Why You Should Be Careful When Looking For Pixie Bob Breeders

Pixie Bob

Finding Pixie Bob Breeders will probably be very easy but finding the right one can be more difficult.  While there are many quality Pixie Bob Breeders out there, a few you will run into will be bad apples.  But with some knowledge you will be able to spot the ones that are only in it for the money.  Today we are going to learn what to look for in a bad breeder.

Many people who produce these animals run very transparent operations.  They allow you to view their facilities and they will provide you with lots of past references to prove that their animals are of high quality.  They will have up front pricing and they will require you to sign a legal contract. This is a great example of a person that you would want to do business with.  So if you find someone that has all of these things you can rest assure you are in good company.

There are some that refuse to allow you to see how they operate.  They don’t have references and they won’t sign a contract with you.  These are the people you should avoid.  Often times, they operate a kitten mills, trying to produce as many animals as possible.  They don’t care about the quality of the cats they produce and they are often here today and gone tomorrow types of operations.  They may produce hundreds of these cats in a short amount of time and then pack up and move when people start to question their methods. So if you encounter this type of person make sure to never spend a dime with them.  Also make sure to tell others about what you have found.

Especially during the holiday season, you will see some people selling kittens beside the road or in parking lots.  While they may seem to have really great deals and their kittens are very healthy looking, you never know what you are getting into.  You could be getting an animal that was raised in a kitten mill or you could be getting one that has genetic defects that will show up later.  No reputable person that produces cats for a living will try to sell you one under these circumstances.  So avoid these back door deals at all cost.

Image via Gatil Ragbelas at Flickr.com

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