Cat Dubbed “World’s Worst Cat” Is Up For Adoption

Cats are generally a loveable species. They like being close to people and receiving attention. However, not all cats are similar as there are wild ones out there. One good example is the ‘world’s worst cat’ or Perdita as she is known in the shelter. Perdita was brought to the Michelle County Animal Rescue in North Carolina after her owner died. It wasn’t long until the owners of the shelter determined that the 4-year-old domestic shorthair was a little too much to handle. They at first assumed that Perdita was just sick and that the illness was what made her grumpy, so they checked her thoroughly for any illnesses. The tests came back negative and even showed that Perdita was quite healthy. Perdita is unsure whether or not she fancies human attention. If you guess her wants and desires wrongly, she is quick to swat your hand away. The shelter owners knew that they would need to master all the creativity they could to be able to find Perdita a home.

It was then that they were able to come up with a flyer that was short of any sugarcoating. The flyer was straightforward and didn’t leave anything to chance and, as we all know, honesty is verily the best policy. The shelter uploaded their poster to Facebook with the tag line “world worst cat” on it. The top of that header read “Perdita, we thought she was sick but it turns out she’s just a jerk” accompanied by 2 photos of the arduous and icy cat. The ad sounded like a very eerie dating site bio post that described Perdita to the tooth. According to Time, the Facebook ad read in part that Perdita’s likes included staring at your soul until you felt less cheerful, she liked the song Cat Scratch Fever, had a dangerous liking towards the movie Pet Cemetery, and the character Church was her hero.

Her specialty is jump-scaring passersby and she enjoys luring people to her cage only to scare them. She likes lurking in dark corners and enjoys fooling the shelter workers that she is sick. The bio added a side-note that even the vet had also agreed that Perdita is a jerk. The hellion has dislikes to her likes and they seem to lean toward the whole not liking everything and everyone’s side. She hates the color pink and seems to especially hate kittens because they are too ‘chipper’. She hisses at Disney movies and hates hugs and the Dixie Chicks. She also doesn’t like Christmas but this is somehow understandable, seeing that she was brought to the shelter on Christmas Eve. The workers at the shelter describe her personality as similar to that of the Grinch as she bats away anyone who tries to come as close as petting her.

After the shelter posted the not-so-shiny ad about Perdita’s personality, it went viral and immediately got attention from people who claim that they are up to the challenge of adopting Perdita. It is unclear whether the shelter’s honesty and straightforwardness are what seem to be bringing up more and more applications of Perdita’s adoption or its just people’s sheer curiosity. Either way soon enough Perdita will have a home as tons of applications begun pouring into the shelter. The shelter revealed in an update that its staff is currently looking through more than 50 applications to help her find a good and loving home. Perdita, on the other hand, is not really happy with all the attention she seems to be getting. The shelter posted an update that Perdita continues to be her saucy, strong spirited self through it all.

On the shelter’s Facebook post, some people were amused by the ad but others felt sympathetic for the cat. They insisted that Perdita had gone through a traumatizing experience after losing her owner and that it was clear that she was in grief. They empathized with the cat saying that although the workers at shelters always do their best to make the animals as comfortable as they can be, the noisy confined spaces and the fact that there are a lot of unfamiliar people and animals is naturally stressful – especially for an animal that is used to always living alone. According to Bored Panda, the stress of new and unfamiliar surroundings can cause aggression in animals thus preventing an animal at the shelter from showing their good side in terms of their personality. This aggression causes the animal to adopt an unusual vicious cycle that poses difficulty in finding a willing adopter.

Some of the commenters on the ad still went on to share their experiences with some saying that they had previously adopted animals who initially displayed some form of aggression from shelters but ended up becoming the best companions once they became comfortable in their new homes. The shelter ensured they made it clear that Perdita was not for the faint of heart and that she was single and was looking for a socially awkward human who values personal space – just like her. They even went so far as to waive any adoption fees in the hope that they’ll be able to find Perdita a loving home. The shelter was grateful for the love that Perdita was receiving. They shared their appreciation about people who were able to see through Perdita’s aggression and icy personality and still wanted take her in.

Despite Perdita’s spiciness and bitterness toward everything, everyone hopes that she will find a loving home as every animal deserves to find a patient and caring home despite their aggression or behavioral problems. The Facebook post has had 7000 shares and has received over 4000 comments so far as social media fell in love with the prickly black and white Perdita. The Mitchell County Animal Rescue stated that they will post regular updates on the progress of Perdita’s adoption applications and once she finds a home they’ll be quick to inform everyone.

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