Bruno the Incredibly “Extra” 25 lb Cat Has Finally Found a Home

Cats can become Internet-famous for the funniest reasons. For instance, an organization in Morton Grove, IL called the Wright Way Rescue posted the profile of a very high-maintenance cat named Bruno. However, thanks to some rather clever marketing, it seems that Bruno has managed to find a new owner, who seems as though she has plans to turn him into even more of an Internet sensation.

What Were Some of Bruno’s Expectations?

For those who are curious, Bruno is high-maintenance in the sense that he has exacting standards for how he should be treated. For example, while Bruno will stand up on his hind legs to beg for food when he is feeling hungry, he won’t actually eat what is presented to him unless he is being petted while he eats. Amusingly, the people at the Wright Way Rescue took some time to realize this because Bruno continued to meow at them even though his food bowl had been filled up. Likewise, while Bruno likes being petted, he is very particular about where he is being petted. Being petted on the top of his head as well as his spine is fine, but if someone seeks to pet his belly, that tends to result in swats as well as pretend bites. On top of this, Bruno won’t drink water that has been put in the same room as his food, which is why the Wright Way Rescue actually recommended for interested individuals to put water bowls throughout their home.

Fortunately, the Wright Way Rescue didn’t just put up Bruno’s profile but actually put some effort into making it interesting, with an excellent example being how it was written as though from the cat’s perspective. Their effort paid off by getting a fair amount of attention from the Internet, which in turn, resulted in a fair number of people stating that they were interested in adopting Bruno. In fact, said individuals were so common that the people at the Wright Way Rescue actually had to scan through the sheer number of applications, which came to a close with the win being awarded to a Chicago-based actress/singer named Lauren Paris.

It remains to be seen what will happen from this point forward. However, it seems clear that Paris is very serious about her interest in Bruno, as shown by the fact that her application included a recommendation from her boss, footage showing her apartment, a song that she penned about Bruno, and more besides. Moreover, Bruno has already been set up with an Instagram account, so it will be interesting to see whether he will be able to hold onto his Internet stardom or not for the near future.

Are Cats Actually Low-Maintenance Pets?

On a final note, some of the strong response to Bruno might have been connected to the popular perception that cats are low-maintenance pets as opposed to dogs as their high-maintenance counterparts. Unfortunately, cats are very much not low-maintenance pets, which is a belief that can have negative consequences for them.

In short, the belief that cats are low-maintenance pets can cause cat owners to believe that cats are better at taking care of themselves than they actually are. As a result, they might fail to provide their cats with the food, water, and other necessities in the sincere belief that they are meeting their cats’ needs perfectly. In the short run, this can make for a rather miserable cat to say the least. However, in the long run, this can have horrendous consequences for a cat’s physical and emotional well-being, which are problems that can spiral if permitted to run unchecked.

Fortunately, cat owners can combat this particularly problem by letting go of their assumptions about how cats function. Instead, they should make sure that what they think about their cats is actually backed up by the facts, which should enable them to provide their cats with the treatment that they need to prosper. If cat owners are unsure, they shouldn’t hesitate to consult their veterinarians for further information, seeing as how that is what they are there for. By practicing this kind of prudence, cat owners should have no problems ensuring the best results for both them and their cats, whether their cats are as relatively high-maintenance as Bruno or not.

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