Cat In Nova Scotia Sneaks Into A Box And Ends Up In Montreal

Recently, a cat in Nova Scotia was sealed into a package that was shipped out. Luckily, the people responsible for shipping the package noticed the cat when they were inspecting the package in Montreal, which is how the cat was rescued. Eventually, a nonprofit sent the cat back to his owner in Nova Scotia free of charge, thus ensuring a happy ending for what could have been a much more horrible story.

Why Was It Possible for This to Happen?

Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for cats to get into places where they are not supposed to be without their owners noticing. This is because cats have strong instincts that tell them to seek out concealed locations, which served them well out in the wild because cats were both predators and prey for bigger predators. As a result, being concealed didn’t just help them ambush their prey but also helped them protect themselves from their predators, which was particularly important because cats sleep somewhere between 12 and 16 hours on a daily basis. On top of this, it should be mentioned that cats specifically seek out small, closed-in spaces because that makes it more difficult for their predators to get at them from unexpected angles, thus providing them with an increased measure of safety and security. Summed up, while the feline penchant for squeezing into small spaces can seem more than a little bit ridiculous, it is nonetheless something that exists for very good reasons.

Having said this, the cat wasn’t the sole reason that the whole sequence of events happened. For example, it is interesting to note that the cat owners noticed that the package seemed to have been heavier than normal. However, she decided that it wasn’t particularly important, which is why she had the package shipped out without inspecting its contents to see what was causing the issue. On the one hand, one could say that this was rather careless of her, particularly since this particular story could have had a much worse ending. On the other hand, this kind of carelessness isn’t exactly uncommon, particularly for someone around the holiday season when packages are being sent out left, right, and center. As a result, while the cat owner contributed to some extent to what winded up happening, it would be a bit much to put the blame on her.

Moving on, the presence of the cat in the package was noticed when the relevant personnel were conducting an inspection at the time. Granted, the cat had already traveled 700 miles from Nova Scotia to Montreal, but this was what ensured that he didn’t wind up traveling even further because of an unfortunate accident. Suffice to say that the people responsible for inspecting packages turned out to be much more curious about their oddities, which led to them finding the cat, checking the information of the sender, and then finding out what happened by contacting the sender.

With that said, the story couldn’t have had its perfect ending without the intervention of the nonprofit. Simply put, 700 miles isn’t a short distance, meaning that bringing the cat back from Montreal to Nova Scotia was neither particularly simple nor particularly straightforward. This was particularly true because cats are living beings rather than inanimate objects, meaning that considerations needed to be made to ensure their well-being whereas inanimate objects can just be returned via the postal service with minimal fuss and hassle. Fortunately, the nonprofit was willing to step in to get the cat back from Montreal to Nova Scotia, which took a fair amount of time and effort. Otherwise, the cat owner might have had to pay to get her cat returned to her, which would not have been particularly cheap because of the necessary considerations to say the least.

On the whole, the story ended well. Sure, it would have been better if the cat had never gotten sealed into the package in the first place, but since he eventually managed to make it back to his cat owner with a lot of help along the way, the whole incident nonetheless ended quite well. However, interested individuals might want to exercise more care and consideration when it comes to their own daily routines in the future, lest they wind up being unpleasantly surprised by something that they initially believed to be inconsequential.

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