Oriental Shorthair Challenges: Are they Jealous Animals?

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The Oriental Shorthair cat is one of the sleekest cats in the world. It’s got a face that’s long and sleek, a talk that whips more than moves and ears that are almost too large for the body of this particular cat. To be quite honest, it’s the kind of cat that might not appeal to everyone. It’s not fluffy, and it’s not really your typical cat. This cat can only be described as nosy, at best. It finds a way to get itself into anything you’re doing around the house, whether it’s taking a liking to your toothbrush (can we get a collective, ‘ew’) or helping you fill your handbag when you’re switching bags for a date, this is a cat that’s going to be in your way, in your stuff and potentially grossing you out on a regular basis.

Yet people love this cat. Despite its lack of cat-like appearance, its lack of basic manners and its lack of ability to care about things like personal space, people just adore the Oriental shorthair cat for some reason. If you’re drawn to the exotic beauty of these cats, which come in more than 300 patterns and color combinations, chances are good that no one will ever be able to discourage you from bringing one home. If you’re on the fence about this kind of cat at this point in your life, it might help to see what challenges and what benefits a cat like this will bring to your family.

Benefit: Little Grooming

They do have hair, even though they almost look like they’re border line hairless. Fortunately, their hair is very, very short. The Oriental shorthair did not derive this name for no reason, you know. The short hair on this cat is going to require very little attention when it comes to grooming. It’s not going to end up all over your furniture, your clothes and your house, which is such a nice benefit when you have a cat with short hair. However, it does need to be groomed from time to time just to ensure that it’s being taken care of – but it’s nothing that takes a long time or too much effort on the part of people who own cats like this.

Challenge: Very Vocal

Here’s a challenge for you; the Oriental shorthair cat is one that is very vocal. It’s a cat that has some seriously important things to say, it does not feel that any moment in time is inappropriate or inopportune for it to go head and speak to you. This sounds so cute, doesn’t it? Well, how cute do you think your talking cat is going to sound at 12 am when you’re rocking your new baby to sleep for the third time since 10 and the cat is winding its way around your legs telling you – at the top of its lungs – that it would rather you put the baby down and play with him? Yeah, not so cute right now, is it?

Benefit: Very Affectionate

Who does not love an affectionate cat? Isn’t that the reason people get animals in the first place? An animal that is happy to see you, happy to be around you and loving in a way that makes you feel as if you matter to someone and as if you are the most important person in the world is one of the biggest benefits of animals (and some kids). If you’re looking for that kind of cat and that type of relationship with your cat, you’re going to be very appreciative of this animal. It’s one that’s going to love you, want to be close to you and find a way to bond with you whenever possible. It’s the perfect pet for someone who lives alone and wants to have a relationship with someone happy to see them.

Challenge: Very Jealous

And here we go; the Oriental Shorthair is a very proprietary cat who doesn’t like people coming in and making a move on his or her people. For example, a grandparent that comes in from far away and wants to play with the kids is going to get on the bad side of this cat. Why? Because those are the cat’s kids, not some strangers, and he doesn’t like his attention from his people being taken away and directed elsewhere. These cats form very deep and special relationships with people, and they are not keen on having those relationships pushed to the backburner when someone else is around.

An adult with a new love interest is going to find that your new boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t someone your cat likes overly much. Those cuddles are the cats; not some strange new person who wants to come into your life and take over the role your cat has as your best friend and companion. Fortunately, these cats will get over it the more time they spend with people that are new to them, but they are not big fans of seeing their “person’s” attention given elsewhere.

Benefit: They Will Live Anywhere

Whether you live in a beautiful mansion or a very small and quaint apartment, the Oriental shorthair doesn’t care. These cats are not cats that are particular about space and size, they just want to be with people that they love whether it’s in a small and confined space or one that’s much larger and more enjoyable. They adapt well and make the most of their surroundings. The downfall to this one, however, is that they are very high-energy cats, so it might make you happier to have one if you have more space in your home in which the cat can run around and wear itself out. The cat doesn’t mind running rampant around a small kitchen, because it has the most space, but you might mind that. Just keep it in mind when it comes to finding an Oriental to bring home if you don’t have much space. It’s what you can handle that matters at the end of the day.

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  1. Saw a picture of one in my FB feed and fell in love. I already have a cat (I think he’s a standard domestic shorthair) and am more of a dog person, but this sounds like a cat I wouldn’t mind having around in the future. I’m single, so a yowling cat at midnight wouldn’t be a huge issue unless I or my family was trying to sleep. (my current cat already tries to knock my door down at night because he can be a pest.) I’ve had an overly jealous dog before (mostly with other pets) so that’s nothing too new. The pros sound great, I love affectionate pets.

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