Cat Has a Priceless Reaction to Meeting a New Kitten

Cat and Kitten

Animals can become very attached to their humans and that means they’re not always terribly keen on the idea of having another animal that comes into the house. That is precisely why Luna the cat didn’t seem terribly thrilled about the idea of sharing her home with another feline companion, at least not at first. As it turns out, Luna’s owner knows her cat well enough to know that there would be antics and decided to record everything and put it online. So far, that video has delighted countless numbers of individuals who are getting a real kick at seeing Luna’s reaction to having a new cat in the house. If you’re curious just like Luna, all you have to do is keep reading.

Cats and Dogs Living Together

Make no mistake about it, Luna has grown somewhat accustomed to the idea of putting up with other animals in the house, as her owner also has a dog named Bino. That said, the cat and the dog don’t exactly have a lot of interaction. As a matter of fact, they more or less leave each other alone. The two have grown somewhat used to each other’s presence, yet they don’t exactly spend a lot of time together. As far as Luna is concerned, that’s all fine by her. She’s an older cat and she’s not terribly fond of the idea of playing with other animals to begin with. She certainly doesn’t want to end up playing with the family dog. Luna thought she had everything sorted out until her owner brought a new kitten into the home, something that she definitely wasn’t expecting. Once the new kitten was present, the older cat wasn’t quite sure how to handle things. For the most part, she simply stayed away from the new addition to the family for as long as possible. That being said, her curiosity eventually got the best of her. One night when the new kitten was on the bed playing, Luna’s head could be seen popping up and then bobbing back down over and over again, in some type of feline attempt to understand why this new cat was here and exactly what it was doing. As it turns out, that was the first time that the two were actually in the same room, face to face. There’s no doubt about it, Luna’s owner knows what she’s doing. As a result, she was determined not to let the two of them meet too quickly, as she didn’t want things to get out of hand.


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Taking Things Slowly

Is true, Luna’s owner knows that it’s imperative to take things slowly whenever introducing a new cat to the home. She even went to the trouble of swapping litter boxes so that each cat could pick up the other’s scent and become familiar with that scent before they even laid eyes on one another. After doing that for a relatively short period of time and making sure that the cats were still comfortable in the home, she knew it was time for them to at least see each other. Again, she followed that all-important protocol of not letting cats that are unfamiliar with one another actually have access to physical contact with each other. Instead, she set up a physical barrier where the two could see one another, but not actually touch. They stared at each other for a while and then seemed to calm down. It was only then that she allowed both the kitten and Luna into the same bedroom where they could potentially have physical contact if they chose to do so. As far as Luna was concerned, there was absolutely no need for any such thing. She actually seemed like she was hoping that the kitten would just vanish into thin air at some point. It’s definitely a cute video, mainly because you can practically read Luna’s thoughts on her face every time she pops her head over the bed. There’s no doubt about it, she has plenty of personality to go around. That’s one of the things that has made her so endearing to individuals who have enjoyed watching this video countless numbers of times.

A New Dynamic

These days, Luna’s owner reports that the two are getting along very well. Now that they’ve had a little bit of time to get used to each other, they tend to run around together a lot. Apparently, they even play with each other on a regular basis. Luna, the cat who wanted nothing to do with a brand new kitten in the house, has now become very attached to her new friend and wants her to go everywhere with her. There’s no questioning the fact that Luna is teaching the new kitten the ropes and in doing so, having a bit of fun herself. As a matter of fact, her owner says she seems to act younger than she has in years, allowing the presence of the kitten to bring out the kitten that exists in all cats. It’s true, even senior cats like Luna still like to play and have fun. As previously mentioned, older cats like Luna have a playful side. Her owner says that she had some trouble showing her more playful side in recent years, especially as age had started to catch up to her, like it does to everyone sooner or later. However, having the kitten in the house seems to have improved that situation dramatically. Luna now plays more than she has in years and she actually seems more content. At the same time, people are getting to enjoy the video that Luna’s owner posted. Thankfully, this is a situation that worked out very well with the new dynamic. While it doesn’t always go smoothly when a new animal is introduced into the house, Luna was actually fairly accepting. These days, it would be hard to imagine the house without the two of them running around together.

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