Stray Cat’s Face Mark Looks Just Like Another Cat

Cats, kittens, and felines—you either find them cute or you don’t. Domesticated cats come in all shapes and sizes, and really, you can have the preferential pick. You don’t have to go for the hairless, alien-looking kind like the Sphynx or Donskoy breeds. You can get as much fluff as you want with a Maine Coon or a Persian cat. Regardless of preference, you can’t deny the adorability of some cats. However, there are some cats out there that have just a little more to them in comparison to others.

Take for instance this little black and white fellow. An unnamed photographer took this photo while he was walking about his neighborhood on an average day. As a lover of cats, the photographer was immediately drawn to the cat upon first sight, so he decided to take out his camera straight away and start snapping photos. It was when he finished doing this that he saw something unusual about the cat he was photographing. If you look closely at the cat’s nose, you can definitely see the outline of another cat located right where its nose is. The marking is so distinct that anyone could easily mistake it as a cruel prank. Yet, it’s not.

The marking has imperfections, but you can trace two ears and even a snout. The shape of the cat’s nose also appears to be the front and hind legs bent in—as if the cat marking is in a seated position. It’s rather strange and purely coincidental, but it’s what makes this particular cat so special and the meeting of it a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Many cat owners believe that there’s something superior about cats when compared to other household pets. Unlike dogs or other animals, cats are rather independent creatures. They tend to be more on the mysterious side, but cats actually have specific behaviors that are totally explainable. Sometimes it just takes a trained eye or a true cat lover to distinguish and explain the way cats act. Either way, cats are definitely curious animals, and they hide more than they show.

Because of their natural tendencies, most people view cats as enigmatic creatures. Some even say that cats have mystical powers. Seeing pictures like this cat definitely adds to that stigma, and the fact that it isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this is another nod to cats’ mysticism. In another photo, we see a cat with another cat on its back. The marking is a full black outline of a cat’s figure on a white cat’s fur. It’s coincidentally eerie to look at, but you can’t help but be mesmerized by it. The shape is so succinctly cat-like that it’s difficult not to admire nature’s comedy.

There are plenty of other natural “mishaps” we’ve seen on cats in previous years. There’s another white cat out there that has a purely black tail coupled with a black fur marking around the butt area. When the tail of the cat is straight up, the whole image looks like an exclamation point.

We also see a lot of cats with various other facial markings—similar to that of the first cat we discussed here. We’ve seen cats with markings that look like eyebrows, mustaches, eye masks, and so forth. Since cats have some of the most beautiful and colorful coats out there, the results of facial markings can be quite striking. Speaking of cat coats and fur, some feline coats naturally come to look like something else. Cats with regular coats are beautiful to begin with, but we’ve seen fur on felines that look just like something else as well. We’ve seen marbleized designs on kittens, striated markings that make cats look like cinnamon rolls when laying down, and fur that doesn’t even look like cat fur. Some house cats could even pass up for their much larger and wilder relatives.

There are tons of cats out there that sport distinct shapes on their bodies as well. We’ve seen a few cats with random heart shapes on their bodies. One cat had a clear heart mark surrounding its nose. Another cat had a big and well-rounded heart mark on its body. There are cats that have mustache markings and eyebrow markings that give some cats comical and anthropomorphic qualities. We’ve seen a cat with a spade mark right on its pectoral area, and a cat with an arrow that points right to its private parts. If that’s not nature’s way of a joke, we’re not sure what is.

Cats are lovable creatures that are often misunderstood. They are aloof. They are mysterious. They are absolutely adorable too. Only cat owners and cat lovers truly understand what it is about cats that make them special. Cats that have special markings on them may be subject to more attention from strangers, passersby, or even their owners. For the original stray cat of this post, it’s definitely a way to get someone’s attention. The stray cat’s feline-shaped marking on its face made it easier for someone to notice its presence. There are far too many cats out there that roam the streets without a home and without a companion. While not all cats can be domesticated, all cats can certainly be appreciated—regardless of whether you’re a cat person or not. The stray cat gave us proof that we like cats more than we care to admit, and we can definitely spend a long time just browsing through cat pictures and cat videos online. Cats on cats are the next coolest sensation on the Internet, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t share it with the world.

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