The 10 Most Independent Cat Breeds


Most people mistakenly believe that all cats are very independent and low-maintenance. I mean, you just give them a litter box and remember to feed them and provide them with fresh water on a daily basis and you’re pretty much good to go, right? You can leave them home as often as you wish. You can leave them behind anytime you want for as long as you want – cats don’t even want you around.

They just want to hang out and enjoy running the house without you around to bother them, right? Well, not quite. You see, most people feel this way simply because cats are less maintenance than dogs on a regular basis. It’s true that they need not be walked, you don’t have to rush home from work to let them out and you really don’t have to worry about them requiring nearly as much of your attention as other animals. But that does not mean they are completely independent.

It’s important to remember that cats do need love and affection – all of them. Chances are good that your cat will let you know when it is in the mood for this, and it won’t bother you without actually wanting your attention. But the simple fact is that there are some very specific cat breeds that are very high-maintenance and desire someone who will hang out with them, be around and be there. And if you’re looking for a cat that’s cool being alone, you’re going to need to know which breeds are the most independent. In fact, we highly recommend that you consider some of these breeds before others if you are an active, busy person. Here are 10 of the most independent cat breeds you could choose from.

British Shorthair

It’s popular because it’s friendly and sweet, but it’s pretty good about being alone. It does not require much in terms of grooming or attention, and it is the kind of cat that’s totally cool just being on its own and being alone. This cat is very laid-back and good to have at home.


This sweet cat is one that’s pretty and lovely and fun. It’s also very low-maintenance and easy to care for. It’s sweet but it doesn’t require a lot of attention or a lot of grooming. This cat is great for busy families, people with kids and those who might not be home most of the day.


Most people would not assume that this cat is one that requires very little attention, but it is. The Persian has a beautiful coat and a lovely disposition, but it’s not a cat that people assume is good on its own. The surprising fact, however, is that it is. This cat is magnificent when left to its own devices. It’s very independent and calm, and it makes a lovely pet.

American Wirehair

This is a lovely breed that most people are very happy with. It’s a sweet cat that has a fun personality, but it’s not always one that needs or wants your attention. It’s very happy to have time to itself and be on its own. It’s not a destructive cat that gets into trouble when it is alone and on its own, and that’s always a good thing.


It’s not a cat that does too well on its own if you’re not home often, but it is one that does well on its own if it has a playmate. Another cat or a dog in the house with this breed will make it that much more independent, which means you’ll have some peace of mind knowing your cat is alone at home.


The Manx is a gorgeous cat that has a lot to offer. It’s fun and playful when it’s in the mood, but it’s just as happy to spend time on its own when it’s not. This is a cat that has a lot of potential as far as being a family cat, but it’s not one that has so much independence that it won’t want to spend time on your lap or enjoying your company.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Big and beautiful, this large cat is going to be very good on its own. It loves to play, but it’s happy to do so on its own. You can rest assured that your cat will be fine when you are not home. It will also be happy to see you when you are home, but it won’t be following you around and causing you to trip.


This is a breed you might recognize by sight rather than by name, but that does not mean it’s a cat you won’t want. It is a very independent breed with a lot to offer, and it’s one that has a big personality to go with. It’s a nice cat to have around the house if you want company but not constant attention.

Scottish Fold

This sweet little cat has the most adorable little ears you will ever see. It’s a lovely breed and it makes a great pet.  Not only does this breed travel well, it is one that is just as happy to be home while you are on the road. It’s a sweet breed, but you might find that having two of these is far better than having one. It’s very playful and will enjoy having the attention of another cat at home when you are not there to keep it entertained and active.

Russian Blue

What’s so appealing about this particular breed is its beautiful coat. It’s such a lovely shade of grey and blue that you just want to stare at the cat as often as possible. It’s not a very common cat in many households, which means it’s going to garner a lot of attention from people who come in and out of your home. But it certainly is not the type of cat that is going to cause you any issues. It’s fine on its own.

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