Jesperpus: The Confident Outdoors-Loving Cat of Norway


While cats are fantastic pets for filling a home with joy and energy, their own interests often cannot be contained within the walls of the house. Even standard house cats can simply adore the great outdoors and long to frolic in the fresh air. One such cat is the famous Jesperpus, a ginger cat from Norway.

Jesperpus is one of the Internet’s most famous and beloved cats. His online presence is astounding, with tens of thousands of fans on Instagram and Facebook. He uses this platform to inspire and educate, teaching his followers about feline needs. Of course, people simply love keeping up with the many adventures of this brave and curious cat.

Before he became an Internet sensation, Jesperpus was simply a cat like any other. He found his family when their neighbor asked if they wanted a kitten. Luckily for all involved, they agreed, and Jesperpus moved in to live with his human, Aina Stormo. By all accounts, he was a normal house cat, although he did have several health issues. Luckily, his broken tail was mended by a vet and he soon relaxed enough to enjoy his new life with his new family.


Stormo found that Jesperpus was an exceptionally intelligent cat. He knew what he liked and what he didn’t, and he had no qualms about expressing himself. For this reason, it was easy for Stormo to realize that the cat adored going on trips, accompanying his family on hikes and canoe rides. Further, he expressed a particular affinity for playing in the snow. While his thick fur keeps him warm, Stormo always ensures that there is a way for him to warm up if he needs to. Whether through installing a cat flap in their door or by carrying a backpack with a wool blanket inside when they go on trips, she makes sure to keep her feline friend comfortable.

In addition, he is well looked after indoors. For instance, Stormo has stated that his holidays are typically filled with a great feast of mice, short excursions, and unwrapping his own gifts. He even has his own Christmas tree.

Naturally, people were interested in this cat who goes hiking, mountain climbing, and even rides on airplanes. His unique lifestyle allowed him to quickly amass his considerable social media following. There are many individuals who have connected to the cat’s journeys, including some who do not have cats themselves. It appears that Jesperpus’ adventurous spirit speaks to people who would not normally be interested in a cat’s Instagram or Facebook account.


While a cat with tens of thousands of online fans seems to be no more than a funny instance of quirky trends, Jesperpus and his family have made sure to make the most out of his following. They have stated that while cats are one of the most popular choices for pets, they are also frequently neglected and abused. Social media accounts like Jesperpus’ which highlight the unique needs, desires, and personalities of cats are therefore very important in reminding people to give their pets the life they deserve. While not every cat needs or even wants a life as adventurous as Jesperpus’, every cat deserves a family who will do their utmost to fill each day with the same joy.

Check out more of Jesperpus at his Facebook and Instagram pages.

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