20 Important Cat Terms Every Owner Should Know

Owning a cat is one of the most enriching and rewarding things a person can do. Regardless of the breed, color, shape, or size of a feline, they make great and loving companions. Plus, they sometimes get themselves into hilarious situations, so they’re entertaining as well. Also, if you live on a farm or another place that is prone to rodent infestation, a cat will help keep the pest populations down. Cats and humans have lived alongside one another for over 9000 years. The earliest known example of a cat living with a human is found at the Neolithic site Shillourokambos. This site is located on the island of Cyprus. When archaeologists excavated the area, they found a cat buried next to a human – an intentional co-burial. The grave is estimated to be about 9200 to 9500 years old.

With such a long history of cohabitation, it is not surprising that humans have come up with a variety of words to describe our furry feline friends. A lot of these terms are quite important to know if you are a cat breeder or if you enter your cat into shows. However, anyone can benefit from learning more about their pet – it will help you to understand them better. So, if you want to expand your cat-related vocabulary, read on to learn 20 Important Cat Terms Every Owner Should Know.

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