Cat Appears to “Cry” into Security Camera Upon Being Left Home Alone

Love can break your heart as a Chinese pet owner discovered. Ms. Meng is the owner of Fu Fu, a British Shorthair cat with a shy personality. The two-year-old cat was left at home when she went to visit her parents for the Lunar New Year celebration. She believed that this was in the best interest of her cat because of his shyness. Her love and care for him were evidenced by the monitoring system that she set up in the home so she could communicate with him while she was away. What she saw when she called to check in on him was heartbreaking. Fu Fu appeared to cry into the monitor. The feline had tears in his eyes.

Pet loneliness

The Daily Mail shared the story about the crying cat after learning of the video that went viral. Ms. Meng commented that Fu Fu had a habit of crying when he was hungry or anxious. Knowing her cat’s habits made her feel sad and concerned about him when he appeared to cry into the security camera. Her pet was alone but she had made arrangements for him to have plenty of food and water before her departure. As she viewed the video it became obvious that he was not okay with it. When he heard the sound of his owner’s voice, he responded with tears and crying. This was so unsettling to Ms. Meng that she cut her visit short and returned home to comfort her lonely cat.

The complicated personality of a cat

Each cat is an individual just like humans, but Fu Fu is a clingy fellow and he craves the attention of his owner. He enjoys spending time with Ms. Meng. Despite her efforts to provide for his physical needs with food, water, and a warm and comfortable place to stay with video conversations, it simply wasn’t enough for Fu Fu. His purring combined with intermittent tears in his eyes told the whole story. He was lonely and he wasn’t doing well on his own. She was away for four days, falling short of her planned trip of a week. She couldn’t bear to see him in such emotional distress. Upon her return, there was a joyous reunion as Fu Fu ran toward her.

Was Fu Fu really crying?

The tears in Fu Fu’s eyes made it appear that he was crying, but can cats really shed tears of sadness like people? According to The Spruce Pets, cats that appear to be crying may have an underlying health condition. If you notice that your cat’s eyes look watery, it could be caused by an upper respiratory infection. Other conditions that can cause watery eyes in feline include structural abnormalities in the head and eyes, conjunctivitis, allergies, or other infections. Research on the subject has shown that teary eyes in cats are not related to emotional responses. Instead, it’s an indication that there is some kind of health issue going on. Although most problems are minor, it’s still a good idea to have the cat examined by a vet to rule out anything serious or that needs to be treated. Ms. Meng claimed that the cat was healthy, but it’s unclear if she took him in for an examination. From a scientific perspective, cats do not shed tears when they cry.

How to read cat emotions

Cats do have real emotions and they show how they’re feeling if you know how to read the signs. These intelligent creatures experience a broad range of emotions and feelings. Cats that are feeling happy are usually more playful and they tend to be more engaged with humans and other animals. They play, rub against you, and purr. Cats that are scared or upset tend to growl, swat at a person or animal they’re upset with, arch their backs or hiss.

How can you tell if your cat is sad?

Cats do get sad and some even become depressed. The most common indication of sadness is withdrawal and loss of appetite. Anxious cats may make noises that sound like a whimper or a whine. This is how cats cry. There is nothing in the research that indicates cats even can shed tears because of feelings of sadness or loneliness. There had to be another explanation for why Fu Fu appeared to cry in the video clip from his owners’ monitor. Humans are the only creatures who are known to shed physical tears when they are emotionally distressed.

What should you do if your cat appears to cry?

Even if your cat appears to be physically healthy, teary eyes are a reason for monitoring the situation. If your cat’s eyes continue to water or look weepy, you should have him examined by a vet to rule out any medical conditions. Cat tears are not signs of emotional distress, but rather, they indicate that something is going on with your cat that might require medical treatment or an allergy.

Final thoughts

Fu Fu’s reaction to hearing his owner’s voice certainly did make it look like he was crying. It was enough to move his owner to cut her trip short to get back home to comfort him. However, appearances can be deceiving. We can safely assume that because of Fu Fu’s clingy nature that he really did miss his owner and we’re pretty sure that he felt lonely. It’s far more likely that the watery appearance of his yes was not caused by his emotional state. He may have had a cold coming on or maybe even dry eyes from the climate. Cats don’t shed tears unless there is something physically going on to cause the eyes to water. The most likely scenario is that it was a coincidence that his eyes watered at the time his owner was conversing with him over the monitor.

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