Ten of the Most Loyal Cat Breeds


What, exactly, is a loyal cat breed? Is it one that only uses it’s beady, judgmental stare on others while lavishing you with what could be considered cat-like affection? Is it one that hisses at all but you? Is it one that allows your kids to manhandle them by virtually doing whatever they want to them, they purr through the entire torturous experience and then always come back for more? Believe it or not, cats are incredibly loyal and they are loving. Read on to find out which breed of cats are the most loyal.


1. Siamese Cats

While they are a bit high-maintenance, Siamese cats are very particular about their families. They view themselves as most important, but they also view you as second most important. They’ll likely bond more with one family member than the others, and their loyalty is fierce.


2. Ragdolls

These fuzzy little cats are beyond adorable, but unfortunately they’re not considered amongst the most intelligent of all the cat breeds. However, they are very affectionate, loving and loyal. The kids will love to have one and you will, too.


3. Sphynx

Perhaps if you were completely hairless, you might overcompensate by being completely affectionate, loyal and loving toward your own family. The Sphynx is clearly one of the stranger looking cats out there but it is known to be a fiercely loyal cat with a lot to offer your family.


4. Persian

This may sound weird but the Persian is loyal because it’s selfish. This royal-esque cat will love you up and down because it wants your attention. The more it loves you, the more attention you give him. The more attention you give him, the more he loves himself and thus you becoming more and more loyal.


5. Tonkinese

This little guy is actually a hybrid with all the best qualities of a Siamese and a Burmese cat. It’s an unbelievably cute cat with a personality to match. Your family will love to have one of these to call its own.


6. Burmese

It’s sweet, pretty and loyal. These cats are fiercely loyal when it comes to the people who live in its household, and even though it might not love outsiders overly much, it does love you. With its adorable look and its sweet nature, it makes for a very loyal pet to have at home.


7. Oriental Cats

Oriental cats are a special breed of cat because they like to be the star of the show. They come in long hair and short hair breeds. They like to be the center of attention, they love to interact with people and they always want to be part of whatever it is anyone around them is doing.


8. American Shorthair

Brought over by the Europeans on the Mayflower – well, maybe not necessarily on the Mayflower but definitely on some pretty high-end ships – they are considered America’s cat. Much like baseball is America’s pastime. They’re even-tempered, very sweet with kids and very mellow in nature.


9. Abyssinian Cats

These cats have a very distinct look with kind of pointy heads and short hair. They’re not exactly fluffy lap cats who love to be pet and coddled, but they are very loyal and they love other pets and children. They’re curious and playful, which means with a ball of yarn, an Abyssinian and your kid you just bought 10 minutes to take a shower uninterrupted.


10. Exotic Shorthair

It’s a mix between a Persian and an American Shorthair and it’s about as sweet, playful, adorable and loyal as you get. These little cats are sweet enough to make even those voted least likely to end up the crazy cat lady want to end up becoming the crazy cat lady.

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