“Pirate Cat” Has Spent Her Whole Life Sailing the Ocean


A cat named Miss Rigby has managed to build up a sizable social media following. In part, this is because there are photos of the intrepid feline in full pirate costume, which is very adorable to say the least. However, it should also be noted that Miss Rigby is interesting in that she is a cat who has spent most of her life sailing with her owners out on the sea. In short, Miss Rigby belongs to an American couple named Shane and Maryvonne, who once ran an architecture business but have since decided to live on a boat on a permanent basis so that they can indulge their shared passion for sailing. Miss Rigby joined up with the couple in Long Island, NY, with the result that she has been with them ever since throughout the East Coast as well as throughout the Caribbean. For the most part, she spends her time in the lower cabin, but she is permitted elsewhere under close supervision when the weather is calm. This makes sense for minimizing the chances of Miss Rigby falling into the water unnoticed. However, it is interesting to note that she is a very sure-footed cat who can swim very well. Still, Shane and Maryvonne have shown an admirable sense of caution in this regard, which is why they have installed various measures such as a net hanging off of the back of their boat to ensure the safety of their beloved cat at sea.

Miss Rigby Is Following in the Footsteps of Numerous Predecessors

It is interesting to note that Miss Rigby is following in the footsteps of numerous predecessors. There is a popular belief that cats hate water, which isn’t baseless. After all, a cat’s fur isn’t water-resistant, meaning that they can get soaked through and through when they jump into the water. This is a huge problem for a couple of reasons. First, this makes the cat much less nimble because of their increased weight from the water soaked into their coats, which is very unwelcome when the species is so reliant on its agility. Second, this can cause the cat’s body temperature to drop, thus making them very uncomfortable with the situation. As such, it is no wonder that many cats don’t like the water.

Having said that, it is important to note that while some cats dislike the water, other cats are much more enthusiastic about it. In fact, there are some cat breeds that seem to embrace the water. One excellent example would be Turkish Vans, which have a reputation for being much more willing to spend time in the water than their counterparts elsewhere. Another excellent example would be Maine Coons, which share a similar reputation. This is unsurprising because cats have had a fair amount of time to diverge from one another, meaning that it is perfectly natural for some of them to embrace water while others shy away. In any case, the important part is that some cats are fine with water, which has served them well whenever they have played the role of a ship’s cat.

What Is a Ship’s Cat?

A ship’s cat is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, which is to say, a cat that is riding in a ship. Ship’s cats are less common in the present than in the past. However, they still exist, as shown by Miss Rigby as well as a remarkable number of her counterparts.

As for why ship’s cats are a thing, the reasons are pretty common-sensical. First, it is speculated that cats become domesticated because they started hanging around the granaries where agricultural societies stored their food, which attracted huge numbers of rodents as well as other vermin intent on getting into the food. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that ship’s cats used to play a very important role in

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