Michael not only walked down the aisle by his side, but he also kept the party going. Apparently, Prince Michael kept all the guests entertained throughout the night.

Prince Michael even had his very own custom-made wedding suit, which Benitez had made especially for him. This meant the cat looked smart as he strutted his stuff down the aisle and on the dance floor. He also looked great in the wedding photographs, for which he had been more than happy to pose. Benitez says that all the guests who attended his wedding thought that it was great that he had chosen his cat as his best man. He believes that the guests found it entertaining and is surprised that it has caused such a reaction.

Despite Benitez being extremely happy with his choice of best man for his wedding, he would not recommend that other people include a cat in their wedding unless they have a very chilled out cat, like Prince Michael. He said that it is important that the pet is undaunted by new situations. Fortunately, Prince Michael is very comfortable with meeting new people and visiting new places. Of course, Benitez has shared his amazing experiences at his wedding with his YouTube subscribers. Therefore, they can see how smart and happy Benitez and Prince Michael were on the big day and how much fun they had.

Benitez and his best friend Prince Michael plan to continue sharing their experiences together by making more videos and uploading them to YouTube. They have such fun together and Benetiz wants everyone to see that it is possible for a man to have a cat as his best friend. If you think it is strange that a cat can take on the role of the best man at a wedding, then it might surprise you to learn that there are weddings that have taken place where the cat is the groom. One example of this is Barbarella Butcher, who has been married to her two cats for more than a decade. According to The Huffington Post, the two cats are 15-year-old brothers Lugosi and Spider.

Barbarella describes the two tabby cats as being the loves of her life, which is why she decided to marry them. The wedding took place on January 9, 2004. Unlike Benitez and Prince Michael, Barbarella and her cats did not enjoy a big ceremony or party. Instead, Barbarella simply made their union official online. She wasn’t interested in dressing her cats up in wacky outfits or having a big ceremony. She simply wanted to be united with her two cats. Barbarella says that she did speak to her cats about the marriage before the wedding and that neither of them objected. Barbarella, a web designer, musician, and photographer, now lives with her two husbands on the Spanish island of Lanzarote. She also has a female cat called Ruby, to whom she is not married. She describes herself as a mad cat lady and says that she is completely happy with her life.

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