Rescue Kitten Brings Comfort to Dying Girl and Family


News about a girl named Kylie Myers dying after battling metastatic bone cancer shook the world. But what got people even more interested was a last dying wish. While most children may have preferred toys or other man made items, Kylie asked for a kitten from her parents. She wanted a companion who would be with her during cancer radiation because it was too much to take in.

Kylie’s dying wish

Kylie and her parents knew they had little time to spend with each other as cancer had overwhelmed her body. She needed to stay at the hospital so that doctors could closely monitor her progress. So, when she asked for a kitten, her parents were adamant about it. According to, Kylie’s parents finally gave in to her wish, promising to get her one when she got home. It is one thing to fathom that your child has a condition that could lead to her death; watching them fight for their lives is another. Kylie’s mother, Robin Myers, was heartbroken as she knew Kylie had a short time to love. Her story inspired many people, prompting her to document it in a movie. Finally, Kylie was discharged from the hospital. To her surprise, her parents agreed to rescue a kitten on her behalf from a local shelter. She couldn’t hide her joy knowing her parents had honored her wish. However, the kitten looked malnourished and unkempt. But that didn’t put Kylie off as she vowed to care for the kitten to restore her health. Kylie named the kitten Liza. She never wanted to leave her side and always cared for Liza through petting, grooming, and feeding. Unfortunately, Kylie died a few days later. Her last dying wish was for her father to find the cure for childhood cancer. She also asked her mother to care for her kitten and never leave her side.

Moral of the story of Kylie’s last moments with her kitten- Liza

In her interview with TODAY, Myers expressed how sad she was about losing her daughter to cancer. The story about Kylie’s last moments with Liza was to enlighten people about the importance of pet adoption and childhood cancer. She felt that this was the best way to honor her daughter. Liza is two years old, and Myers confesses that she is the “queen of the house.” Liza is a cuddler, which makes Myers proud, knowing Kylie is looking out for her. Each time Liza snuggles and purrs around her, she knows Kylie is proud that they took her in.

Can cats predict death?

According to Hello Care, most cat owners agree that feline friends have a sixth sense that can help them predict death or disease. They can tell when you’re distressed, sick, or about to die. It’s unclear how they do that, but you can see the evidence from nursing homes. These facilities often have cats around to determine who is about to die. There’s a story about a cat called Oscar who lives in Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Sources say he has a bizarre skill that allows him to know who will die. Each day, he walks in the center’s halls like a doctor checking on patients. As soon as he notices a patient about to die, he snuggles around them. According to Smithsonian Magazine, Oscar’s weird skill has allowed him to predict at least 50 deaths precisely. The cat has inspired many articles, journals, and even books, with one journalist, Dr. David Rosa, writing about his supernatural power.

Benefits of owning a cat

Unless you’re allergic to cats, it’s in your best interest to own one for companionship. Owning a cat attracts the following health benefits:

1. They can lower your risk of heart disease

Imagine going home to your pet, and they meet you at the door, meowing. Isn’t that enough reason to make you happy? When you’re happy because your cat cuddles or snuggles next to you, your body releases the feel-good hormone, reducing your risk of heart disease. A cat contributes to around 30% of lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease.

2. Their purring can improve bone, tendon, and muscle symptoms

A cat is likely to purr when they’re content with their treatment. But did you know that their purring can reduce diseases associated with muscle, tendons, and bones? According to Good News, their purr vibrations are between 20-140 HZ. The studies also suggest that it could positively affect your health.

3. They can improve your sleep

The purring is also a recipe for a goodnight’s sleep if you have sleeping problems. Most owners admit they sleep better when their cat is around them, making them perfect bed companions. Unless they become fussy in enclosed spaces, you have more reason to invite them to your bed each night.

4. They can reduce stress and anxiety

Kylie was probably stressed and anxious because she knew she wouldn’t make it. Adopting a cat and caring for it was her way of dealing with stress and anxiety. The calming chemicals they emit can help reduce stress and anxiety by cuddling next to one.

5. They improve relationships

Studies indicate that women find a male cat lover more attractive than those who don’t. Cats are low-maintenance and independent; hence they can help to boost your relationship with other people. Cat lovers are perceived to be sensitive to other people’s feelings. You will hardly find a cat lover who doesn’t value making others happy. Check out the videos about cats on the internet, and you will understand why this is factual.


Kylie may have spent a short time bonding with her cat, but it’s how she spent her last moments caring for Liza that inspired people to adopt cats and other pets. Her story shows that being compassionate to animals doesn’t cost a thing. A cat can help you improve relationships with other people. If you’ve been keeping the idea of rescuing or adopting a cat on hold, this story will change your mind.

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