Idaho Cat That Ended Up in Montana Reunited With Its Family


There are times when even the most careful pet owners find that their worst nightmare has come true. That was the case with Oliver the cat, who recently went missing from Boise, Idaho and wound up 365 miles away, in Canada. This was one of those cases where his owners had tried to always do everything right in order to ensure Oliver’s safety. Even now, they’re not exactly certain how he got out or how he ended up so far away from home. However, they are extremely glad to have him back, happy and healthy.

A Missing Friend

As far as the family that owns Oliver is concerned, he is far more than just a pet. They don’t consider him a cat as much as a part of the family, a trusted friend that they love and cherish. As such, you can imagine how frantic they were when he suddenly went missing a few days ago. As previously mentioned, no one had any idea how he even got out. The family says that he is an indoor cat, and that he doesn’t particularly like going outdoors. As such, they found it extremely odd that he went missing In the first place. Unfortunately, the family wasn’t able to pinpoint the exact time that he went missing because people within the family were in and out of the house all day long. Assuming that Oliver was somewhere inside the home, the family went on about their business throughout the majority of the day. It was only toward the end of the day, when everyone was gathering together, that they started looking for Oliver. Upon realizing that he wasn’t in any of his typical hiding places, they did a thorough search of both the house and the yard. Realizing that he wasn’t on the premises, they started expanding their search by looking throughout the neighborhood.

The Search Begins

As the family started asking neighbors whether or not they had seen Oliver, they quickly realized that no one had seen him for hours. They had no idea where he was. Realizing that they needed to do something more, they printed up color photos of him and started posting them all over the neighborhood. They also took to social media in an attempt to let all of their followers know that he was missing. Belonging to some community groups, such as those that are popular on Facebook, the family was hoping that someone in one of those groups might have seen Oliver earlier in the day. Moreover, the family was hoping that someone could point them in the right direction. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any luck with that or the posters that they’d put up around town. Refusing to give up, they continued to expand their search and spent time every day looking for their beloved cat.

Help From a Stranger

As the family was searching for Oliver in and around their neighborhood, they could not have possibly known that he had somehow managed to travel almost 400 miles over the course of four days. As they continued their search, help came from social media, but in a way that they had never even imagined. So many miles away, in Canada, a woman had noticed a dirty cat that seemed lost and picked him up with the intent of doing what she could to help him. Realizing how filthy he was, she took him home and bathed him, then took him to a local animal shelter that serves as a no-kill facility. As soon as the facility took Oliver in, they posted his picture on social media. Oddly enough, one of the many people who had seen the family’s post about their missing cat also saw Oliver’s picture from the animal shelter and contacted the family, telling them that he was almost 400 miles from home at an animal shelter in another country. It took the family eight hours to arrive there by car, but as soon as they found out about the picture that the shelter had posted, they contacted the staff there by telephone and informed them that they would be on their way. They then left immediately to retrieve their cat.

Reunited at Last

As it turns out, Oliver’s plight gained so much attention on social media that a small the story even ended up on YouTube about him. This story really does prove the power of social media and how it can do good things when people choose to use it for the right reasons. If it hadn’t been for the posts that the family made and the individual who just so happened to see a post from the animal shelter (and then took the time to respond to the family), it’s possible that Oliver and his family might not have been reunited. Fortunately, there was a happy ending this time around, as Oliver was ultimately reunited with his family. According to all involved, he was a bit tired from his journey, but other than that, he seems to be no worse for wear.

Looking back, the family still isn’t sure how he got out or how a cat that doesn’t even like to be outside got so far away from home. They have no idea what happened. The family has entertained ideas that he might have gotten out and made it to the road, only to be picked up by someone who then decided they didn’t want him. While they may never know exactly what happened, they do know that they are very glad to have Oliver back. In the future, they plan on keeping a closer eye on him and making sure that he doesn’t accidentally slip out when someone goes in or out of the house.

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