Who are the Cats of Hazzard?


Life can be very difficult for cats. Of course, living on the streets is terribly dangerous, and many cat owners abuse or neglect their cats. For those lucky enough to live in a caring home with a kind family, there are still potential issues such as diseases. Cats with special needs face long odds, as their health is an issue which also makes it difficult to find a forever home. However, having special needs does not have to be viewed as an obstacle. Instead, some cats have shown that having special needs can actually be an opportunity to inspire and make a difference.

One of the most interesting cases of cats who have made the most out of their health conditions is the group of cats known as the Cats of Hazzard. Named after the popular 1980s show, the cats are named Uncle Jessie, Luke, Bo, and Daisy. They reside in Umbrella of Hope, non profit located in Pittsburg, California.

Uncle Jessie, Luke, and Bo arrived together from an LA home that found their needs too much to deal with. These three kittens are siblings and suffer from femoral agenisis, bilateral femoral head hypoplasia, tibial agenesis, and multiple metatarsal agenesis. Essentially, this means that the kittens’ back legs did not grow properly.

Bo arrived separately and faces a different set of health issues. He suffers from micropthalmia, eyelid agenesis and entropion. This has resulted in one of his eyelids being incomplete and the other, unfortunately, being blind and small, meaning it had to be removed. Further, he has an issue with his hip that is not yet identified. Despite their different conditions, the four kittens have banded together to form an adorable quartet.


While the cats are happy and playful, they cannot yet be put up for adoption. They still require several expensive tests and examinations in order to understand what they will require in order to live a healthy life. Although the extent of their conditions is not fully known, this does not mean the kittens are left helpless. This could not be farther from the truth; the Cats of Hazzard play just like other kittens, climb cat trees, and use a litter box.

The quartet has become popular on social media. With their unique name and inspiring spirit, they are gathering online support in order to raise the funds necessary for their medical expenses. However, they are also using social media to benefit others, as well. The Cats of Hazzard have become examples of how special needs cats are lovable and playful. It is important that the public be made aware of their journey, as it will show people who would normally hesitate to adopt a special needs cat that these animals can fill one’s home with love and joy, just like any other cat.

As such, when the Cats of Hazzard are ready to be adopted, the Umbrella of Hope will be seeking a home that not only has the experience and capability of handling special needs cats, but also one that is willing to continue posting on social media on behalf of the cats. Through the efforts of organizations like Umbrella of Hope, individuals who support animals online, and of course the Cats of Hazzard themselves, it is hoped that one day every special needs animal will have a loving home.

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