A Deer And Cat are Lifting Spirits Throughout an Entire Community

The last 15 months have been daunting and stressful. Although we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with the worldwide catastrophe of covid-19, we’re not quite there yet. We could all use a flood of heartwarming and happy stories that lift our spirits. Some of the best mood boosters have been the animals in our lives that cheer us up when times are dark and uncertain. We ran into one such story about an unlikely pair that boosted the mood and spirit of a community.

A Deer And Cat are Lifting Spirits Throughout Community

The LA Daily Post featured a photo of a cat and a deer in a heartwarming encounter that took everyone back for a moment. The rare photo shows a deer getting close to a cat at a White Rock residence to investigate the furry creature when the picture was taken. It might seem like a small thing, but this rare moment is an unusual encounter that features two animals that are unlikely friends, checking each other out in an innocent encounter that happened outside of the cat’s owner’s home. A picture is worth a thousand words and this photo has gone viral, lifting the spirits of everyone in the community. We learned that the moment didn’t last long and it ended with the deer stomping its foot and the cat fleeing from the much larger animal, but they maintained their posture for just long enough to capture the moment forever.

What’s so special about a deer and cat?

What makes this photo so special and endearing to us is that it’s an unusual pairing. These are two grown/adult animals that are not usually drawn to one another as cohorts. It’s refreshing to see two distinctly different species taking a moment to learn more about one another. They may have a lesson to teach us about how we treat our fellow man. The differences between a cat and a deer are obvious. As humans, our differences are usually less pronounced. The things that tend to separate people are more along the lines of political persuasion, core values, and in more extreme cases, gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, skin color, economic status, and a few other things that some find to be important when choosing their peer groups. We see the deer and cat willing to at least consider one another for a moment, likely putting aside natural fear or hesitation to find out if there is a basis for a new friendship.

The medicine we need to heal

The COVID pandemic was just part of the social unrest we experienced throughout the world. In the United States, Americans faced a year of political unrest, social violence, riots, sexism, racism, and a host of social ills brought to light by the media and concerned citizens. We saw parts of the city of Seattle taken over by protestors, a call for disbanding and defunding of American police forces and so much dissent that it’s about all a country can stand. We need more of the small things to help us get back to the simple pleasures of life. Things we can all smile at and enjoy together regardless of any differences that may cause a sense of separation. We’re drawn to cute and adorable pictures that show how animals through their natural curiosity create magical moments in time.

Unusual meetings between animals and even friendships are the things that melt our hearts. Bored Panda highlights this fact with a list of 15 unusual animal pairings that captured the hearts of those fortunate enough to run across the stories. This is what motivates us to capture unusual animal interactions and share them. Could it be that there is some kind of hope that they’re somehow showing us the way to a better way of thinking and living? Are there lessons for us to take from the animal kingdom that will make us all better, stronger, and more united as a species?

Although we don’t fully understand why sometimes animals form unusual friendships and it gets our attention every time. It’s been theorized that unusual animal pairings show that these critters are far more emotionally complicated than we may have imagined. Perhaps the things that we consider to be unusual are not that rare at all. It could be that we just don’t have a full understanding of them, and when we see evidence of a dog taking care of baby kitties, or a chicken raising ducklings, we struggle to understand how different species can make the leap of acceptance and enjoying one another’s company. If this happens in nature among different species of animals, why do we struggle to get along with one another when we’re all of the same species?

Final thoughts

Who would have thought that a photo of a deer and a cat checking one another out could generate such deep thought about human interactions? It’s just a cute adorable photo of two unlikely friends. While the moment faded as quickly as it began, it lasted long enough to snap a picture. This is the kind of cuteness that lifts our spirits and makes us feel good. We all need a good boost now and then to make us feel good inside. Regardless of how rough it’s been over the last years, maybe we’re looking for something bigger in life to help us all realize that there is beauty and wonder all around us. If our eyes are open and we’re looking for it, we can find many more examples of goodness and heart-melting moments that happen between animals, humans, and all of creation. Even though we’re all struggling to make sense of the world around us, we can still default to enjoying the good things in life and valuing the happy moments when two unlikely beings can set their differences aside for at least a few moments of open-mindedness. You never know what could happen when you take the chance.

Photo by Linda Daly

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