Is Cat Psychic Vianne Higgins the Real Deal?

Vianne Higgins

If you own a cat, there are certain behaviors it will exhibit from time to time. Your cat may hide when you plan a trip to the vet. Or it may show you its tummy after petting it. As a cat owner, you will understand its actions. However, you may be wondering whether your cat understands you. Cat psychics claim they understand us. According to How Stuff Works, they claim that they understand us because we communicate telepathically. Therefore, our minds transmit signals that they understand.

If you want to know what your cat is thinking, you may wonder which cat psychic to consider. You could enlist the services of Vianne Higgins. Vianne is a psychic at Visions Psychics in Des Moines, Iowa. She communicates with cats, both living and dead. One question to answer is whether her services are worth hiring. We will describe the nature of her work and the cost of her services and then advise you accordingly.

How She Became a Cat Psychic

Vianne felt she possessed this gift at 13. By this age, she would ask for tarot cards for her birthday gifts. Plus, she began to read astrology books. As years went on, she would communicate with animals the same way she would with humans. At first, she assumed that everyone had this ability. The moment she discovered she was one was after owning a cat. Whenever she pictured cat treats in her mind, her cat would come running to her. This made her consider to be one permanently.

What Cats Communicate With Her

When cats communicate with her, it is in the form of words or pictures in her mind. She usually meets kittens that are just saying their first words. According to Cat Time, she met a tiny kitten at the garage. It walked up to her and said, “I don’t give a fat flip.” Upon further investigation, she discovered that a mechanic at the garage would say the phrase a lot. She has a cat that communicates its feelings to her. Her cat will tell her whether or not it had a good day. After talking to different cats, she has established that cats have distinct personalities.

The Clients She Works With Mostly

Vianne mostly works with living cats, although she can communicate with dead cats too. You do not need to visit her only to understand how your cats feel. She also conducts readings for people. Most people who visit her want to know why their cats are aggressive towards other animals. Other owners visit her when they suspect their cat is in poor health. On health matters, she usually advises one to consult a veterinarian since she cannot diagnose illnesses.

However, she may be able to tell a cat is sick based on sensing her energy levels. Although she doesn’t diagnose illness, she may advise you to give your cat drugs. The drugs can help your cat deal with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or other issues. Even if you do not consult Vianne, it is quite easy to tell when a cat has PTSD. According to Tenderly, they usually hide for no reason, get easily startled, pace and meow excessively.

Her Suggestions on How Best to Communicate With Your Cat

Some people will visit Vivanne or other cat psychics to understand how to interact with their cats. However, you only need to do the regular things you would do with them. For instance, spending five minutes with your cat is what it needs sometimes. This is something you can do without worrying so much about what your cat thinks of you. You can always tell if your cat is happy or unhappy without a psychic’s help.

Cat Readings Services

How long may a cat reading be? That depends on what you decide. You can have a reading for half an hour or an hour. According to Visions Physics, the former costs $50, while the latter costs $100. Whichever reading you choose, you will know what your cat is saying to you. For the reading to occur, you either need to bring your cat or its photograph. Your sessions do not need to be one-on-one. You can also opt for a mass reading session. In such a session, hundreds like you will show up with their cats or photographs. Besides getting a session, it is also a chance to meet new friends. To be part of this session, you have to fill out an online form from the Visions Physics website. The form is for you to reserve a spot. Mass sessions are occasional, so visit the website to be on the lookout for such events.

Is Vianne Higgins Genuine?

Honestly, it is difficult to give a definitive answer. The answer can be a yes or no, depending on your experience or where you stand on cat psychics. When cat owners lose their cats, they often feel devastated. After burying their cat, they may want to know how their cat is doing in the afterlife. To get some closure, Vianne’s services become worth hiring. She will tell you what your cat is saying about you. Once the owner gets some closure, they will feel better.

It will not matter to them whether or not Vianne lied. It is hard for ordinary people to get into the minds of cat psychics. If you claimed she was lying, you would need to prove it. On the other hand, if you claimed she was truthful, you would still need to prove it. Therefore, it will be up to you to decide whether or not she is real. You could do that by going to one of her sessions. While there, observe her techniques. If she relies on cold reading techniques, she may likely be lying. Cold reading entails using vague language or stating the obvious.

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