Cat Breed of the Day: Japanese Bobtail


From Petfinder: The Japanese Bobtail make outstanding companions. They’re curious, bold, intelligent, and alert, and easily adjust to new people, situations, and animals, making them easy cats to show. Bobtails are active, but not annoyingly so. Their play is interactive and endearing. They want to be involved with their human companions and are more than willing to lend a paw when you need it. Since the Bobtail was a common street cat for so long, it is likely that somewhere along the bloodline they acquired the recessive gene for long hair. Also, the gene responsible for the pom-pom tail is a simple recessive. Do any of you cat owners out there have a Japanese Bobtail?  If so we’d love for you to share any pictures or stories you might have.  And if you have any videos please send them in or share the links with us so we can post them on the site.  In the meantime please enjoy this gallery of Japanese Bobtail cats and kittens.   Be sure to click “next” below each picture to view them all!

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Bobtail Japonais de profil - japanese bobtail



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