Stray Cat in Turkey Taking Kitties to Vet Goes Viral

Someone said that a mother knows what her children are going through before they have the words to tell her. While this statement could have most of us believe that it was directed at humans, a stray cat in Turkey taking kitties to the vet went viral after her maternal instincts kicked in, realizing that her kitties were not in the best of health. As incredible as it sounds, here are the details of this amazing incident that proves a mother’s intuition is worth more than any medical degree. We also tell you a few ways that a cat could use to ask for your help.

Cat Gets Help from Vet Clinic

For the staff in the clinic located in the western province of Izmir, it was a normal day until one stray cat walked in with her kitten. They were used to providing food and water to the cat, so they were familiar with her and did not bother. However, they did not know that she had given birth. The feline brought one of her kittens to the clinic, but none of the staff paid any attention. The next day, she returned with a second kitten, and after seeing that her kitties were not being taken care of, she meowed for a long time, hoping someone would at least look at her kitties.

Her cries of help were finally heard, and the doctors and nurses noticed the kitties’ eyes were puffed such that they could not open them. However, the staff could not help the kitties beyond giving drugs to reduce the infection, so they called the Veterinary Affairs Directorate to care for the cats. The felines were treated, and they recovered; they had a happy ending because they were put up for adoption instead of being released back into the streets. The health care facility staff had an emotional moment because it was the first an animal had sought help from them. Now that they know animals seek help from humans, we can only hope that they will attend to them immediately next time.

A Pregnant Stray Cat Seeks Help from Campers

Cats can be aloof, and Bindi was no different. For a long time, she had been spotted in the camping grounds of a site in Indiana, but she never let anyone touch her, let alone get close. All the kind-hearted campers could do was throw food her way, and the feline would gladly take it and flee. However, according to Love Meow, this behavior changed when Bindi one day ran up to a couple of campers looking for help since she was about to give birth.

In a strange twist of fate, the campers she approached were volunteers from the Here Kitty Kitty Rescue who liked to camp there. They noticed that Bindi was heavily pregnant; therefore, after the cat allowed the campers to pet her, they sat close to her and fed her. Later, they took her back to the rescue. It only took less than 12 hours before Bindi went into labor and gave birth to six kittens. However, there was still another kitten awaiting delivery, but no matter how much it wiggled, it could not get out.

Still, the rescue staff waited to see if there would be any luck during the night, but the following day, the kitten was still yet to be born, so they took Bindi to the vet for an emergency caesarian section. The surgery was successful, and Bindi was reunited with her other kittens, whom she continued nursing. It is horrifying to imagine what would have happened had Bindi not sought help, but miraculously, she chose the two people who could help her.

How Does Your Cat Ask for Help?

Cats use different ways of getting attention from humans, and if you have one, it has undoubtedly mastered the cues you listen to, so it will use them often.

Meowing – This is usually the most common way for cats to ask for help, especially from strangers, since they can’t get close enough to tap. Cats are intelligent and will avoid getting close to a stranger unless they are sure s/he will not harm him. Since meowing is vocal, a cat can use this to attract attention from a distance, just like the stray cat in Turkey did. It is, therefore, no surprise that cats only meow at humans and kittens since they are yet to learn the non-verbal language of felines. A cat with the experience of living with humans knows that meowing is the ideal way to attract attention and get its way.

No wonder kitties are said to train humans to be at their beck and call whenever they hear their meow. However, it would be best if you did not ignore the meows as a cry for food and water as the doctors and nurses did; cats have different meows depending on what they want the human to do for them. Most likely, the meows the stray cat in Turkey used when begging for food and water from the clinic were not the same as those she used to plead for medical assistance.

Purring – A cat that has come to enjoy your company will not mind having you close, and the best way to ask you not to leave his side is by purring. Although purring has been associated with a cat feeling happy and content, it is also a self-soothing mechanism for an injured, stressed, or sick cat. If they want food, they will combine the purring sound with a meow imitating a baby’s cry. Therefore, before continuing to stroke your cat, as you take advantage of the purring that has been said to reduce blood pressure and lower heart rate, ensure that your furry friend is not in pain.

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