This Rescue Cat Has the Most Adorable Underbite

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Cats come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and appearances, just like humans. Often, it can take a while to get to know a cat and truly understand its personality. Some felines, however, are bursting with personality so much that you can see it from the first time you meet them. Again, just like people, these cats who look different are frequently treated with suspicion or even cruelty. This is unfortunate, as judging a cat by its appearance is a sure way to miss out on a playful, affectionate, and intelligent friend.

One of these cats is the loving and sweet Miss Raspberry. Her mother, Jessica Saldan, has stated that “Razzy” is an irresistibly kind and affectionate rescue cat. She is an incredibly sweet cat who is exceptionally gentle. She also enjoys playing with toys and people. In fact, one of her favorite games is hide-and-seek, as she loves the excitement of finding her friends. She is truly a people person, quickly becoming friends with anyone who will give her a moment to win over their heart.

In addition to her playful and social spirit, Razzy also has an interesting appetite. Apparently, she loves Hawaiian rolls so much that if Saldan is not careful, Razzy will steal one off the table. Clearly, in addition to being sweet and playful, Razzy is also a little mischievous. She is therefore a kind, happy, and mischievous cat who has brought a great deal of joy into Saldan’s life.

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Unfortunately, Razzy’s incredible personality often goes unnoticed because people are too focused on her appearance. From the first day that Saldan adopted the cat, when Razzy was only 2 years old, she has had a very distinct look. Her most striking feature is a prominent underbite, a feature which means her tongue is almost always sticking out.

While this only makes her more adorable for the people who know Razzy, some people are quick to judge. Saldan has testified that there are many people who are hesitant around the cat or even like to poke fun at her appearance. Luckily, the vast majority of these individuals are quickly won over by Razzy’s playfulness and gentle nature. Those that cannot get over her looks are the ones who are missing out on a wonderful cat, and it is truly their loss.

Razzy’s case is perfect for reminding people not to judge others based on looks alone. Not only is it important to look beneath the surface in order to treat people with the proper respect; it is important because judging people based on their appearance is a sure way to miss out on wonderful friendships. Cats like Razzy are great examples of how an amazing personality can be buried beneath a unique and strange appearance. However, it is important to look past this appearance, just as Saldan did when adopting the cat. Saldan will be the first to state that her life has changed for the better because of Razzy. If more people could judge others based on their character instead of looks, there would be far more happy families like Saldan’s.

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