Activity Tracker Can Help Identify When Your Cat Gets Sick

The advancement of technology has enabled the human race have much-needed breakthrough in most, if not all areas. Technology has helped in the advancement of medicine to cure ailments, transport sector, modern science, genetics, and robotics and so on. Gadgets are seemingly the best modern-day inventions to date as they have become a part of our everyday life and it is impossible to imagine life without them. Gadgets such as phones, laptops and iPads, and fitness trackers among others are a true testament of how technology is seeking to make life easier for everyone.

Animals have not been left out on the fun either. There have been numerous gadgets that have been released into the market to further better the lives of animals and increase their interaction with human beings. These gadgets are necessarily important especially for pet owners as they ease the stress of having to predict your pet’s movements. One such gadget is the fitness tracker. Fitness trackers are mostly used by gym-goers or health fanatics and they come in every shape and size.

They help you make an estimation of how many steps you take, the number of calories you consume, and the number of hours you sleep on a daily basis. Fitbits are basically the Holy Grail for anyone who wants to make an inventory of how healthy they are at the end of the day. The info provided by this device can be useful in improving not only your health but that of your furry companion as well.

You must be thinking how ridiculous the idea of a fitness tracker for a cat sounds as they don’t actually work out, but it is not all that bad or as ridiculous as it sounds. Any skeptic might ask, is a cat treadmill next as well?

Well, the Purrsong Pendant is much unlike any other gadget as it doesn’t go overboard with its design or gimmicks. It only has one job, to keep track of your feline friend’s activity including monitoring its sleep. Basically, the idea is to obtain real data about your cat’s otherwise normal routine and keep track of the times when your cat breaks out of its usual activities.

The logic behind the Purrsong Pendant is that the moment your cat veers off its usual routine then it might be an indicator that something is wrong about it. If you’ve ever owned a cat you definitely know that detecting through observation if a cat is sick is one tricky task since they have a tendency to hide their illnesses. Fortunately for you, the Purrsong Pendant is here to help you to identify your cat’s irregular pattern early so that you have time to consult the vet soon.

How Does it Work?

According to CNET, the tracker relays its information and shares it over Bluetooth with an app on your phone that provides you with alerts anytime it detects something unusual. If your cat is not as active as it always is then the tracker will quickly notify you. The Purrsong Pendant has an exquisite design and is light. It weighs 20 grams only and resembles a Mentos candy piece.

The pendant is water and dust resistant boasting of an IP56 rating, therefore, you can worry less even when your cat rolls on the dust by the road or during playtime. The pendant can be attached to your pet’s collar as it adheres well and lasts a whole month on just one charge. The Purrsong Pendant is a product of the South Korean company that is also behind the LavvieBot S Smart litter box. The litter box is automated and cleans itself and afterwards refills the litter. The LavvieBot S Smart litter box can also track your cat’s weight and the good news is that it can be used for several pets depending on how often they use the box.

The company’s idea was to capture data by using that obtained from the Purrsong Pendant together with the data from the LavvieBot S Smart to give you a clear snapshot of your cat’s general health. According to News Dio, Purrsong is currently participating in the Samsung C-Lab Outside program which is a joint startup venture incubation program in partnership with Samsung. The pendant is expected to be launched later this year. Purrsong has not yet provided a price tag for this invention but it is estimated to go for around $100. You can now preorder their LavvieBot S Smart that retails at $550 and it will be shipped to you in April or May.

Reasons why the Purrsong Pendant is important for your cat and you

  • You’ll be able to know if your cat is in discomfort, is injured, or is ailing
  • If your cat has a health condition that needs monitoring such as epilepsy, then the Purrsong Pendant does that for you
  • You’ll learn how to take care of your cat based on actual medical information
  • You’ll be able to ensure your cat stays healthy by ensuring it gets enough exercise and burns some calories and additionally ensure she or he has a healthy diet

Other great devices for your pet include the dental kits that will ensure your cat doesn’t get cavities in their teeth, the health and nutrition apps that will ensure you get the best medical and nutritional advice which will help your cat remain as healthy as ever, and cat feeders that use facial recognition technology to feed your cat so that it doesn’t miss its daily meals.


The Purrsong Pendant is important for your cat’s health as well as your own peace of mind. With it, you can be able to leave him or her on their own since you’ll be constantly monitoring them through the app on your phone. If ever you wished your cat could signal to you where it is experiencing pain, then it now can through the Purrsong Pendant. Your cat has a voice and you can now be able to finally hear it.

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