The 10 Best Maine Coon Breeders in Pennsylvania

Maine Coons have an excellent reputation. To an extent, that is because of their impressive appearance. Other than that, it helps that Maine Coons are gentle, gregarious, and all-around good-natured, thus making them well-suited for people who prefer more sociable feline companions. Fortunately, if you are interested, you should have no problem finding Maine Coon breeders in Pennsylvania.

Here are 10 of the best Maine Coon breeders in Pennsylvania:

10. Mary Lambs Maine Coons

Mary Lambs Maine Coons doesn’t offer much information to interested individuals through its website. The cattery talks about raising its cats with love. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear what that means other than high-quality food plus enough space to roam around in. Still, Mary Lambs Maine Coons has good Google Reviews, which support its claims.

9. Mylancoon Maine Coon Cats

Mylancoon Maine Coon Cats is based in Palmyra, PA. It breeds Maine Coons of various colors based on the expectations of cat shows. Despite this, it offers pets and nothing but pets, meaning it won’t sell either show rights or breeding rights for higher prices. Of course, if you don’t care about those things, you should include Mylancoon Maine Coon Cats in your list of cat breeders to check out. That is particularly true because this cattery provides its kittens with health care, health records, and a health warranty, which should provide a measure of much-needed assurance.

8. Susque Maine Coons Cattery

Susque Maine Coons Cattery is a home-based operation out in small-town Central Pennsylvania. It specializes in European Maine Coons. For those unfamiliar, American Maine Coons and European Maine Coons belong to the same cat breed but have diverged enough for there to be differences.

In particular, some Maine Coon breeders prefer European Maine Coons because they think these cats’ squarish jaws are more impressive-looking. If you want a kitten from Susque Maine Coons, you should know you will be expected to show up in person. Delivery is possible. The issue is that you will have to pay for someone to accompany the kitten, which makes sense because responsible cat breeders won’t ship kittens on their own.

7. Perricoons’ Maine Coon Cattery

Situated in Honesdale, PA, Perricoons’ Maine Coon Cattery is a convenient choice for people living in Northeast Pennsylvania. Indeed, it is very close to New York and New Jersey, meaning it is a convenient choice for people living in certain parts of those two states as well. With that said, Perricoons’ Maine Coon Cattery is a small cattery that produces a limited number of kittens every year.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The cattery claims to prioritize good socialization in much the same way it prioritizes good health and good temperament. A limited number of kittens is helpful for that goal.

6. Paleeni Maine Coons

Paleeni Maine Coons is in Central Pennsylvania. Like many of the other names on this list, it focuses on good health and good temperament when breeding its cats. Furthermore, it raises its cats in a family-style environment to make sure they are well-socialized. You should know that the cattery gets echocardiograms and other health tests for its cats. That doesn’t mean its cats are guaranteed to have no inherited medical conditions, but that should reduce the chances of those issues showing up.

5. MTNest Maine Coon Cats

MTNest Maine Coon Cats is another home-based cattery that limits the number of litters so that each kitten can receive more care. Indeed, the cattery mentions the kittens being socialized with cats, dogs, and humans.

Combined with health testing and screening, that provides a better chance of producing happy, healthy Maine Coons than otherwise possible. The results can be seen in how MTNest Maine Coon Cats has produced more than one victor ever since it started showing its cats in 1996.

4. Sun O’er Sea Cattery

Sun O’er Sea Cattery is one of the newer names on this list because it started in 2016. Still, it has a rigorous system in place to reduce the chances of its cats showing inherited medical conditions and other issues.

As always, such practices don’t guarantee perfection, but they are still quite good for getting better results than otherwise possible. So far, Sun O’er Sea Cattery has enough Google Reviews to suggest its chosen approach is paying off. You might be interested to know that this cattery seems to specialize in American Maine Coons, which would explain the rounder, more natural-looking faces of its cats.

3. Catgo Cattery

You will want to check out Catgo Cattery if you live in either Pittsburg or the rest of Western Pennsylvania. A convenient location isn’t its only selling point. This cattery is also notable because its show cats have won championships and other honors. The skill that produced those show cats presumably remains applicable when it comes to the cats offered to interested individuals.

2. McKittycreek Maine Coons

Based in Northwest Pennsylvania, Sue and Bill Storten have been breeding Maine Coons since 1987. They have also managed to produce numerous show cats with championships and other honors.

On top of that, McKittycreek Maine Coons has been a CFA Cattery of Excellence ever since the creation of the designation, which provides further cause for confidence in its record. Sue and Bill raise their cats in their home, though they do have specific rooms set aside for specific purposes.

In particular, there are a couple of kitten rooms for mother cats to raise their children in isolation during the first few weeks, which makes sense because newborn cats are so vulnerable.

1. Cold Creek Maine Coons

Cold Creek Maine Coons shares a lot of characteristics with McKittycreek Maine Coons. Specifically, it is also a small operation run by a wife-and-husband team that produces a limited number of kittens using champion parents every year. Furthermore, Cold Creek Maine Coons also raises those kittens in the home rather than in a separate space. As such, you can count on it to provide you with a happy, healthy Maine Coon registered with TICA, CFA, and ACFA.

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