Three Ways to Determine Whether or not a Scottish Fold Breeder is Legit

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Be honest; if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing a Scottish fold kitten, you know just how cute they are. They’re supremely cute. In fact, they are so cute they might as well just be called the cutest cats on the planet, because they are. The Scottish fold is a breed that’s been around for a very long time, though the time frame in which the cat has been recognize is not considered very long by cat professionals and associations. The first cat of this nature was discovered in 1961 by a name named William Ross. It might not come as much of a surprise to learn that this cat was discovered that day in Scotland, hence its name.

The cat was at a nearby farm to Ross’ home, and he asked if he could have a kitten from the cat’s litter. He named the little girl Susie and went on to create the breed now known as the Scottish fold. The name comes from the place in which the cat was discovered, though it’s been given to the cat thanks to its small folded ears. Imagine the face of an owl and now put it on the body of a cat. That’s what a Scottish fold looks like, and it’s so cute.

When it comes to creating new breeds, many breeders spend a great deal of time looking to make sure that the new breed is healthy and has good genes. Overall the Scottish fold is a very healthy, very hardy cat that will live on average 15 years. It doesn’t have any scary health concerns that are breed-specific or particular to this kind of cat. However, there are a few things you need to be very careful of when it comes to purchasing a cat of this nature. They’re not easily located in shelters or for adoption because of their adorable faces and the fact that breeders can ask a lot of money for them. Here’s what to look for when you do buy a Scottish fold; and why you need to look for it.

Are Kittens Spayed or Neutered?

Most people would assume this is kind of an optional thing based on the fact that breeders just don’t want irresponsible breeding of their cats and unwanted kittens running around that will increase the already too-large cat population, but that’s not why you look for this information. This information is key to providing you with information whether or not the breeder is reputable. A reputable breeder will ensure that his or her cats are spayed or neutered for one very specific reason; they do their business based on their breeding. If everyone has a cat like this and can breed it; there is no business.

Breeders make sure kittens from each litter are fixed so that they are the only breeder in the area in which you can find a cat like this. Scottish folds are very expensive, and breeders don’t want to go around minimizing their profits so that others can make money off of their lineage. Be sure to ask this question.

Who are the Parents?

It’s imperative that you ask this question. Why? Because the health and well-being of your cat is at risk based on the answer to this question. Scottish fold kittens are very healthy cats, but only if they are properly bred. What this means is that they cannot be bred by two parents who are both Scottish folds. It might seem that this is the way things are done to get a ‘purebred’ but this not the same thing as breeding a dog.

If a kitten is bred using two Scottish folds, the cat will receive the gene that causes the ears to fold two times over, which causes health issues. Congenital Osteodystrophy is a condition that causes a cat’s bones to have issues by causing bones to deform in the legs and tail. It is so important that you talk to the breeder about this and ask to see paperwork on both cats (the American Shorthair is the cat a Scottish fold should be bred with) to ensure this is not a problem with the kitten litter. The symptoms of this genetic issue are not going to appear until the cat is anywhere from 4 to 6 months old, which is going to be too late if you have already made the purchase.

Ask about Ear Cleaning

Not only will asking this question provide you with a little idea of how to keep your new Scottish fold’s ears clean, it will give you a good understanding of how well taken care of the cats are that you’re purchasing. A breeder who cannot tell you how to clean the ears of a cat like this to prevent infection or even ear mites is likely not a reputable breeder. While these cats are not prone to these issues with their ears as so many people like to think, the shortness of the ear particularly in a Scottish fold with a triple folded ear makes it more important to keep the ear cleaned.

These questions are just a few of the questions you should ask any Scottish fold breeder; but they are some of the most important. Many breeders who are not reputable have no issue lying. However, these questions are often ones that will cause them to contradict themselves and show their knowledge of this breed without their knowledge of what’s going on. It can show you whether or not you should walk away or you should continue with the breeder. These are very expensive cats, and we want to ensure that you aren’t paying for a cat that has been improperly bred and prone to health problems, or one that has not been taken care of. You just never know who is reputable and who is not; and we also recommend that you ask around to find out if your breeder has a good reputation in town by talking to people who know and have done business with the breeder.

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