Manx Syndrome Won’t Stop Piper from Hopping Around


As social animals, people sometimes have difficulty being confident in themselves while trying to fit societal expectations in order to find friends. Many individuals have discovered that pretending to be someone different from who they truly are only leads to sadness. Therefore, being happy and confident in oneself may be the best way to find true companionship. This issue, however, is not exclusive to humans. Animals, too, can have difficulty finding people who love them for who they are.

One such animal is Piper, a loving and kind cat from Kansas. The reason why it may not be as easy for Piper to find a home as other cats is that she suffers from a genetic condition known as Manx Syndrome. This condition usually results in a shortened tail. However, severe cases can cause damage to the spine, which is unfortunately the issue facing Piper.

Her condition has resulted in the fusion of her lower vertebrae. The most obvious consequence of this is that Piper’s hind legs are locked together. Although she can move freely, she cannot extend the legs independently. As well, Piper has issues controlling her bladder while sleeping. Luckily, she has not had any issues with bladder control while awake.

Piper 2

Of course, such issues will probably drive away most individuals looking to adopt. However, it is truly their loss. When the right person comes around who matches Piper’s affection and personality, their home will be immediately filled with the kind of love that only people who have adopted before can understand. Although Piper may require a home where the owner is around during the day to deliver her medicine, she is far from needy.

In fact, Piper’s condition actually makes her incredibly lovable. As she can only move her hind legs together, her movement actually resembles a rabbit. Seeing the cat bunny hopping around is quite inspiring. Piper does not seek pity or wallow because of her condition. Instead, she is full of life and confidence, happy with who she is. When the right person comes along, she will be an irreplaceable addition to someone’s home.

This amazing 3 year old cat is currently living at the Wichita Animal Action League (WAAL). She, and other animals like her, are awaiting adoption from caring families. It is important that rescues like WAAL are supported in order to help Piper and her friends find homes. Supporting a rescue does not always require money, however. Sharing social media posts is a fantastic way to spread awareness of animals waiting to be adopted. The more people that see how wonderful and playful cats like Piper are, the more the stigma around special needs animals will be erased.

Hopefully, Piper will soon find the right person who can provide her with a home, address her medical needs, and embrace her for who she is. While people may look at Piper and see no more than a cat with a genetic condition, Piper knows herself to be loving, affectionate, and playful. If all people could see that animals with special needs are much more than their conditions, the lives of countless cats, dogs, and people would all be changed for the better.

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