Cat Has Her Own Farmhouse-Style Bedroom and It’s Incredible

How far would you go to make sure that your cat is living in the lap of luxury? We recently heard about the story of an Orlando, Florida couple who went the extra mile for their furry friend. They embarked on a do-it-yourself project to add on a stylish bedroom with cat-centric features. House Beautiful featured a story about an interesting social media post they came across. Ryan and Kelsey are the pet parents of a female cat named Stella. The cute and fluffy cat is adorable and her owners are so fond of her that they designed a farmhouse-style cat bedroom to give her a classy place to call her own. The bedroom was built underneath a staircase in their home that looks out into the living room space.

It’s an ingenious idea that adds a bit of novelty to the house while creatively using space. The DIY enthusiasts created a spacious bedroom for their cat and dressed it in a grey and white theme with stylish rustic decor. When we delve a little deeper into the story, it starts to become obvious that since the husband and wife run their Newbuild Newlyweds blog with product links from their cat bedroom project, they’re probably promoting the products for affiliate fees, but this has yet to be confirmed. Since there are pictures and product links we feel safe in assuming that they’re savvy entrepreneurs who have found a fun and practical way to have some DIY fun and monetize their blog.

Highlights of the farmhouse-style cat bedroom

The farmhouse-style cat bedroom is really a work of art that takes pet pampering to a new level. The attractive cat nook was first made with a curtain over the opening but they’ve since updated it with a handy cat door that gives Stella a little more privacy. She can enter and exit the bedroom whenever she pleases. On the inside, she has a play area, a litter box and there’s even a pendant light in the form of a lantern to add illumination to the interior. They even put up a laser-cut lettering design that states “Home is where the cat is.”

For more on the DIY cat bedroom

The couple shared pictures and product links to their Instagram account in the Fall of 2019. You can learn more about this unique project here. If you’re a cat lover who would do anything to make your feline companion happy this is an excellent resource that might give you some ideas of your own to pursue. Ryan and Kelsey’s plans are brilliant and they show us how much their cat means to them.

Why we love cats so much

It’s not hard to tell which pet parents are true cat lovers. They’re the ones who go out and buy cute outfits to dress their kitties in cold weather. Some, like Kelsey and Ryan, go over the top by providing luxurious cat-sized suites for their pets to kick back and get some private time. What makes us love cats so much? According to Desiroo, there are good reasons why we find cats to be so appealing. First of all, their large eyes have a psychological impact on us. It’s an instinctual thing with humans to feel protective over animals that have features that are similar to a human baby. Large eyes and other facial features make us naturally gravitate toward them as pets. Cats are domesticated and they have come to depend upon humans for the nurturing and care that they need to survive. Cats tend to capitalize on their knowledge that humans are around to satisfy their every whim and desire.

Cats keep us entertained

Cats can be whimsical and crazy creatures. Most of them are playful and they enjoy chasing a mouse here and there. They interfere with our shoelaces when we’re trying to tie them and they’re mesmerized by laser pointers. They do some of the silliest things that we can’t help but laugh and be entertained. Most of all, cats make wonderful companions. They help to ease loneliness and they simply make our lives better. We don’t count the times that growing kittens shred the toilet paper or throw litter out of their box while they’re learning. They’re independent but at times supremely affectionate. We live for those moments with our cats.

We’re intrigued by cats

A cat can turn on a dime when it comes to behaviors. One minute they’re purring and asking for affection and the next they could care less if we exist. They love their independence but when they’re frightened or feeling lonely they turn to us for comfort and attention. Cats are emotionally complicated creatures and it’s not easy to figure them out. They’re intriguing animals and you never know what they’re going to be up to next.

Final thoughts

The bottom line is that we love our cats and for whatever reason, it makes us feel good to give them comfortable and happy lives. Although the Florida couple took their love for cats to an extreme we’re sure that Stella doesn’t mind at all. It’s a two-way street between humans and cats. We provide them with food, shelter, fresh water, a litter box, and love for the rest of their lives. They repay the favor by keeping us entertained and bringing a smile and a laugh every now and then. For as much as we give to our cats, they return it tenfold by being loving companions who show up when we’re feeling sad to remind us that although they don’t always show it, they love us just as much as we love them. America has a love affair with their cats because of the many ways that they enrich our lives.

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