Seven Ways Your Sphynx Cat Shows You Love


It’s difficult for some people to find it in their hearts to love a Sphynx. This cat is just not all that attractive to many – though beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. This particular breed is one that is loving, affectionate and very attention-seeking, which makes it difficult not to love once you get to know it. For some, that takes getting past the hairless body and the silly look that the cat possesses. But hey, let’s not judge a book by its cover. The Sphynx is a cat that actually does have hair, it’s just so short you can’t see it, but you can feel it. And it might not look like your typical house cat, but it has the kind of personality that will have you falling madly in love in no time at all. This is a cat that will demand attention, get a little silly at times, and it will become the center of your household.  In fact, this cat is so affectionate that it will do whatever it can to tell you it loves you; even if what it’s doing is annoying. If you find it challenging to deal with your sphynx’s behavior, it could be that he’s trying to tell you he loves you. Read on to find out a few cute ways this breed – and many other cat breeds – like to show their love for you.

Chewing You

If we are honest, biting is not nice. Your kids would be in a lot of trouble if they showed their love for one another by biting, and you’d probably lose your job if you bit a coworker (no matter how much fun that sounds). But cats like to show their love for you by biting. It might seem mean, but it’s not. It’s probably cute when it’s a small kitten, but when it’s a full grown hairless cat like the sphynx, you might think you are being attacked. Rest assured that your cat is not trying to attack you. He is merely trying to tell you that he loves you and wants to be close to you. Just be careful when kitty begins to grow, however, as the biting can hurt a bit more at that point.

Tripping You

There are few things in life as irritating as a cat that is always under your feet. If you are honest with yourself, but the time the cat has tripped you for the 6th time in one morning, you’re ready to step on it – but you won’t and you shouldn’t. But you do, deep down, think that the cat deserves to be tripped every so often for being so downright annoying. This is, believe it or not, not your cat’s way of telling you that you are evil and he hates you. This is a way for him to show you that he loves you and wants to be close to you. If he trips you and you fall on your face, it’s just easier for him to lick you, and that’s all right with the cat.

Pushing You Around

You can never figure out what you did to irritate the cat when he begins shoving your head with his. All you know is that if he doesn’t stop this behavior soon, you’re going to end up with a concussion. This is not a way for the cat to hurt you or show you that you are not on his good side. This is his way of showing you that he loves you. He wants to be close, and he wants to put his head up against yours as a way of cuddling. He just doesn’t understand that it hurts you, that you find it annoying, and that it’s not at all cuddly.

Cat Yelling

Is he hungry? Does she have water? Has the litter box been cleaned recently? What’s the problem with this cat? It will not stop yelling at you with that cat meow that just grows louder and more insistent with every second. Don’t worry; if the litter box is clean, the food dish is filled and there is plenty of fresh, clean water for kitty, he’s probably just trying to say he loves you. He can’t form the words, so he says it in his own language. The sphynx is a smart cat, but not smart enough to say I love you to anyone.

Licking You

This should be fairly obvious. I mean, we tend not to lick people we don’t love, right? In all seriousness, cats lick you incessantly not so that their scratchy, sandpaper-like tongues can rub you raw, but so that they can show their affection to you. This is cute for a minute, but it does get a bit tiring after a while. Just remember, however, that this is an animal that loves you, and wants you to love her back.

Glaring at You

Now you’re certain you did something wrong. The cat has been yelling at you, butting you with its head and now it’s glaring at you like you just killed its favorite mouse without letting him have a go with it. You didn’t, so you don’t know what you did wrong. Nothing; you did nothing wrong. Your cat is just giving you the evil eye out of love. That’s right. Cats like to glare at the people they love most because they are in love with them, and they can’t change their expressions to make it a little less creepy and a little more adoring.

Pawing at You

Perhaps, if you’re like me, you think that the cat is trying to knead you to death or sharpen its paws on you so that it can keep you at bay if it feels the need. This is not, thankfully, the truth. This is a cat that just wants to show you some affection, not just make you a more comfortable place to nap. If your cat is pawing at you like this, it’s not to hurt you. It’s to show a bit of love.

Photo by Michael Nagle/Getty Images

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