The 20 Best Maine Coon Breeders in California

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The Maine Coon is famous for being a large cat with a long-haired coat. However, there is more to its popularity than its appearance. After all, the Maine Coon is also famous for being both very smart and very social, meaning it is a gentle giant that gets along well with humans, other cats, and other animals.

As such, you should check out Maine Coon breeders in California if you want a cat. It is easy to find a list of potential candidates. Despite that, you should carefully research each cat breeder to maximize your chances of choosing the right one. You know what you care about the most, so you should make sure to use that knowledge.

Here are 20 of the best Maine Coon breeders in California:

20. MicoliCoon Cattery

MicoliCoon Cattery is an example of a Maine Coon cattery with a relatively sparse website that nonetheless has one very good Google Review. It is registered with both the CFA and the TICA, so that might provide you with some confidence in its credibility.

19. Maine Street Cats

Maine Street Cats offers both Savannah Cats and Maine Coons, though their focus is on the Maine Coon with only an occasional litter of Savannah these days. The website information is a bit limited but is in transition of adding new and helpful information. Still, it does have some very good Google Reviews. As such, you should check it out. As with any breeder website, due diligence is important.

18. Bounding Maines

Bounding Maines produces just one or two litters every year. If you are willing to wait, that isn’t necessarily bad because that means more attention is dedicated to each cat. Of course, that also means more scrutiny is placed on the people who want to take one of these cats home.

17. Bena Vida Maines

Bena Vida Maines offers both Maine Coons from American lines and Maine Coons from European lines. The two belong to the same cat breed. However, Maine Coons from American lines tend to have more rounded faces, while Maine Coons from European lines tend to have more squarish faces. If you want more options when it comes to your cat’s appearance, this is one of the places you should check out.

16. Whiskers & Paws Cattery

Whiskers & Paws Cattery is a Southern California-based operation. It cares a great deal about the health of its cats. Supposedly, that is because its owner has a very personal story about bringing home a kitten that died suddenly because of an undetected heart deformity.

15. Exotic Coons

This is a home-based cattery that specializes in European Maine Coons. As such, every cat is raised in a family environment. On top of that, Exotic Coons tests them for health issues, which should reduce the chances of unexpected health issues.

14. MaineSuspect Cattery

MaineSuspect Cattery is based in Los Angeles, CA. If you are curious about what you can expect, you should check out its contract for buyers, which gives some insight into the thinking behind its operations. The contract contains clauses such as not declawing the cat, not letting the cat outdoors, and never placing the cat anywhere other than a loving, indoor-only home. Even if you plan to buy from elsewhere, you might find it useful to compare contracts.

13. Fivestarsz Maine Coon Cattery

Fivestarsz Maine Coon Cattery started in 2017. As such, it can’t claim the same history as some of the other names on this list. With that said, the people behind Fivestarsz Maine Coon Cattery seem to have taken to their chosen line of business with gusto, if the exuberance exuding from their website is any indication.

Please note that while this cattery provides its kittens with deworming and vaccination, it doesn’t go as far as to test either them or their parents for genetic conditions. Instead, it just talks about the parents being from excellent European lines, which is somewhat vague. The owner does have the right to return a kitten if they find out the kitten has a genetic condition within five days of purchase. That may or may not be enough to satisfy your preferences.

12. Enchantacats

Enchantacats is a Gold Country-based cattery. That name refers to the part of Northern California that attracted a huge number of immigrants because of its gold and other mineral deposits during the California Gold Rush from 1849 to 1855. Enchantacats itself is located about 60 miles to the northeast of Sacramento, CA, which shouldn’t be too great a distance for people living in that area.

As for why you would want to check it out, it makes the standard promises of happy, healthy kittens that have received individual attention in a family environment. Other than cats, Enchantacats also offers cat boarding services, which might prove useful for certain people under certain circumstances.

11. Mainely-Ours

Mainely-Ours is based in Southern California. It breeds its cats to compete in championships and similar events, though it also prizes those of its cats with sweeter personalities. Mainely-Ours raises its Maine Coons in a home with a wide range of both human and animal inhabitants. Thanks to that, its cats are supposedly more adaptable than most of their counterparts.

10. Gold Rush Maine Coons

Gold Rush Maine Coons offers two major upsides. One, it offers a wide range of Maine Coons. Two, the people behind it raise their cats as a part of their family, thus making it that much easier for their cats to make the eventual transition to forever homes.

9. Cherokee West Maine Coons

Cherokee West Maine Coons is yet another cattery to the north of Sacramento. Its foundation cats come from Eastern Europe champion parents. Supposedly, Cherokee West Maine Coons made that choice because it believes those are the healthiest Maine Coon lines, which it credits to World Cat Federation standards. Please note that if you buy a cat from this cattery, you should expect to treat it as a pet rather than for either breeding or showing.

