90 Cats Rescued from Home that Operated as “Cat Sanctuary”

The Animal Rescue Corps several days ago had over 90 cats rescued in Tennessee, according to Fox News. ARC responded to a call from a cat owner who lives in Morris Chapel, West Tennessee on August 28. Here is the series of events leading up to the rescue mission that saved the cats. The non-profit Animal Rescue Corps which specializes in the well-being of suffering animals, received the urgent call from the owner of the sanctuary who appeared overwhelmed by the situation. The owner claimed they were currently not in a position to cater for the well-being of the animals owing to their current unfortunate circumstances. The owner is undergoing hard economic times, which have been worsened by illness. As such, the owners sought the help of the ARC for the sake of the cats.

The Rescue Mission

In response to the call, the ARC quickly assembled a team of their able veterinarians and set out to West Tennessee for the rescue mission. Just like the desperate call dictated, the situation was also not appealing at all. The animals were on the verge of death suffering from all sorts of diseases and injuries. As posted on their Facebook page, ARC claimed that the cats were suffering from respiratory, eye, skin, parasitic infections, and many other medical conditions. Michael Cunning, who is the ARC’s public information officer, also claim that two cats had broken legs while another was in a critical condition that had entailed emergency blood transfusion. The cat is, however, in recovery right now. After the rescue mission, the cats were taken to ARC’s emergency center in Lebanon, Tennessee, 30 miles to the east of Nashville. Here the cats will be taken care of until they regain their health; they will receive medical treatments and get vaccinated against infections. Allegedly, ARC also rescued four fish from a tank in the homestead since the owner seemed not to be in a position to cater for them too.

The Cats’ Fate

After they are nursed back to health, ARC aims to distribute them to their placement partners all over the USA who can then look for suitable adopters for the cats. Mr. Cunning expects the recovery journey to take between ten to thirty days for most ailing cats. The owner has willingly given up the full custody of the cats; hence, the adoption process will be flawless.

Animal Rescue Corp Appeal

According to Jackson Sun, the exercise is bound to be very costly for the organization which is entirely powered by goodwill donations. The organization, through its Director of Animal Welfare Kim Rezac, is hence appealing for more contributions from the public to support such operations.

The Deathly Sanctuary

The sanctuary which is now at the heart of problems was once a refuge for the cats before fate struck. The woman who runs the sanctuary rescued and cared for stray, banished, and hurt cats. However, things took a turn for the worse when an illness crept in, in her family. Her focus and attention were now ultimately thwarted from the cats. As such, before she knew it, the cats were in severe conditions that she could not handle. She consequently reached out for help from the Animal Rescue Corps who came in handy.

More about Animal Rescue Corps

Animal Rescue Corps is a non-profit animal protection organization that seeks to end animal suffering through acts of human compassion towards these animals. The organization conducts animal rescue missions as well as creating public awareness of animal suffering. It also works with other organizations, government institutions, and other entities to promote and boost good relations between human beings and animals. The organization is always ready to help out a suffering animal and have assembled a group of highly trained specialists to handle animal rescue missions.

It, however, runs solely on donations from well-wishers and people of goodwill. As such, it is always appealing for these donations to make animal saving missions successful.

Other Notable Rescue Missions by ARC

According to ARC’s website, it has conducted multiple rescue missions, some of which have entailed legal battles with humans. Some of the recent notable rescue missions include the following:

  1. On May 17, 2019, the Animal Rescue Corps alongside the Mississippi authorities, rescued 13 dogs that had been abandoned in a trailer. The dogs were alleged to have been left behind by their owners who had rented the trailer. They were luckily discovered by the trailer’s landlord who fed them and reached out to ARC. The dogs had been abandoned for at least three weeks and were on the verge of death suffering from dehydration and starvation.
  2. Furthermore, on May 22, 2019, ARC won a case in which they had sued a couple who had been breeding animals for sale. The animals had not been receiving proper care and lived in poor conditions. The organization won the legal custody of over 200 animals with the couple pleading guilty to charges of animal cruelty and one count of felony.
  3. ARC alongside the Putnam County Sherriff’s Office also rescued more than 40 animals from breeders on May 10, 2019. The animals were held in poor conditions at a Cookeville home where their owners were breeding them for sale. They kept the animals in dirty pens and fed them mediocre food in addition to the animals having multiple medical issues such as dental diseases, parasites, eye and ears infections, skin infections, and other conditions.
  4. Recently, the ARC has won two high-level cases against two animal abusers with the culprits getting slapped with jail terms. It was a big win as most animal abusers rarely get a jail sentence. In one case, Donald Schoenthal was charged for animal cruelty and consequently sentenced to 120 days in jail and five years on probation and banned from owning an animal for ten years. In another case, Tara Neutzler was sentenced to 75 days in prison, five years on probation and an animal ownership ban of 10 years for the same charge.

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