5 Reasons Cat People Will Remain Cat People Forever

cat people forever

Cat people are cat people forever, and there is nothing wrong with that. Sure, cat people have a bit of a reputation, and it’s not always a very flattering one. Yes, a woman over a certain age without a wedding ring but with a couple of cats is often referred to as a crazy cat lady. And sure, cats are considered girly animals while dogs are considered masculine. Sure, cats are judgmental and they are a little bit snarky and they seem to feel all kinds of feelings but love, but they’re not unloving creatures.

Cat people and cats have a bad rap, but cat people will never not be cat people. Once you love a cat, you are a cat person; and you will be a cat person forever. Don’t panic; it’s not a bad thing. Cat people are great! Sure, you haven’t heard anything but snarky jokes about them in a long time, but they are definitely good animals to have. They are loving and kind, they are protective and they can be a lot of fun. In fact, not all cats are created equal. Sure, some are a little less friendly and loving than others. And sure, some are not so social. But some cats are very social, very vocal and very playful. In fact, some cats are very much like dogs in that they like to play, they learn tricks and they want to spend a great deal of time with their humans. With a cat like that, how could a cat person be anything but a cat person?

Here’s the deal; cat people are cat people for life. Let us tell you why this is true.

Cat People are Laid Back

The first reason that cat people will likely remain cat people forever is that they are laid back. Someone who loves a cat loves a cat because they are laid back, they are able to hang out at home without something all over them, and they appreciate that kind of behavior. Once you are a cat person and you know what it’s like to have a friend in the house that’s always there for you yet it gives you your own space and allows you to give it his or her own space, it’s a nice feeling. Cat people know that you don’t have to always be up in someone’s lap or in their business to be cool with one another; that’s what makes them laid back and very unlikely to ever change.

Cat People Like Commitment

Cats live forever. Okay, not actually forever; but cats live a lot longer than dogs. This says to us that being a cat person makes you someone who is into commitment. You’re going to be a cat person forever because you’ve already committed to being a cat person, and you don’t just change your mind. It’s not that you don’t like change, it’s more that you’ve thought it through and decided that you want to be a cat person because you like cats. You’ve made this commitment and now you are going to see it through to the end. That’s why you will always be a cat person.

Cat People Prefer Solitude

Listen, we are not saying that you don’t love to be social and meet new people; we are just saying that if you were really social and really liked meeting new people, you’d have a dog. Dog people are, by nature, more outgoing and social than cat people. Dogs have to be walked, they need a lot of outside exercise, and they like to make themselves known to strangers in the middle of a park or walk. This means that you’re going to meet more people (probably) with a dog than with a cat. What this says to us is that you might be a cat person because you don’t really like dogs all that much thanks to the fact that they almost force you to be social and meet new people. Cat people are, by nature, more solitary than dog people; and that’s why you will be a cat person forever.

Cats Relieve Stress

To be honest, dogs relieve stress, too. But there is something to be said about the fact that you are a cat person, and you will be one forever. You will note that you cat helps you unwind and feel significantly less stressed at the end of the day. Even though you know that dogs have the same effect on humans, you will swear that it is your cat that makes you feel as if your life is much better than usual, and that it is your cat that makes you feel less stress, less anxiety and less of all the things that are bad. You will choose to believe that it is your cat, specifically, that makes you feel this way, and that is going to make you feel like a cat person for life. Can someone hashtag that one, please? I like it.

Cats Care for Themselves

I’m going to be brutally honest for all my cat people out there. I’m a cat person. I like dogs – that live with other people and require nothing of me ever and at all. I like dogs; but they are a lot like kids; they’re high-maintenance. I don’t love changing diapers and reiterating the importance of always wiping even when a child ‘feels it’s not necessary at this point,’ and I certainly do not love potty training. Now imagine not being able to potty train someone to do anything other than tell you it needs to go outside, and then imagine following it outside every single time and then picking up its waste from the ground so that your kids don’t bring it in the house on the bottom of their shoes.

Does that sound like much fun? No, it does not. I’m a cat person because my husband always changed the litter box and did all that. It makes it really easy to be a cat person. I’m just saying, really.

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