5 Great Gadgets For Cats In 2017

Gone are the days when the only thing that a cat had to play with was a ball of yarn or an old feather. Today, thanks to technology, there are plenty of gadgets that are really fun for cats. Not only are these interactive gadgets, but they can use these toys on their own. Your cat no longer needs to wait for you to come home to play and have fun.


This is a fun and amazing toy for cats. The toy has a webcam that can be controlled by either an app or your browser so that you can see what you kitty is up to when you are not home. It also has a game that can be controlled from where ever you are. If you have a few spare minutes at work, you can play with your cat .You can also program the toy to dish out cat treats at set times during the day.

De Cat Palace

Cats don’t have too many needs. They need a clean litter box, food, a place to scratch, and a comfortable environment. De Cat Palace helps to provide all of your cat’s basic needs in the most luxurious way possible. You can control the entire palace right from your Smartphone. The palace has a scratch pad, a dispenser for food, a noise sensor, a computerized central control system, and a ventilation system. If the palace is low on food or water, you will get a text message on your phone. The same is true if the litter needs to be changed. You can always be sure that your cat is as comfortable and happy as possible when you buy him this device.

Catit Design Senses Massage Center

If you aren’t home during the day to pet and pamper your cat, this gadget will do it for you. It has a gum simulator, which feels good when your cat chews. It has a accu-pressure mat which can relieve the stress that your cat feels on his paws after walking around all day. It also has a body-stroke groomer which will comb your cats fur and make him feel as though you are petting him. Finally, if you want to make your cat really happy, you can add some catnip to the device.

FroliCat Dart Automatic Rotating Laser Toy

Everyone knows that cats love lasers. It you have a laser pointer, your cat will chase the beam all over the house. If you don’t have time for laser play, this toy will do it for you. It will move around on its own, and the beam will shine all around the room. This gadget will give your cat hours of laser fun.

Hexbug Mouse Cat Toy

If your cat loves to hunt mice but you don’t have any mice in the home, this is a great toy. It looks like a mouse and it moves itself around on its own and simulates the movements of real prey. There are two modes which are designed for two different types of cats. If your cat is relatively docile, you can use the “paw mode.” This allows your cat to swat while standing in one place. It also has a “chase mode.” This allows the cat to run throughout the house trying to cat its prey. This gadget can provide hours of fun your cat.

Just because you cannot be home 24 hours a day with your cat playing, it doesn’t mean that he cannot have fun and be happy. Each of the gadgets listed above would make any cat happy.

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