8. Amore Cattery

Amore Cattery is a bit unusual in that it offers not one but two cat breeds to interested individuals. Naturally, Maine Coons are one of them. The other would be Savannah cats. With that said, the person behind Amore Cattery has been in the business for so long that she was one of the first to breed Savannah cats.

Moreover, she has even more experience with breeding Maine Coons. On the whole, the Amore Cattery is careful about the well-being of its cats, which makes sense for an operation run by someone with multiple decades of cat breeding experience.

7. MousseeCoons Maine Coon Cattery

Situated in Castro Valley, CA, MousseeCoons Maine Coon Cattery should be on your list of Maine Coon breeders to check out if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its website is minimalistic. Still, MousseeCoons Maine Coon Cattery has a wonderful series of posts that provides useful information about why people should choose reputable cat breeders rather than just buy the first kitten they come upon.

Those posts give the impression that this cat breeder cares more about breeding happy, healthy cats than about pumping out as much product as possible. That matters because buying from a kitten mill comes with a real risk of experiencing serious heartache in the future.

6. Ttcats Cattery

Ttcats Cattery doesn’t have the most impressive-looking website. However, its claims suggest it takes the health and happiness of its cats very seriously. First, it is a closed cattery, so it doesn’t allow anyone to visit kittens before nine years of age for fear of infectious diseases.

Second, it screens and tests the cats used in breeding for any issues, thus reducing the chance of those potential issues being passed down to future cats. Third, Ttcats Cattery feeds its cats a raw diet, which is one more example of its intent on seeing them well-socialized and otherwise well-cared-for.

5. Coons’Kin Cats

Coons’Kin Cats is another cattery that puts extra importance on preparing its cats for life in the real world. Reputedly, it raises them in a family environment with children, dogs, and appliances. Furthermore, it teaches its cats to put up with carriers and claw trimmings. These aren’t the only ways that Coons’Kin Cats expresses its concern for its cats.

The cattery also gives them echocardiograms and DNA tests to reduce the chances of serious health issues showing up as nasty surprises down the road. A beloved pet’s medical problems are always painful to deal with. As such, a bit of diligence in the present can save you a great deal of grief in the future.

4. Indra’s Net Maine Coon Cats

Indra is a rather unusual name for a cattery. For those unfamiliar, the name refers to the Hindu storm god, who was very important in Vedic literature but became less so in post-Vedic literature. Yes, Indra was associated with one or more animals in much the same way as other Hindu gods and goddesses.

The issue is that he is associated with either a white elephant named Airvata or a white horse named Uchchaihshravas rather than cats. Still, Indra does have a kingly feel to it, so the name might not be as strange as it seems on initial consideration. In any case, Indra’s Net Maine Coon Cats does have some good qualities going for it.

For example, the person behind the cattery was introduced to Maine Coons back in the early 1980s. Likewise, the person behind the cattery raises just two litters a year. The result is more care per cat, thus making for healthier animals on the whole.

3. Whatatrill Maine Coons

Whatatrill Maine Coons started in 2003, though the people behind it became interested in Maine Coons in the summer of 2000. It offers both cats and kittens to interested individuals. Furthermore, Whatatrill Maine Coons is extremely concerned with cat shows and similar events in a way that isn’t necessarily true for other catteries.

Due to that, if you are interested in that side of cat ownership, you might want to check out this cattery to get a general idea of what you can expect. The people behind Whatatrill Maine Coons are willing to share their hard-earned experience from participating in such events, which can be invaluable for those who want it.

2. Prestigious Purr

Prestigious Purr puts extra emphasis on breeding large cats with dog-like personalities. To that end, it has transitioned from breeding Maine Coons from American lines to breeding Maine Coons from European lines. Some think the latter has a more majestic-looking appearance, which is an important selling point for these animals.

Regardless, you should know Prestigious Purr offers healthy cats that have already been either spayed or neutered throughout California and even Phoenix, AZ. You can even get your cat via courier if you live elsewhere in the United States.

1. NewLogica Cattery

NewLogica Cattery is based in Temecula, CA. That makes it an excellent choice for would-be Maine Coon owners living in the San Diego area. With that said, NewLogica Cattery has more than just mere convenience going for it. One example is how it has been in business since 1992, meaning it has three decades and counting of cat breeding experience.

Another example is how it raises its kittens in a family environment, thus socializing them better than otherwise possible. On top of this, every single animal has been dewormed and vaccinated. Indeed, NewLogica Cattery is so confident about its cat breeding practices that it is willing to give a health guarantee for its kittens, which should provide people with much-needed peace of mind. Besides these, you have one more reason to check out this cattery if you want a Maine Coon.

That would be NewLogica Cattery’s sheer range of kittens, meaning you can get one in anything from brown and red to silver and smoke. The cattery even has the occasional polydactyl kitten for sale.

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