10 Things You Didn’t Know about The American Wirehair

American Wirehair

For those of you searching for a sweet, adaptable and beautiful breed of cat, look no further than the American Wirehair. If the name is new to you, you’re not alone. However, don’t let that stop you from getting acquainted with this delightful and unique member of the feline community. The American Wirehair is a one-of-a-kind cat due to its wiry coat. This coat contributes to the overall cuteness factor of the breed. This breed is perfect for anyone desiring a kind, sweet and low maintenance companion animal. If you feel like you’d get to know this breed a little better, then grab a snack and some coffee and read our list of 10 things you didn’t know about the American Wirehair.

1. The American Wirehair is the Rarest Breed

in 2017, The Cat Fanciers Association of America decided to do a count in order to determine which breed was the rarest. They tallied up the results of around 41 breeds. The result shouldn’t surprise fans of the American Wirehair, as it’s this breed which is the rarest.

2. American Wirehair is a Powerful Cat

Even though the American Wirehair is a mid-sized cat, don’t let that deceive you. This is a powerhouse of a cat. Taking a look at their photos, one can see how stocky, stout and thick they are built. Their chest and neck are wide and muscular. Their bite is strong, and when they chomp down, they mean business.

3. They Have a Coarse, “Crimped” Coat

The coat of the American Wirehair is about as long as your standard American Shorthair. The only difference is that the American Wirehair has just that, hair that gives off the appearance of being wired. They have 3 layers of fur, with hairs that lie pretty close together, which makes the coat feel denser than your standard shorthair. As for texture, when you touch the cat it will feel coarse and hard, not soft and smooth. In fact, some say the coat feels like steel wool.

4. Temperament: Sweet, Docile and Loving

If you’re searching for an active, talkative cat, then the American Wirehair isn’t for you. This is a strongly built, quiet and calm cat who just wants cuddles. They are extremely affectionate, and will readily bond with every member of the household who shows them affection. They love to play, but have no real desire to be an overly active, loud or wild. Finally, they are not a dependent breed. On the contrary, they are an independent breed, quite happy to spend time on their own.

5. American Wirehair is a Recent Breed

The American Wirehair isn’t like the Siamese with regards to its origin. There is no long, ancient history filled with regal kings or household gods. On the contrary, this breed has a only been around for a few decades. It is believed that this breed first saw the light of day in 1966 in Vernon, New York.

6. The First Wirehaired Kitten was Named Council Rock Farms Adams of Hi-Fi

That’s right, Council Rock Farms Adams of Hi-Fi. Known simply as ‘Adam’, was born with a wirehaired, red and white coat. There is some confusion as to the exact facts involved in the American Wirehair origin story. However, according to the TICA, Adams owner, Nathan Mosher made the decision to contact breeder Joan O’Shea, who then purchased Adam, since she wanted to breed him. It only took a short time for the Cat Fancier Association of America to recognize this as a new breed who did so in 1967.

7. They are Generally Low Maintenance

Don’t be put off by its coarse, thick and textured coat. In reality, the American Wirehair is surprisingly low maintenance. All that’s required is a good cat brush. But keep in mind that you don’t want to brush your American Wirehair too much, because that could actually damage the coat. So, unless your Wirehair really needs it, it’s a good idea to skip the daily brushing, as once a week should suffice. However, while they are low maintenance, they do have a genetic predisposition to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a form of heart disease common to cats.

8. Meals Should be Closely Monitored

Feeding your American Wirehair should be a snap. However, it’s crucial to remember that they do tend to put on weight if left unchecked. This means that if you’ve a member of the family that can’t say “no” when your kitty begs for table scraps, then be prepared for a tubby kitty.

9. The American Wirehair is Not Hypoallergenic

One myth that needs to be quickly dispelled concerns their fur. The myth states that these cats are hypoallergenic, which is simply not true. This myth began when people noticed that the Wirehair didn’t shed hair like most other cats. However, they do. The only reason people don’t notice the shedding as much is that the loose hair gets caught up in he crimped hair, and stays close to the skin. So remember this cat is not hypoallergenic.

10. Their Coat is the Result of a Genetic Mutation

So, we now know the when and where, but what about the how? It’s generally believed that the result of the three-layered, crimped coat of the American Wirehair was the result of a rare, spontaneous genetic mutation. This is classified as a dominant mutation, which means that around one half of the litter will be wirehairs. Sometimes life surprises you, and this time it surprised the owner of the litter who took notice, and the rest is history.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, some basic information on the American Wirehair cat. Because of their independent nature, the American Wirehair is the perfect companion animal for anyone living in an apartment or who considers themselves a workaholic. They don’t require much in the way of active play time, nor do they demand attention. As for maintenance, the American Wirehair is on the low end of the scale, as it requires very little. In short, lets just say that if you’re looking for a cat who will be happy sitting on a table top, looking out the window, content only to be loved and cuddled, then this is definitely the breed for you.

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