Cat Missing for 10 Days Saved from the Bottom of a Well After Dog Hears Her Cries

Most pet owners have experienced the sick feeling associated with a beloved cat or dog that has gone missing. Cats are curious creatures and they have a tendency for wanderlust and for exploring the outside environments. While most cats return after a few hours or a few days, when time goes by and it’s more than a week, the odds of their safe return go down drastically. We recently learned about a cat that went missing for 10 days and was amazingly rescued because of the actions of a dog who heard her cries

People  recently reported on a heartwarming story of a cat named Flea. Her story unfolded in the United Kingdom. Her owner is Frey Hill, who shared Flea’s story. The one-year-old cat disappeared on April 24, 2021. Her owner had searched for her but couldn’t find her. Little did she know that her beloved pet was just across the road, but trapped in a well. The cat had fallen into the hole and could not make her way out. Hill explained that a dog that lived nearby heard the cat’s distressed cried. The kind and thoughtful pooch sounded the alarm and alerted homeowners that lived in the area to the plight of the cat.

Help on the way

The homeowners who were alerted to Flea’s situation called the Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service to retrieve the cat. She had fallen into a well that was 20 feet deep with no way to get out. The brave firefighters climbed down the opening and spied Flea perched on a small ledge in the abyss. They coached Flee to leave the ledge with a small amount of cat food. Aside from being hungry, Flea was still alive and was returned to her owners. Frey shared that the cat is extremely friendly and she will follow strangers just to get attention. She was thankful to have her cat back and reported that Flea acted like she always has with no seeming ill effects from her harrowing experience.

How to Avoid Flea’s situation

Cats are among the most difficult animals to monitor. If they decide they want to wander off, there’s often little you can do to stop them, other than barring the doors and windows. They seem to always find a way to get what they want. If you have a cat that likes to wander off, you’ve probably spent some sleepless nights already, wondering if they’re alright. There are a few things that you can do to help keep better tabs on your wandering kitty. Technology has provided some wonderful gadgets that can help you track your cat wherever he or she goes.

Pet tracking solutions

According to Chewy, there are a few different solutions to help keep track of your wandering cat. The Jiobit cat tracker is a small device that attaches to the collar of your cat. It can also be used to track dogs. This impressive little piece of technology is based on cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to let you monitor the precise location of your pet at all times. It attaches to the collar and features an unlimited tracking range as long as the battery holds up. It’s equipped with a long-lasting battery so all you need to do is keep track of when it needs to be replaced. You can monitor the location of your pet accurately and with reliability both indoors and outdoors. The beaconing technology provides you with real-time alerts to let you know your pet’s whereabouts on your smartphone. It comes with an app that you can download to your phone.

Benefits of using a GPS tracker

While chipping your cat is always a good idea, it’s not something that is going to help you find a missing cat. The animal must first be found and scanned before anyone will know who she belongs to. The Jiobit and other similar brands, help you to pinpoint the location of your cat so you can drive to the location even from many miles away. If your cat has been abducted you will know who took the cat and can give authorities the necessary information. If your cat is trapped, as in the case of Flea, you can drive to the location and rescue your beloved pet. The monitor is tiny, lightweight and as long as it remains attached to the collar you will be able to monitor your cat from anywhere you have smartphone service.

Final thoughts

Cats are curious creatures and although they bring us tons of pleasure, they can also cause a great deal of stress. If you have a cat that likes to wander around the neighborhood, he or she is at significant risk of becoming hurt, stolen, or worse. It’s recommended to chip all pets, but sometimes, this just isn’t enough. What is the most logical solution? As the owner of a wandering kitty, I’ve been pleased with the different kinds of technology that have become available. I read about Flea’s situation and it made me shudder. Had the neighborhood dog not barked to let everyone know that Flea was down a 20 foot well, she probably would have died of starvation and her owners would have never known what happened to her. A GPS tracker would have alerted them to her whereabouts immediately. It could have spared them all the 10-day absence and the worry that it caused. If you’re tired of the worry of a wandering pet, cat, or dog, the best solution may be some kind of a tracking product that will let you monitor their whereabouts at any time of the day or night. It would save you a lot of worry in the long run.

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