How Technology is Benefiting the Health of Cats


The feline population is on a steady rise. According to Spruce Pets, on average, there are about 75 million owned cats in the US. About 35 million households own at least one. This is an approximate 3 out of 10 households. One half of this population owns female cats while the other half own male ones. To maintain this trend, every cat owner needs to know the basics of saving the health of his or her cat. With the advent of technology, it is now easier to tell if your cat is uncomfortable or if there is a possible illness and help to combat it to save your cat. The guide below details how you can use technology to benefit your cat’s health. Read on!

1. Smart collar

Equipping your cat with a smart collar can go a long way in ensuring that your cat’s health is easily monitored. The smart collar is a wireless non-invasive collar that collects your cat’s critical signs and observes its behavior patterns continuously. The smart collar is like a voice for your cat as it helps you to understand its behavior patterns and can predict over 50 pet illnesses thus keeping you informed and lets you know in case your cat is about to be attacked by a disease.

2. The AI litter tray

According to Tech Radar, this artificial intelligence litter tray is like a smart toilet for your cat. The device analyzes your cat’s health and uses AI technology to clean itself. This means no more scooping for you. If you live with more than one cat, the device differentiates between them using their activity patterns and weight and alerts you in case of any unusual behaviors. The litter tray tracks your pet’s weight and the number of times the cat uses the tray, the period it takes there and the size of waste it leaves. This information gets saved and the device creates a picture of sorts of the cat’s health. In case of any unusual behaviors, the device alerts you so that you can be aware and intervene.

3. Activity monitor

Felcana has invented a clinical-grade monitoring device that is suitable for both cats and dogs. The activity monitor keeps an eye on your pet’s vitals and activities round the clock. It is an app that can detect up to 90% of pet diseases by their early symptoms. This is effective in that you are able to streamline the diagnosis by the vet and treatments for your cat. The app also allows you to track your pet and find out what they’ve been up to the whole day. By enabling you to acquire a deeper understanding of your cat’s health, this app will ensure you reduce the unnecessary trips to the vet by giving you some advice after the detection of the illnesses.

4. Health and nutrition apps

As human beings, we all look for advice on healthy foods and diets. The same also applies to pets. A health and nutrition app for your cat will ensure you get the best advice on how to feed your cat healthy meals to prevent them from getting overweight or unhealthy. This also goes a long way in ensuring you reduce trips to the vet for advice on your cat’s diet.

5. Cat feeders

Much like the health and nutrition apps, the cat feeders also come in handy in ensuring that your cat is well-fed and healthy. According to New Atlas, Bistro is an AI automatic feeder that uses facial recognition technology to ensure that your cat gets his daily meals. When your cat steps onto the platform, the device runs facial recognition and if it recognizes the feline then food is automatically dispensed. If the device fails to recognize the cat, the owner receives an alert on their phone where they can choose whether or not to create an additional profile. The Bistro cat feeder monitors the cat’s weight, daily consumption levels, and water intake and even tracks the cat’s eating history to see if it has been fed healthily.

6. Dental kits

A cat’s dental health is just as important as its nutrition and overall health. Gum diseases and other dental issues can see you spend a considerable amount of money in the vet for expensive dental cleanings. There are various dental kits that can help you keep your pet’s dental health in check. They help in the removal of tartar and reduce bacteria that can cause dental problems. Although these products help to put off the dental cleanings for your cat for a while, it is still necessary to take your cat to have their teeth checked once in a while.

7. Pet cams

Most cat owners usually want to stay in touch with their feline friends. In comes the pet cam. Today there are advanced pet cams that let you interact with your pet through video chat. They are also equipped with laser toys that can be activated remotely. These laser toys enable your cat to play at home and keep itself busy while you are away and in turn enabling to increase its daily exercise thus helping your cat to stay fit.


It is evident that technology is here to stay, so why not use it for the greater good. Cats make up a considerable part of the world’s population and it is of great importance that we take care of them effectively. Incorporating technology into your cat’s routine will help you keep him or her safe while still reducing vet fees. The only disclaimer to the usage of technology for your cat’s interest should be analyzing if the technology is useful in also building your relationship with your pet or not. If it doesn’t then you might want to limit the usage for a short period. As time goes by, the world will be technological and we all need to go with the tide and step up our tech game even when it comes to our pets.

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