Werewolf Cat: Happy To Pay it Forward To Needy Foster Felines

Werewolf Cat

Unfortunately, there are many animals that have been hurt, neglected, or abused. Many times, it is these same animals which will make the best rescues because they are so grateful to have a second shot at life. This was the case with Logan the cat, who was found on the streets and in a bad place. He had various kinds of viruses and infections and needed some serious rehabilitation in order just to live a normal life. Thankfully for him, and so many other animals, the St. Francis Society Animal Rescue was on the case to bring this wonderful animal “back to health.” They were able to help transform Logan from a feral street cat into one of the sweetest housecats anyone could have imagined. Their hard work and diligence are worthy of commending. It is important to show the world how cats like this can be transformed every day.

Logan was facing a handful of problems when he came to the shelter. Like so many animals, he had faced a hard life on the streets. Though this was not enough to change his sweet personality. One of the first assessments that the team did when Logan arrived was bloodwork. The results were not good initially. Logan had a high white blood cell count “indicating infection.” As well, he a had high neutrophils count, an indicator of poor health. The veterinarians speculated that he had an infection in his gums that needed to be treated. This is a result of living a rough street life and being forced to fight for every meal. It is the unfortunate reality that many of these cats are put in a position where they have to fend for their life. The competition among feral cats is tough on the streets. They are not allowed to take a moment off of their day-to-day needs.


Logan was no different. When he was first rescued, he was unable to socialize properly with other cats. Logan was so used to fighting for every scrap that he didn’t know how to play or have fun. This is a sad reality that many cats face during the day-to-day struggles of life on the street. Part of giving an animal love entails making them feel safe in their environment again. As Logan began to adjust to domesticated life, his personality really got to shine. It took some time for him to trust people, but he quickly came around to being the lovable cat that everyone knows today. With his wounds healed and his infections cleared, Logan was able to let his guard down and let others into his life. Thankfully there was an entire team to look after and care for him. He would soon be able to show other rescues that they were free to be themselves.

This is where Logan got to “paw it forward”. Once he became more adjusted, he began to be an ambassador for all the new rescues that entered the system. These cats were initially scared just like he was. But Logan was able to show them the ropes and get them more comfortable with domesticated life. Soon they were able to live as normal housecats as well. By having someone to play with and offer friendship, these cats soon became acquainted to living with others. This made it easier to get them “forever” adoption homes. He might have not known it at the time, but Logan was helping other cats to live their best lives. In this sense he was giving back what had been given to him: a second shot at life. There are many cats just like Logan who are only waiting for their chance to shine.

Logan was a natural star and was perfectly adaptable to social media. As St. Francis Society Animal Rescue started sharing his story, more people gained an interest in their cause. Overnight he had turned into a “social media superstar.” Not many people are willing to give cats like Logan a chance. He was weathered and beaten from his time on the street and not the most adorable cat in sight. However, the rescuers at St. Francis saw what was on the inside and gave him a second chance. As his social media spotlight continued to grow, Logan was able to draw attention to important issues in the area. Soon tens of thousands of people were seeing his story and wanting to pitch in as well. He has given the wonderful people at St. Francis a bigger platform to do the important work that they do. This is the ultimate definition of “pawing it forward”.

Logan is alive and well and his star will continue to shine and bring light to causes in the animal community. He will continue to serve as an ambassador to any street cat who wants a second shot at life. He has earned the name “werewolf cat” for his odd appearance. Unfortunately, this was enough for many people to overlook him initially. However, this little “werewolf” is now a social media star who has paid back many dividends to his rescuers. It is a heartwarming story about the change and transformation that can take place when a cat is given care and attention. This is just another reason to remember that love can transform an animal. Logan is doing great now and serves as a reminder that it is never too late to change. Though his transformation has been hard-fought, he has come out the other side.

The people at St. Francis Society Animal could not be prouder of Logan’s transformation. He serves as a ray of hope for any rescue in need. His story has brought significant attention to their cause, with which they will be able to help many more animals. It is always important to remember what can happen with a little tender love and care.

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